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Karipur Calicut Sea Import Data - Indian Port Import Data

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Date Indian Port CTH Item Description Quantity UQC U.P.USD Assess USD C O O Duty
16-Nov-2016 karipur(calicut) 85235290 mobile software box 50 PCS 18.29 914.47 china
16-Nov-2016 karipur(calicut) 85183000 handsfree for mobile phone 2000 PCS 0.20 406.43 china
16-Nov-2016 karipur(calicut) 85177090 touch for mobile phonetouch for mobilephone 1715 PCS 0.20 348.51 china
16-Nov-2016 karipur(calicut) 85177090 inner parts for mobile phone 100 DOZ 0.20 20.32 china
16-Nov-2016 karipur(calicut) 85177090 lcd for mobile phone (big)lcd for mobile phone 624 PCS 1.02 634.03 china
16-Nov-2016 karipur(calicut) 48191090 packing materialspacking materials 1240 DOZ 0.10 125.99 china
16-Nov-2016 karipur(calicut) 39269099 screen guard for mobile phone 8415 PCS 0.10 855.03 china
16-Nov-2016 karipur(calicut) 39241090 back cover for mobile phone 4300 PCS 0.20 873.82 china
16-Nov-2016 karipur(calicut) 39231090 flip cover for mobile phone 3150 PCS 0.41 1280.25 china
16-Nov-2016 karipur(calicut) 87082900 seat cushion 60 PCS 2.45 146.80 united arab emirates
16-Nov-2016 karipur(calicut) 96161020 mount perfume 1000 PCS 0.31 305.84 united arab emirates
16-Nov-2016 karipur(calicut) 87089900 gear knob 20 PCS 0.49 9.79 united arab emirates
16-Nov-2016 karipur(calicut) 87082900 dash board cover 20 PCS 0.73 14.68 united arab emirates
16-Nov-2016 karipur(calicut) 87082900 door buffer 600 PCS 0.31 183.50 united arab emirates
16-Nov-2016 karipur(calicut) 84145190 car fan 60 PCS 1.10 66.06 united arab emirates
16-Nov-2016 karipur(calicut) 85291029 car antina 1100 PCS 0.31 336.42 united arab emirates
15-Nov-2016 karipur(calicut) 85176290 handsfree (bluetooth ) 540 PCS 1.02 551.54 china
15-Nov-2016 karipur(calicut) 39231090 pouch 3000 PCS 0.26 766.02 china
15-Nov-2016 karipur(calicut) 48191090 packing materials 6000 PCS 0.01 61.28 china
15-Nov-2016 karipur(calicut) 39269099 screen guard 4100 PCS 0.07 293.13 china

Karipur(Calicut) Import Data

The Karipur(Calicut) Import Data is available at SEAIR Exim Solutions, the #1 global trade data sharing firm. Along with this port, we provide export-import data of almost 100+ ports of India. You can attain data as per needs of your business. It will be definitely proved a boon to your business. Because of authentic shipping details, the demand of this data has increased with each passing day. One of the main objectives of our firm is- serving assistance to the companies and business professionals of Karipur(Calicut) with this data.

It generates the most profitable leads for your business in a less time. By consulting us, you will obtain updated and error-free data services at affordable rates. For accessing export data of same port, click on Karipur(Calicut) Export Data.

It includes a set of confidential shipping records which have outlined below-

  • The name and description of imported product
  • Custom Tariff Heading
  • Quantity
  • Indian Port
  • Country
  • Net weight
  • Price etc.

Above details are helpful in tracking what kinds of products are imported, at what price, from which port, and at what quantity

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