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12130 6 is a leading import company in Ukraine. Seair Exim offers the latest and 100% accurate import trade data report of 12130 6 importer in Ukraine. 12130 6 import data helps in finding import information of 12130 6 importer as products imported, importing price etc. that are filed at Ukraine customs, importing ports, etc.

Sample Bill of Lading

Customs on the border NULL
Type of declaration 40
Post clearance The Department of customs clearance for international express shipments DHL International Customs post Specialized
Post clearance 2 NULL
Customs clearance Kyiv City Customs
Transport at the border Aircraft
Delivery conditions CIP
Sender ??? ???????12130 ? ??????? ??? ?????????? ? 6 ?????
Transport at the border 2 NULL
Recipient 32301943
Declarant 36412730
Recipient 2 PERSEUS LLC, Kyiv 03151 SECURITY Povitroflotskyi Ave would be 54 of 805 Ukraine
Broker 2791612778
HS Code 9026108900
Declaration number UA100200 / 471700 / 08.2018
Product description FLS Pro non-electronic sensor does not contain REFs and VPs Total 1 piece Trademark: Ruptela Manufacturer: UAB Ruptela Country of production: LT
Trademark RUPTELA
Method 1
Country of origin Unknown
Doed 1
Gross weight kg 1
Dope 2 PCs
Net weight kg 0
Customs value USD 69
Invoice value USD 69
Code 445159
Price kg 172,23
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Import shipment Details of 12130 6

HS Code Product description Doed Gross weight kg Dope 2 Net weight kg Customs value USD Invoice value USD Code Price kg Country of origin [20] More Fields
9026108900 FLS Pro non-electronic sensor does not contain REFs and VPs Total 1 piece Trademark: Ruptela Manufacturer: UAB Ruptela Country of production: LT 1 1 PCs 0 69 69 445159 172,23 Unknown View Coulmn name
8526918090 Observation device for mobile objects with radio module of GSM 900 1800 system and GPS receiver: FM Eco4 Light device Total 30 pieces FM Pro4 device Total 10 pieces Used to identify information via GSM communication Trademark: Ruptela Manufacturer: UAB Ruptela Country production: LT 0 8 kg 8 1 786 1 786 456041 229,01 Unknown View Coulmn name
8471900000 A device for reading information of vehicles: EasyCan LCV J1939 Contactless Reader EasyCan Volvo J1708 Total 5pcs EasyCAN adapter allows you to read data from systems in motor vehicles without any kind of electronic equipment and emitters trade mark: Ruptela Manufacturer: UAB Ruptela Country of origin: LT 10 0 PCs 0 174 174 489864 871,85 Unknown View Coulmn name

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