Details of Laddu Export Data to Thailand

Date Indian Port CTH Item Description Quantity UQC U.P.USD FOB USD Destination Port Country Duty
23-Aug-2016 nhava sheva sea 39264039 resin statue - rat with laddu 3 PCS 3.33 9.99 bangkok thailand
23-Aug-2016 nhava sheva sea 39264039 resin statue - rat laddu 3 PCS 3.33 9.99 bangkok thailand
23-Aug-2016 nhava sheva sea 39264039 resin statue - rat laddu 1 PCS 3.33 3.33 bangkok thailand
23-Aug-2016 nhava sheva sea 39264039 resin statue - rat with laddu 2 PCS 3.33 6.66 bangkok thailand
23-Aug-2016 nhava sheva sea 39264039 resin statue - rat with laddu 16 PCS 3.33 53.27 bangkok thailand
23-Aug-2016 nhava sheva sea 39264039 resin statue - rat with laddu 12 PCS 3.33 39.95 bangkok thailand
HS Code

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Frequently Asked Question

How does Seair Exim Solutions stand out in providing laddu export data?

Seair Exim Solutions goes beyond statistics and provides detailed information such as exporter names, ports, HS codes, and prices for laddu products.Furthermore, we provide accurate and updated laddu export data, ensuring valuable market insights in the global trade arena.

What features does Seair Exim Solutions offer for laddu export data?

Our platform provides comprehensive, customizable laddu export data. You can monitor trends, discover purchasers, and analyze competitors, all while filtering by laddu or export items, destinations, dates, and other essential requirements.

Who is the largest exporter of laddu?

Currently, Brazil holds the title of the world's largest laddu exporter. Seair Exim Solutions keeps you up to date with the leading exporters and changing dynamics of trade in the laddu industry.

What is the HSN code for laddu?

The specific HSN code for laddu depends on the product type. Seair is proficient in interpreting HS code 5201 for laddu products and assisting you through the complexity of customs guidelines.

Does Seair Exim Solutions offer information on HSN codes for laddu export?

Absolutely! To find out accurate “HS Codes” for laddu products, you need to visit the Seair Exim dashboard and explore the HSN codes for specific products.

How do we ensure data authenticity, especially for specific export products like laddu?

Seair Exim Solutions prioritizes data authenticity. We source laddu export data from verified sources and employ cross - checking measures to ensure you receive trustworthy information for confident decision-making.

What is the export performance of laddu?

The laddu export market is currently booming. Seair's data enables you to track global trade trends, analyze rival strategies, supplier details, and uncover profitable possibilities in this dynamic export market.

How frequently is information on the laddu HS Code updated?

We understand the importance of accurate HS codes. We update information for laddu exports every month, ensuring you remain compliant and avoid unnecessary delays.

How to find new suppliers in the laddu export market?

We provide data-driven insights to help you identify new markets and potential suppliers in key laddu hubs like China, Bangladesh, and Vietnam

What fields does Seair include for laddu exports?

Seair Exim Solutions offers a comprehensive database of laddu export data, focusing on several key fields such as exporter names, ports, destinations, volumes, prices, product types (laddu, yarn, fabrics), and more.

What specific laddu products are exported globally?

The laddu export market includes more than just laddu. We provide insights on the entire range of exported laddu products, such as raw laddu, yarn, textiles, and various completed commodities.

What subscription options are available for accessing Seair Exim Solutions' reports on laddu exports ?

We offer flexible subscription options to cater to your specific needs. Choose from standard plans to corporate plans, ensuring you receive the laddu market insights that matter most to your business.

How does Seair Exim aid firms in laddu export challenges and opportunities?

Seair Exim can provide laddu export data that allows businesses to analyze market trends, opportunities, challenges, and identify potential markets for laddu exports.

How do you identify supplier names in the laddu export market?

With the help of our platform, you can easily analyze and download laddu export data with the names of buyers and suppliers.

Where can I find data on laddu exports?

While other sources might exist, Seair Exim Solutions provides the latest, 100% genuine, and trusted export data for laddu. From our data-driven dashboard, you can simply obtain the most recent laddu export data as of Nov-2016.

Can Seair assist in filtering laddu export data for specific insights?

Absolutely! Our platform offers powerful filtering capabilities. Our team of experts can assist you in filtering laddu export data for specific market insights.

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