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Seair Exim solutions contribute to your growth by following points.

New markets
Expand and Reach New Markets

Expand your business’ reach to new markets as per demands across the globe. We help our clients tap global business opportunities by providing them with an import and export database of millions products. Identify challenges across borders, tap onto them and rise. It has never been easier for traders to identify the opportunities on global scales; the only catch is the utilisation of accurate and updated data of active consumers.

Keep Track of your competitor's activity.
Oversee Competitors’ activities

“Understanding competitors’ activity today helps you prepare for tomorrow.” Won’t it be fantastic if you can monitor and oversee the activities and status of your direct competitors in the industry? Keeping an eye on your closest competitors helps your business stand a better position in the market and eventually surpass them to emerge as the leading authority. Examining the market is always an upper hand, as it ensures that you are updated with the ongoing fluctuations in the market and are not shooting a dart in the dark.

Expansion of Global Network
Expansion of Global Network

With the precise use of our customised trade data sets, you can directly network to an assortment of people in business, companies, logistic partners, manufacturers, traders and, in return, take your business to heights never assumed before. It is rightly said, “If you don’t network, you don’t grow.” With the usage of real-time activity and trade history, you can tap on to the windows of pitching in your service and close a deal thereafter. When the world is just a click away, why should your business suffer the limitations of geographical boundaries - LET IT GROW.

Increase Sales up to 40%
Increase Sales up to 40%

Our consumer analysis database can help businesses maximise Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). CLV is the measure of the profit earned through selling to a consumer or a group against the expense of marketing to those consumers. With a consumer analysis report, a business can likewise find other opportunities to pitch in different services, commodities or products that fit their personalities as consumers. No rocket science, but sheer use of technology when you can.

Analytical report of shipment records
Analytical report of shipment records

Bring down competition through the analytical report of shipment records of your competitors in the industry. A description like this prepares your business for comparative performance in the domain you deal in. When you know where your competitors make the highest profits and where they lose the most, in that case, you can always be smart enough to tailor business’ strategies by learning from the statistical and analytical report on their (competitors) shipment data records.

Accuracy delivered by Experts
Accuracy delivered by Experts

Seair Exim proudly boasts a team of supremely skilled data scientists and researchers who are very careful with the analysis. They prepare and keep themselves regularly updated with the changes in the system. This helps our team ensure efficient use of export import trade data sets at any point in time, irrespective of the market scenarios. Only after a detailed understanding regarding the requirements of the client’s motive behind the procurement of data sets, our data experts move on to the next step, where they draw out relevant solutions and conclude the report by wrapping valid trade database.


We at Seair exim solutions offers a dedicated dashboard for USA import data users. USA raw trade data is very ill organised and can be extremally time consuming for clients to make use of trade dataset. This is where our dashboard helps you search through the millions of records and transform these records in usable information.

Our customers can search the US trade data with multiple options like Importer, Exporter, product and thereafter filter the populated results with many parameters to get specific results of their search. Crafted on latest technology allows you to visualise and analyse trade dataset. This analysis helps you to better understand product movement, competitor, New opportunity and trends of industries. It allows unlimited search in categories like Importer, Exporter and product.

DATA UPDATE: - 31-Oct-2021

Our US import data dashboard allows you to access historic data from 2014 based upon your plan. We update US trade data every week that our user gets latest information.

Understanding of international market is necessary for business to make right and strategic decision. We provide them with most updated trade data to understand global market.

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Authentic Imports-Exports Trade Data of Global Countries with Importers-Exporters List at Your Fingertips

We at Seair Exim Solutions prepare the trade data for every country of the world using modern techniques. You can visit our website to know the data on an import-export business.

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We do not mediate buying, selling of products or services.

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Alarming Almondemic - US Export Data Alarming
Alarming Almondemic - US Export Data Alarming

Revelations from the latest US Almonds convey data that uncover excellent numbers for the overall trading neighborhoo

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USA Import Data 2021 & Demographics are changing after US-Pakistan relations seek a rough patch
USA Import Data 2021 & Demographics are changing after US-Pakistan relations seek a rough patch

In recent times, USA import data has been guiding well by picking it depends on the import and export business.

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What is the largest Export Import Data Bank?
What is the largest Export Import Data Bank?

Export-import Data Bank is used by the entire private and government sector which collects data on a particular import-export trade.

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Seair is proud to have a loyal customer base from big brands.

We have successfully served many reputable clients for Import-Export Data Information Services. Here are some of our clients:

What does Seair Exim Solution do?

Seair Exim Solutions helps businesses to enhance their international business by providing import-export data sets of India and abroad. We offer direct access to the data of importers and exporters by providing the traders immense business opportunities. We offer international buyers a detailed list of all the excellent exporters. Seair Exim Solutions provides a comprehensive list of data for their customers. This helps the importers and exporters to understand their competitive companies who are dealing with the same products as theirs.

We at Seair Exim gather all the important information on the value and quantity of the products in a detailed manner. This provides a competitive rim over the other traders of the same niche and also augments their prediction for further business opportunities. The data of import-export plays an indispensable role in the company’s investment.

Seair Exim Solutions is dedicated to assisting business ventures by offering precise data of importers and exporters. This data helps with all the relevant information with all the appropriate details that helps them to take part in the trading process. We at Seair Exim keeps the data updated regularly, as this boosts their client's business. This trade data we offer comes with all the updated information, recent market details.

We offer every assistance in a user-friendly format that is easy to access. The custom data consists of all the information like the name of the importer, exporter, shipment date, product description, taxes on the product, price, and quantity.

What is the Business Philosophy that Seair Exim Solutions follow?

Seair Exim envisions connecting its clients to the global trade community. We help them by providing the best business solutions and also provide professional guidance to use the provided information for their maximum benefits and ensures constant mutual growth. Seair Exim solutions help out the traders to know the present trends of the market to do international trade.

Service Benefits of Seair Exim Solutions

  • Seair Exim Solutions helps to invade new markets across the world for your product.
  • A clear view is provided of the world trading industry for any specific product.
  • You can find new buyers and suppliers from different countries for the product.
  • Seair Exim helps to search for new and best business opportunities among the consignees and the shippers.
  • We help to identify new potential customers of different interests.
  • Based on the shipment records, you can track high-rate customers.
  • You can communicate easily with your target customers with their actual contact details.

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