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Peru farmers to export grains to Europe, U.S.

Peru farmers to export grains to Europe, U.S.

An Andean grain-exporting company will sign a contract with La Libertad region's farmers to import their quinoa, kiwicha, and chia into the United States and Europe in the 2018-2019 term.

This was the outcome of a meeting attended by Bolivar province's Organic Producers Association, guardians of the Concession for Alto Huayabamba Conservation (CCAH), and Amazonian area representatives. 

It must be noted the information was confirmed by NGO Amazonicos por la Amazonia's (Amazonians for the Amazonia - AMPA) Green Economies Director Miguel Tang, and Southern Crops company Manager Jorge Carrasco.

The following products will be purchased on an annual basis: quinoa (6 tons), kiwicha (10 tons), chia (10 tons), flaxseed (20 tons), and barley (20 tons).

Under said agreement, these products will compete with top grains from around the world. 

AMPA and Southern Crops' support is reflected in the creation of projects that provide solutions to problems found in trading, business management, and technological irrigation. Likewise, it aims at strengthening fair trade skills.

Organic Producers Association

Bolivar province's Organic Producers Association cultivates organic foods that are highly nutritious, tasty, and rely on sustainable root —as forests are not cleared to seed said grains. Instead, farmers bet on product diversification.

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