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SCHENECTADY HERDILLIA LTD Import Export Shipment Data & Products

Import List

Date CTH Product Indian Port Country Unit Quantity CIF Unit Price
22-Aug-2003 29141100 ACETONE MUMBAI (SEA) SINGAPORE MTS 100 2541973 25419.73
22-Aug-2003 29141100 ACETONE MUMBAI (SEA) SINGAPORE MTS 300 7625919 25419.73
21-Aug-2003 84859000 BURNERS PARTS (OIL TIP) MUMBAI (AIR) GERMANY PCS 4 79076.03 19769.01
19-Aug-2003 27101910 DI ISO BUTYLEN HP1 (381G ) BULK JNPT GERMANY MTS 97.94 3973196.62 40567.66
16-Aug-2003 84859000 SEAL KIT MUMBAI (AIR) ITALY SET 1 2321.22 2321.22

Export List

Date CTH Product Indian Port City Country UQC Quantity Total Price Unit Price
30-Aug-2003 29144000 EPCG LIC/NO:0150679/1/13/10/1/01 DT:23.12.197,ADV.LIC/NO:031018687/2/03/ 0 DT:10.03.03,EPCG LIC.REGN.1921/1.8. JNPT SYDNEY AUSTRALIA MTS 1 0 1
30-Aug-2003 29144000 A-1305)DIACETONE ALCOHOL JNPT SYDNEY AUSTRALIA MTS 31.2 1247688.36 39990.01
30-Aug-2003 29144000 (A-1305) DIACETONE ALCOHOL (ADV.LIC.NO.: 0310186870/2/03/0 DTD:10.03.03,EPCG.LIC .NO:0150679/1/13/10/01,DT:23.12.197.) JNPT MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA MTS 15.6 626496.08 40160.01
30-Aug-2003 29141990 (A-1371) ISOPHORONE. (ADV.LIC.NO.: 0310187270/02/03/0 DTD.:1.03.03,EPCG.L IC.#:0150679/1/13/10/1/01,DT:23.12.97.) JNPT HONG KONG HONG KONG MTS 15.2 769728.12 50640.01
29-Aug-2003 29025000 ALPHA METHYLSTYRENE DIMER JNPT LUDWIGSHAFEN MTS 10 858195 85819.5
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