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Date Indian Port CTH Item Description Quantity UQC U.P.USD Assess USD C O O Duty
22-Nov-2016 patparganj 85332929 chip resistor rm12j (parts for led driver for captive use) 1000000 PCS 0.00 788.19 malaysia
22-Nov-2016 patparganj 39211900 creasing matrix 60/2-3 cito plast plus yellow (70cmx40pcs=28mtr/box) aca00012 for die punching in packaging industry 10 NOS 19.96 199.60 germany
22-Nov-2016 patparganj 68042290 grinding disk 50x8x2.0mm(1unit=25pcs) bic58015 for die punching in packaging industry 1 NOS 13.11 13.11 germany
22-Nov-2016 patparganj 73269099 stand small for cctv camera 5000 PCS 0.04 191.44 china
22-Nov-2016 patparganj 73269099 stand small for cctv camera 2000 PCS 0.06 122.92 china
22-Nov-2016 patparganj 84818090 valve, gate 800# sw/scrd stl,f6 steel,seats item gate valveos&y bb rating-api class 800 ends-socketwled 0.1989 MTS 9241.83 1838.20 united states
22-Nov-2016 patparganj 39191000 cito tape yellow-6.0mm width thickness 0.08mm length 20m (1unit=25reels) bjc01007 for die punching in packaging industry 15 NOS 50.39 755.85 germany
22-Nov-2016 patparganj 82089090 perforating steel rule 35tpi (6m)coil brf00004 for die punching in packaging industry 5 NOS 42.18 210.89 germany
22-Nov-2016 patparganj 85181000 mic for cctv camera (part for cctv camera) 300 PCS 0.20 60.45 china
22-Nov-2016 patparganj 82089090 crease rule r1 (6m) brf00006 for die punching in packaging industry 5 NOS 42.18 210.89 germany
22-Nov-2016 patparganj 84733099 atk usb tf card reader single slot unbranded 100000 PCS 0.07 6952.27 china
22-Nov-2016 patparganj 40169990 strip/slot rubber madeof vulkollan rg 60 500x2x7mm(1unit=100strips) bpd00202 for die punching in packaging industry 2 NOS 18.26 36.51 germany
22-Nov-2016 patparganj 22042990 r&r classique(2014)(wine)(6 btl x750 ml) 18 BTL 6.78 122.02 south africa
22-Nov-2016 patparganj 84818090 valve, globe 800# sw stl,f6 stel s&d swb(trim s) item globevalve,os&y sealwelded bonnet rating api class 800 socketwle 0.02142 MTS 27065.36 579.74 united states
22-Nov-2016 patparganj 39269069 e-mart hanger sizer, for captive use ( plastic articles ).rcmc no aepc/reg/sm/mer/52330 valid up to 31/03/2017. 7300 PCS 0.02 166.72 korea,republic of
22-Nov-2016 patparganj 84818090 valve, check 800# sw stl,f6 stel seat swing item check valve type-swing type.dolted cap rating. api class 0.00612 MTS 8251.63 50.50 united states
22-Nov-2016 patparganj 84798999 high frequencey machine s no:sjp 2123 1 SET 27429.72 27429.72 china
22-Nov-2016 patparganj 84818090 valve, gate 800# sw stl,f6 stel s&d swb(trim s)itm gate valve os&y seal welded bonnet rating api class 800 socketwled 0.02245 MTS 14621.38 328.25 united states
22-Nov-2016 patparganj 40051000 1ta07664a0x compounded rubber sheet (natural rubber) (for industrial use only) 1191.65 KGS 4.15 4946.66 thailand
22-Nov-2016 patparganj 32064990 pe9229 mb pe black uv (master batch color concentrates for all thermoplastic polymers) (industrial goods) 3203.6 KGS 8.46 27096.49 germany

Patparganj Import Data

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It includes a set of confidential shipping records which have outlined below-

  • The name and description of imported product
  • Custom Tariff Heading
  • Quantity
  • Indian Port
  • Country
  • Net weight
  • Price etc.

Above details are helpful in tracking what kinds of products are imported, at what price, from which port, and at what quantity

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