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Manufacturer / Shipper Consignee
Notify Party Marks and Numbers
Master Bill of Lading Number Container Number
NYKS2410162660 NYKU5683784
Product Description
Arrival Date 17-Dec-2014
Hs Code 400821
Bill of Loding CHKMQDWJ41101041
Loading Port 57047, QINGDAO
Unloading Port 1001, NEW YORK, NY
Place of Receipt QINGDAO
Weight 1717.0
Quantity 116.0
Measure(CM) 0.0
Measure 0.0
Measure Unit X

Hs Code 400821 Indian export data

We provide detailed information on the Indian export data related to HS Code 400821, you can utilize our precise and accurate data to ascertain your position as compared to the prominent organizations in the industry. Likewise, you can devise your strategy to ensure better customer acquisition and high returns on your investment.

DATECTHProductIndian PortDESTINATION PORTCOUNTRYUQCQuantityTotal PriceUnit Price
26-Nov-2016 40082120 PRECURED TREAD RUBBER(SION A1710)- ( WE INTEND TO CLAIM REWARDS UNDER(MEIS) OF FTPCochin SeaEmbakasiKENYAkgs11128.520587.731.85
26-Nov-2016 40082190 HEAT RESISTANT RUBBER TENSION TAPE / SHEET C016SWH,0.45MMPS900MM,50M,NP,RS50M50C Nhava Sheva SeaHo Chi Minh CityVIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OFkgs313.731300.774.15
26-Nov-2016 40082190 HEAT RESISTANT RUBBER TENSION TAPE / SHEET HRTT,4MM,0.5MM,SWC90S,SNOW WHITE Nhava Sheva SeaColomboSRI LANKAkgs249.321145.684.60
26-Nov-2016 40082120 PRECURED TREAD RUBBER (NEX-240 MM(HW)LENGTH-130 INCHES) Nhava Sheva SeaMombasaKENYAkgs7924.514026.371.77
26-Nov-2016 40082120 PRECURED TREAD RUBBER (NEX-230 MM(HW)LENGTH-130 INCHES) Nhava Sheva SeaMombasaKENYAkgs2937.65199.551.77

Hs Code 400821 Indian import data

DATECTHProductIndian PortCountryUQCQuantityTotal PriceUnit Price
26-Nov-2016 40082110 FLOOR COVERING 3MM THKX1550MM WIDTHX22M (R307495002) (PO NO: BR01/RMW/4670000524/1)BangaloreBELGIUMrol4038606.44965.16
25-Nov-2016 40082190 LOWER GASKET TN 2011 8 ROLLS OF 25 MT (200 PCS ) ART CODE 06F100032Chennai SeaITALYkgs130957.227.36
25-Nov-2016 40082190 KEQK-REUU-01WA 0319/1.70 ROLL X 0940MM SUPER 5 (RUBBER SHEET FOR BOOK & POSTERS) (BRAND-DAY)PatparganjUNITED STATESsqm29.391088.0537.02
25-Nov-2016 40082190 KEQN-RNFU-01WA 0320/1.96 ROLL X 1880MM SUPER 5 (RUBBER SHEET FOR BOOK & POSTERS) (BRAND-DAY)PatparganjUNITED STATESsqm53.2612026.6738.05
25-Nov-2016 40082190 KEQN-RP6U-01WA 0320/1.96 ROLL X 2150MM SUPER 5 (RUBBER SHEET FOR BOOK & POSTERS) (BRAND-DAY)PatparganjUNITED STATESsqm65.4692491.2038.05

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