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Data uploaded till 22-November-2015

We at Seair offer detailed statistics about import and export. By understanding the varying needs and requirements of your business, we offer data that would be beneficial for you in the long run. As a business, you can easily find the right database that would augment your foreign business. Seair is the one stop solution for all your data needs. Our targeted services would assimilate all the required information of your product into the overseas market.

We are a single platform that helps you acquire all the necessary information in just a few clicks. At Seair we strive hard to deliver customized services and solutions. You can bank upon our team of experts who bring with them years of field experience and expertise.

Trading Participants

CountryImports (US$ Millions)Import % ShareGet each day's elaborated details of imported products
CHINA4596.05817.518Products imported from CHINA to india
SWITZERLAND2011.0787.665Products imported from SWITZERLAND to india
UNITED STATES1493.3555.692Products imported from UNITED STATES to india
SAUDI ARABIA1458.2765.558Products imported from SAUDI ARABIA to india
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES1217.7954.642Products imported from UNITED ARAB EMIRATES to india
KOREA,REPUBLIC OF941.4993.589Products imported from KOREA,REPUBLIC OF to india
GERMANY897.0313.419Products imported from GERMANY to india
MALAYSIA797.6213.040Products imported from MALAYSIA to india
NIGERIA796.6803.037Products imported from NIGERIA to india
INDONESIA754.8412.877Products imported from INDONESIA to india
CountryExport (US$ Millions)Export % ShareGet each day's elaborated details of exported products.
UNITED STATES2320.14919.242Products exported from india to UNITED STATES
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES1290.52110.703Products exported from india to UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
N/A1157.8309.603Products exported from india to N/A
CHINA491.2004.074Products exported from india to CHINA
VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF408.5393.388Products exported from india to VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF
SINGAPORE355.9382.952Products exported from india to SINGAPORE
BANGLADESH348.7682.893Products exported from india to BANGLADESH
UNITED KINGDOM293.7282.436Products exported from india to UNITED KINGDOM
NETHERLANDS224.0511.858Products exported from india to NETHERLANDS
SRI LANKA215.3771.786Products exported from india to SRI LANKA

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