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Explore the export data of politeknik metal san as

Manufacturer / Shipper Consignee
Notify Party Marks and Numbers
Master Bill of Lading Number Container Number
TRKUISTNYC620016 CAXU8216134
Product Description
Arrival Date 10-Nov-2014
Hs Code 871499
Bill of Loding NAQAS1310170515
Loading Port 48945, ISTANBUL
Unloading Port 1001, NEW YORK, NY
Place of Receipt ISTANBUL
Weight 984.0
Quantity 3.0
Measure(CM) 0.0
Measure 0.0
Measure Unit

Hs Code 871499 Indian export data

We provide detailed information on the Indian export data related to HS Code 871499, you can utilize our precise and accurate data to ascertain your position as compared to the prominent organizations in the industry. Likewise, you can devise your strategy to ensure better customer acquisition and high returns on your investment.

DATECTHProductIndian PortDESTINATION PORTCOUNTRYUQCQuantityTotal PriceUnit Price
26-Nov-2016 87149990 AUTO COMPONENTS2872555 PLUG,THREADED Bombay Air CargoSHANGHAICHINAnos300210.000.70
26-Nov-2016 87149990 AUTO COMPONENTS4384588 PLUG,THREADED Bombay Air CargoSHANGHAICHINAnos30075.000.25
26-Nov-2016 87149990 AUTO COMPONENTS4384031 PLUNGER,PRS REGULATOR Bombay Air CargoSHANGHAICHINAnos300147.000.49
26-Nov-2016 87149910 BICYCLE CHAIN 114 LINKS LudhianaBeiraMOZAMBIQUEkgs1536026322.031.71
26-Nov-2016 87149990 BICYCLE PARTS - CYCLE GRADE STEEL BALLS(1460 SET ) LudhianaKampalaUGANDAkgs14.6131.409.00

Hs Code 871499 Indian import data

DATECTHProductIndian PortCountryUQCQuantityTotal PriceUnit Price
26-Nov-2016 87149990 BICYCLE PARTS- MUDGUARD REFLECTOR-ACRYLIC-RED-124R(2016)-SAT-ISO 6742-PART2-IMP 1BPLRE08099Chennai SeaCHINAnos8000010562.160.13
26-Nov-2016 87149990 BICYCLE PARTS- REFLECTOR-FRONT-WHITE-SCREW TYPE-121C-WITH SCREW-ISO 6742-PART2-2015-IMP 1BPLRE08092Chennai SeaCHINAnos23500017899.820.08
26-Nov-2016 87149990 BICYCLE PARTS- WHEEL REFLECTOR-AMBER-PUSH TYPE-FOR 14G SPOKE-722A-ISO 6742-PART2-2016-IMP 1BPLRE08089Chennai SeaCHINAnos60000060831.520.10
26-Nov-2016 87149990 BICYCLE PARTS - QUICK RELEASE TACX TRAINER, REAR WHEEL T1402Chennai SeaCHINAnos80216.752.71
26-Nov-2016 87149990 BICYCLE PARTS - LUMOS LIGHTNINGSET T4100Chennai SeaCHINAnos60699.0011.65

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