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Delhi Air Cargo Import Data - Indian Port Import Data

The Delhi Air Cargo import trade sector contributes significantly to the overall GDP percentage of India. No wonder, the port is booming in this sector and at Seair, we better understand how to benefit you from this welcome opportunity. We comprehend the fact that majority of import firms in Delhi Air Cargo are active in sourcing distinct ranges of products including raw materials, machinery and consumer goods etc. Hence, we provide comprehensive Delhi Air Cargo import data solutions for broad categories of import trading firms.

Our Delhi Air Cargo import data solutions meet your actual import requirements in quality, volume, seasonality, and geography. Alongside we help you get detailed information on the vital import fields that encompass HS codes, product description, duty, quantity, price etc. The Delhi Air Cargo import data from Seair paves the way for successful partnerships that generate profit for business from both the local and global precincts.

DateIndian PortCTHDescriptionQuantityUQCUnit USDTotal Value USDDestination Port
26-Nov-2016Delhi Air Cargo 84713010 850985031 CWJK6 INSPIRON 15-5567 PORTABLE COMPUTER-NOTEBOOK*,ASSY,BASE,NBK,I5-7200U,2G,5567 P66F (BIS NO. CRS 23/1/R-411.00PCS514.38514.38CHINA
26-Nov-2016Delhi Air Cargo 85299090 LCD PANEL(S40TSP),1-811-060-12,KLV-40BX400 (SIZE:40 INCH)(PARTS FOR LCD TV)15.00PCS362.645439.53CHINA
26-Nov-2016Delhi Air Cargo 85299090 REMOTE COMMANDER (RM-GD020),1-489-456-11,KDL-40CX520 (IR BASED)(PARTS FOR LCD TV)2.00PCS11.5323.07CHINA
26-Nov-2016Delhi Air Cargo 85299090 FITTING FRAME ASSY,X-2588-296-1,XAV-65(PARTS FOR CAR AUDIO SYSTEM)3.00PCS8.7226.16CHINA
26-Nov-2016Delhi Air Cargo 85299090 COMP SVC BIS_32F_PAA_W,A-1989-286-D,KLV-32R482B(PARTS FOR LCD TV)3.00PCS42.45127.35CHINA
26-Nov-2016Delhi Air Cargo 85299090 COMP SVC BIS_32W_PAA,A-1989-278-D,KLV-32R412B(PARTS FOR LCDTV)3.00PCS41.80125.41CHINA
26-Nov-2016Delhi Air Cargo 85229000 MB1305 COMPL F-8281-858-1,A-1979-190-A,BDV-N9200W(PARTS FORHOME THEATER)1.00PCS53.7053.70CHINA
26-Nov-2016Delhi Air Cargo 85229000 WLK6-MAIN MOUNTED PC BOARD,A-1978-953-A,BDV-N7200W(PARTS FORHOME THEATER)3.00PCS31.1793.50CHINA
26-Nov-2016Delhi Air Cargo 85299090 MAIN MOUNTED PC BOARD,A-1962-403-A,WX-GT99BTM(PARTS FOR CARAUDIO SYSTEM)2.00PCS46.6493.27CHINA
26-Nov-2016Delhi Air Cargo 85299090 BLX_WXGA_PA COMP SERVICE,A-1962-262-F,KDL-24W600A(PARTS FORLCD TV)1.00PCS70.0570.05CHINA
26-Nov-2016Delhi Air Cargo 85299090 MAIN MOUNT,A-1944-200-A,XM-N1004(PARTS FOR CAR AUDIO SYSTEM)4.00PCS38.31153.23CHINA
26-Nov-2016Delhi Air Cargo 85299090 BM_TE_VXO_PA_STD COMPL SERVICE,A-1913-032-B,KDL-46W950A(PARTS FOR LCD TV)1.00PCS79.8479.84CHINA
26-Nov-2016Delhi Air Cargo 85229000 MB1002 COMPL F-8281-728-1,A-1901-638-A,BDV-E3100(PARTS FOR HOME THEATER)1.00PCS53.1453.14CHINA
26-Nov-2016Delhi Air Cargo 85299090 KEY PC BOARD ASSY,A-1896-840-A,WX-GT80UI(PARTS FOR CAR AUDIOSYSTEM)2.00PCS19.5639.13CHINA
26-Nov-2016Delhi Air Cargo 85299090 TUNER ASSY,TUX-DSP02//Q2,A-1878-198-A,WX-GT99BT(PARTS FOR CAR AUDIO SYSTEM)1.00PCS8.738.73CHINA
26-Nov-2016Delhi Air Cargo 85229000 MD (AUM) ASSY,A-1877-761-A,CMT-Z100IR(PARTS FOR AUDIO SYSTEM)2.00PCS30.8461.69CHINA
26-Nov-2016Delhi Air Cargo 85299090 BAPS-3A-S-PA-DX COMPL SERVICE,A-1861-354-C,KDL-40HX750(PARTSFOR LCD TV)3.00PCS74.08222.23CHINA
26-Nov-2016Delhi Air Cargo 85182900 SPEAKER ASSY,SS-WSB123//M1(A)(EA),A-1901-070-A,BDV-E4100(PARTS FOR HOME THEATER)2.00PCS81.62163.24CHINA
26-Nov-2016Delhi Air Cargo 85229000 TRAVERSE,9-885-194-43,DAV-TZ140(PARTS FOR HOME THEATER)1.00PCS14.3414.34CHINA
26-Nov-2016Delhi Air Cargo 85182900 SPEAKER ASSY,SS-TS124//CFR(EA),9-885-183-30,DAV-DZ350(PARTSFOR HOME THEATER)1.00PCS29.2629.26CHINA

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