Nhava Sheva Sea Import Data

At Seair Exim Solutions, we understand that an import business highly relies on accurate import data. Thus, we strive hard to provide the most sought after import data. The Nhava Sheva Sea import data that we offer is collected under the supervision of experts. It is compiled on the basis of actual shipment records of ports.

This data would help you find the right Indian buyer or the importer of your specific product. In addition to this, the data would also assist you in contacting authentic importers and buyers. We understand and respect the varying needs of each business, thus, offer customized data solution services.

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The summary takes about figure and detail of Nhava Sheva Sea Import trade to World between 27-June-2015 to 27-July-2015.

Nhava Sheva Sea Imported products worth 3705.58 billion. Out of total import 31.41% was done to CHINA , 6.74% to UNITED STATES and 6.41% to GERMANY.Major Hs codes imported from Nhava Sheva Sea were 8708 5.56% followed by 7318 2.27% and 8708 2.16%

DateIndian PortCTHDescriptionQuantityUQCUnit USDTotal Value USDDestination Port
28-Jul-2015Nhava Sheva Sea09022090HUANG SHAN MAO FENG B (MAO FENG GREEN TEA)10.00KGS30.49304.92CHINA
28-Jul-2015Nhava Sheva Sea09022090HUANG SHAN MAO JIAN (MAO FENG GREEN TEA)5.00KGS28.48142.39CHINA
28-Jul-2015Nhava Sheva Sea09022090CHUNMEE 9371 (CHAO QING GREEN TEA)5.00KGS7.3836.89CHINA
28-Jul-2015Nhava Sheva Sea09024090KEEMUN BLACK 1132 (BLACK TEA)10.00KGS7.5675.59CHINA
28-Jul-2015Nhava Sheva Sea09024090ROSE BLACK TEA B (BLACK TEA)10.00KGS10.08100.83CHINA
28-Jul-2015Nhava Sheva Sea09022090OSMANTHUS TEA B (JASMINE GREEN TEA)5.00KGS13.8369.16CHINA
28-Jul-2015Nhava Sheva Sea09022090TIE GUAN YIN B (GREEN TEA)10.00KGS17.89178.85CHINA
28-Jul-2015Nhava Sheva Sea09022090MILKY OOLONG (GREEN TEA)10.00KGS17.89178.85CHINA
28-Jul-2015Nhava Sheva Sea09024090ZHENG HE CONG FU (BLACK TEA)5.00KGS32.07160.35CHINA
28-Jul-2015Nhava Sheva Sea09024090LAPSANG SOUCONG ZHENG SHAN XIAO ZHONG (BLACK TEA)5.00KGS19.2296.10CHINA
28-Jul-2015Nhava Sheva Sea09024090DIAN HONG MAO FENG B (BLACK TEA)5.00KGS29.18145.91CHINA
28-Jul-2015Nhava Sheva Sea09022090LOVER'S AT AUTUMN (JASMINE GREEN TEA)5.00KGS48.35241.77CHINA
28-Jul-2015Nhava Sheva Sea09022090FLOWER OPENS (JASMINE GREEN TEA)5.00KGS48.35241.77CHINA
28-Jul-2015Nhava Sheva Sea29336100MELAMINE44000.00KGS1.3057213.52CHINA
28-Jul-2015Nhava Sheva Sea90314900CLINDER TYPE TEST TRANSFORMER SYSTEM 300KV/1A1.00SET61841.2861841.28CHINA
28-Jul-2015Nhava Sheva Sea90314900HEAT CYCLE TEST SYSTEM 4000A/180KVA1.00SET42904.4342904.43CHINA
28-Jul-2015Nhava Sheva Sea90314900PRECISION CAPACITANCE & TAN DELTA (FOR TEST SYSTEM)1.00SET11758.8411758.84CHINA
28-Jul-2015Nhava Sheva Sea90314900SF6 FILLED STANDARD CAPACITIOR 300KV/100PF (FOR TEST SYSTEM)1.00SET18405.1418405.14CHINA
28-Jul-2015Nhava Sheva Sea28401900BORAX PENTAHYDRATE (ETIBOR-48) (TOTAL 240 BAGS)288.00MTS481.06138545.78TURKEY

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