Nagpur Import Data

DateIndian PortCTHDescriptionQuantityUQCUnit USDTotal Value USDDestination Port
29-Aug-2015Nagpur55041000VISCOSE STAPLE FIBRE43928.20KGS2.58113137.08THAILAND
29-Aug-2015Nagpur94035010FURNITURE- 3009# BED(1.8*2M) WITH HYDRAULIC STORAGE/ 80000568345.00SET307.1613822.27CHINA
29-Aug-2015Nagpur94035090FURNITURE- NIGHT STAND (600*430*610) / 80000568448.00SET56.422708.04CHINA
29-Aug-2015Nagpur94035090FURNITURE- DRESSING TABLE (1438*520*760+1046) WITH MIRROR WITH STOOL 80000568520.00SET196.423928.32CHINA
29-Aug-2015Nagpur94035090FURNITURE- 4/D WARDROBE(WITH LOCK)(2035*625*2190) 80000568622.00SET351.047722.92CHINA
29-Aug-2015Nagpur94039000FURNITURE SPARE PARTS- REPLACEMENTS17.00PCS58.38992.53CHINA
29-Aug-2015Nagpur26131000ROASTED MOLYBDENUM CONCWNTRATE12863.96LBS7.0590662.35THAILAND
29-Aug-2015Nagpur26131000ROASTED MOLYBDENUM CONCWNTRATE10013.11LBS7.0570570.16THAILAND
29-Aug-2015Nagpur26131000ROASTED MOLYBDENUM CONCENTRATE2866.29LBS7.0520200.95THAILAND
29-Aug-2015Nagpur39072090KL T-9 ISOPRENE ENOLATE POLYRTHENOXY ETHER15000.00KGS1.7726553.99CHINA
29-Aug-2015Nagpur94036000FURNITURE : CENTER TABLE ( PARTICAL BOARD, GLASS )142.00PCS19.232730.72CHINA
29-Aug-2015Nagpur94036000FURNITURE : LOBBY SET ( PARTICAL BOARD, PU, GLASS )21.00PCS43.01903.12CHINA
29-Aug-2015Nagpur94036000FURNITURE : CENTER TABLE ( PARTICAL BOARD, PU, METAL, GLASS)100.00PCS19.611961.42CHINA
29-Aug-2015Nagpur94036000FURNITURE : VISITOR CHAIR ( PARTICAL BOARD, PU, METAL )148.00PCS14.562155.50CHINA
29-Aug-2015Nagpur94032090FURNITURE : GARDEN SET ( METAL, PE )77.00PCS32.122473.09CHINA
29-Aug-2015Nagpur94036000FURNITURE : SHOE RACK ( PARTICAL BOARD )10.00PCS49.99499.95CHINA
29-Aug-2015Nagpur47079000WASTE PAPER CARRIER STOCK93.40MTS249.2223277.51UNITED KINGDOM
29-Aug-2015Nagpur55012000TREVIRA POLYESTER TOW TYPE 340 2.4 DTEX 90 KTEX SEMIDULL21069.20KGS2.2647718.74GERMANY
29-Aug-2015Nagpur55049090TENCEL LYOCELL CLY BRIGHT 1.25 DTEX /38 MM8792.47KGS2.4221312.94UNITED KINGDOM
29-Aug-2015Nagpur55049090TENCEL LYOCELL CLY BRIGHT 1.25 DTEX /38 MM6196.84KGS2.4215021.14UNITED KINGDOM

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The summary takes about figure and detail of Nagpur Import trade to World between 29-July-2015 to 29-August-2015.

Nagpur Imported products worth 42.78 billion. Out of total import 33.41% was done to CHINA , 7.18% to UNITED ARAB EMIRATES and 5.82% to AUSTRALIA.Major Hs codes imported from Nagpur were 2917 9.03% followed by 9403 7.10% and 9401 5.35%

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