Nagpur Import Data

DateIndian PortCTHDescriptionQuantityUQCUnit USDTotal Value USDDestination Port
24-Nov-2015Nagpur76020010ALUMINIUM SCRAP TAINT/TABOR AS PER ISRI49.01MTS1313.0064344.88NETHERLANDS
24-Nov-2015Nagpur44034910ROUGH SQUARE TEAK LOGS141.79CBM405.7257525.63ECUADOR
24-Nov-2015Nagpur39012000HE3363 HD POLYETHYLENE49.50MTS1203.3759566.68UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
24-Nov-2015Nagpur72024900LOW CARBON FERRO CHROME(CR:60.98% of 25.1225MT)33774.24LBS1.4950315.17CHINA
24-Nov-2015Nagpur33074100"8"" BLACK RAW NON - PERFUMED AGARBATHI STICKS"19975.00KGS0.9919771.26VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF
24-Nov-2015Nagpur34031100SPINFINISH OIL TERON E-58110620.00KGS1.7418455.02JAPAN
24-Nov-2015Nagpur34031100SPINFINISH OIL TERON E-582L3610.00KGS2.9810759.47JAPAN
24-Nov-2015Nagpur34031100SPINFINISH OIL TERON E-22200.00KGS4.07814.32JAPAN
24-Nov-2015Nagpur34031100SPINFINISH OIL TERON E-706190.00KGS3.79719.86JAPAN
24-Nov-2015Nagpur47032900PULP WRAPPERS IN BALES23.26MTS561.3613057.24UNITED STATES
24-Nov-2015Nagpur47079000WASTE PAPER - WHITE SOFT TISSUE WASTE33.00MTS451.0914883.81UNITED STATES
24-Nov-2015Nagpur73083000STEEL DOORS (S6032 2100*960*50MM)130.00SET111.9014547.17CHINA
24-Nov-2015Nagpur72044900HMS BUNDLES211.47MTS301.3063716.32AUSTRALIA
24-Nov-2015Nagpur69021090REFRACTORY BRICKS 102773 MGZ-8S R3 BL 225X200X100 MM928.00PCS9.308632.35CHINA
24-Nov-2015Nagpur69021090REFRACTORY BRICKS 104260 MGZ-8S R3 BB-I 25/0-200 250X200X100MM200.00PCS10.262052.32CHINA
24-Nov-2015Nagpur69021090REFRACTORY BRICKS 102767 MGZ-12FS R3 SZ-G 165/8 165X154/146X100 MM1536.00PCS4.597043.17CHINA
24-Nov-2015Nagpur69021090REFRACTORY BRICKS 102769 MGZ-12FS R3 SZ-G 165/30 165X165/135X100 MM1856.00PCS4.598510.50CHINA
24-Nov-2015Nagpur69021090REFRACTORY BRICKS 102768 MGZ-10S R3 MZ6/20 152.4X160/140X100MM7296.00PCS4.6033528.77CHINA

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The summary takes about figure and detail of Nagpur Import trade to World between 24-October-2015 to 24-November-2015.

Nagpur Imported products worth 25.33 billion. Out of total import 20.32% was done to CHINA , 8.81% to UNITED ARAB EMIRATES and 6.37% to UNITED KINGDOM.Major Hs codes imported from Nagpur were 9403 11.55% followed by 9403 4.80% and 9401 4.32%

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