India Import Data and Price of code 8541 under HS Code 8541

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Date Indian Port CTH Item Description Quantity UQC U.P.USD Assess USD C O O Duty
23-Nov-2016 bangalore 85412900 igbt insulated gate bipolar transistor cm400c1y -24s 1200v 400a 4fba3629p006 (parts for solar invertor) 1680 PCS 73.72 123847.83 japan
23-Nov-2016 tughlakabad 85412900 c-tcsc5200 transistors (semiconductor device) 21648 PCS 0.37 8025.36 china
23-Nov-2016 patparganj 85411000 diode-rectfier(starsea/tanglong/poingwei)-1n4007-g in4007h 1n5399sr 1a 100v do-41-3205-00142-00(for mfg. of mob. charge 1900000 PCS 0.01 10533.83 korea,republic of
23-Nov-2016 trivendrun air cargo 85414090 silicon photo diode with preamplifier(s8745-01) 15 NOS 158.56 2378.38 australia
23-Nov-2016 tughlakabad 85414020 lighting emitting diodes -8 mm straw hat 252000 PCS 0.01 1930.38 china
23-Nov-2016 bangalore 85412900 igbt insulated gate bipolar transistor cm400c1y-24s 1200v 450a 4fba3628p006 (parts for solar invertor) 1680 PCS 77.27 129816.40 japan
23-Nov-2016 tughlakabad 85414020 lighting emitting diodes -pixel rgb 20200 PCS 0.09 1856.84 china
23-Nov-2016 patparganj 85414011 ap-pvroof-522, pv solar panels (module) 200watt (dim: 99.5cm*108cm*223cm) (list no.8,sl no-20) (for captive consumption 30 PCS 185.35 5560.54 taiwan
23-Nov-2016 tughlakabad 85411000 igbt (for capetive use ) 3000 PCS 0.03 76.60 china
23-Nov-2016 tughlakabad 85414020 lighting emitting diodes -4 mm concave 3840000 PCS 0.00 13334.91 china
23-Nov-2016 bangalore 85411000 (p/n:rzm031bncb) diode w led 24 60vdc for rsz sockets (p/f mfg of ups) 10 NOS 0.46 4.63 france
23-Nov-2016 tughlakabad 85412900 c-tcsa1943 transistors (semiconductor device) 2640 PCS 0.37 978.70 china
23-Nov-2016 patparganj 85411000 diode-rectifiers (tanglong, pingwei)-s2m dsr1m 1 5 1000v sod-123 1fsm=50a-3205-00291-01 (for mfg. of mobile charger) 378000 PCS 0.01 3556.53 korea,republic of
23-Nov-2016 tughlakabad 85411000 transistor (for capetive use ) 5000 PCS 0.04 204.27 china
23-Nov-2016 dadri-sttpl cfs 85411000 diode assembly (6021w1a001a) (for microwave oven) (not for retail sale) (bulk packing) 200 NOS 0.10 19.91 korea,republic of
23-Nov-2016 bangalore 85411000 mitsubishi make insulated gate bipolar transistor cm 100 du 24 f #300g 200 PCS 25.63 5125.68 singapore
23-Nov-2016 tughlakabad 85414020 lighting emitting diodes -4.8 mm straw hat 1440000 PCS 0.00 5000.59 china
23-Nov-2016 patparganj 85412900 transistor bld112d t0-92 1200000 PCS 0.01 13332.00 china
23-Nov-2016 tughlakabad 85411000 er2j diode (semiconductor device) 100000 PCS 0.01 962.25 china
23-Nov-2016 patparganj 85411000 diode-schottky(starsea tanglong pingwei)-ss26 ss26a ss26ar 2a 60v sma-3205-00289-01 (for mfg. of mobile charger) 465000 PCS 0.02 7936.34 korea,republic of
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