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India is one of the fastest developing countries in Asia. In the import-export trade business, India is one of the emerging economies in the globe. Seair Exim Solutions is providing the complete list trading partners of India with India exports to and India imports from the partners. Our export import trade database is the latest and 100% genuine. We have collected India’s foreign import export trade data from Indian customs that are based on shipment bills.

These findings are based on our authentic database of Indian global data.

S.No. Country Export Import Detailed Breakup of Country wise import and export in India 2013 2014 YOY(%) 2015 YOY(%) 2016 YOY(%)
21 BRAZIL Export India Export to Brazil ₹1,30,979.60M ₹1,26,997.67M -0.0304 ₹1,11,234.15M -0.1241 ₹1,02,461.76M -0.0789
Import India Import from Brazil ₹87,883.40M ₹1,38,802.92M 0.5794 ₹1,93,985.76M 0.3976 ₹2,03,807.63M 0.0506
22 ITALY Export India Export to Italy ₹1,16,519.16M ₹1,19,024.91M 0.0215 ₹1,19,648.96M 0.0052 ₹1,14,682.96M -0.0415
Import India Import from Italy ₹1,65,256.06M ₹2,35,344.70M 0.4241 ₹2,46,278.66M 0.0465 ₹2,30,644.77M -0.0635
23 NIGERIA Export India Export to Nigeria ₹1,15,195.05M ₹1,27,965.74M 0.1109 ₹1,06,539.00M -0.1674 ₹77,130.89M -0.2760
Import India Import from Nigeria ₹4,84,482.73M ₹6,84,340.49M 0.4125 ₹5,92,740.27M -0.1339 ₹4,81,527.04M -0.1876
24 VENEZUELA, BOLIVARIAN REPUBLIC OF Export India Export to Venezuela, bolivarian republic of ₹98,233.69M ₹1,03,220.67M 0.0508 ₹1,02,229.16M -0.0096 ₹1,12,841.88M 0.1038
Import India Import from Venezuela, bolivarian republic of ₹223.00M ₹2,995.09M 12.4307 ₹1,260.49M -0.5791 ₹473.50M -0.6243
25 KENYA Export India Export to Kenya ₹95,555.78M ₹94,336.14M -0.0128 ₹1,05,465.32M 0.1180 ₹93,360.97M -0.1148
Import India Import from Kenya ₹4,535.26M ₹6,669.09M 0.4705 ₹6,965.11M 0.0444 ₹8,320.39M 0.1946
26 TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA Export India Export to Taiwan, province of china ₹86,622.86M ₹99,092.22M 0.1440 ₹79,264.26M -0.2001 ₹70,584.92M -0.1095
Import India Import from Taiwan, province of china ₹1,62,098.86M ₹2,32,268.58M 0.4329 ₹2,22,514.84M -0.0420 ₹1,95,231.24M -0.1226
27 NEPAL Export India Export to Nepal ₹82,416.24M ₹99,241.25M 0.2041 ₹66,722.01M -0.3277 ₹84,171.43M 0.2615
Import India Import from Nepal ₹43.08M ₹14,261.07M 330.0086 ₹11,178.39M -0.2162 ₹9,490.03M -0.1510
28 HONG KONG Export India Export to Hong kong ₹88,675.50M ₹80,597.65M -0.0911 ₹73,339.28M -0.0901 ₹67,589.32M -0.0784
Import India Import from Hong kong ₹62,576.03M ₹1,85,454.25M 1.9637 ₹1,37,033.70M -0.2611 ₹1,41,646.49M 0.0337
29 OMAN Export India Export to Oman ₹79,335.21M ₹92,277.39M 0.1631 ₹69,061.07M -0.2516 ₹67,713.20M -0.0195
Import India Import from Oman ₹85,241.61M ₹64,923.90M -0.2384 ₹66,920.97M 0.0308 ₹62,115.99M -0.0718
30 INDONESIA Export India Export to Indonesia ₹44,822.40M ₹34,593.10M -0.2282 ₹90,772.81M 1.6240 ₹1,37,453.94M 0.5143
Import India Import from Indonesia ₹5,12,461.27M ₹5,14,740.51M 0.0044 ₹5,82,424.74M 0.1315 ₹6,80,604.02M 0.1686
31 MAURITIUS Export India Export to Mauritius ₹20,201.07M ₹1,30,449.94M 5.4576 ₹81,696.63M -0.3737 ₹66,210.88M -0.1896
Import India Import from Mauritius ₹725.39M ₹1,016.62M 0.4015 ₹1,163.81M 0.1448 ₹1,111.62M -0.0449
32 PAKISTAN Export India Export to Pakistan ₹65,227.74M ₹70,590.09M 0.0822 ₹86,261.97M 0.2220 ₹62,304.46M -0.2777
Import India Import from Pakistan ₹9,294.33M ₹19,990.38M 1.1508 ₹16,785.32M -0.1603 ₹14,995.70M -0.1066
33 SPAIN Export India Export to Spain ₹67,811.81M ₹73,732.60M 0.0873 ₹70,387.00M -0.0454 ₹70,548.75M 0.0023
Import India Import from Spain ₹65,790.21M ₹94,408.74M 0.4350 ₹1,08,555.43M 0.1498 ₹1,00,722.55M -0.0722
34 GERMANY Export India Export to Germany ₹55,941.75M ₹54,640.33M -0.0233 ₹58,625.23M 0.0729 ₹98,103.21M 0.6734
Import India Import from Germany ₹4,81,188.75M ₹6,74,694.94M 0.4021 ₹7,20,202.64M 0.0674 ₹6,97,069.64M -0.0321
35 KUWAIT Export India Export to Kuwait ₹60,244.40M ₹58,864.99M -0.0229 ₹60,622.95M 0.0299 ₹68,634.76M 0.1322
Import India Import from Kuwait ₹3,24,051.48M ₹3,50,385.74M 0.0813 ₹3,10,472.70M -0.1139 ₹2,25,797.31M -0.2727
36 TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OF Export India Export to Tanzania, united republic of ₹57,208.34M ₹71,007.03M 0.2412 ₹64,792.06M -0.0875 ₹54,620.54M -0.1570
Import India Import from Tanzania, united republic of ₹40,758.65M ₹54,667.34M 0.3412 ₹65,278.40M 0.1941 ₹46,891.66M -0.2817
37 AUSTRALIA Export India Export to Australia ₹18,258.65M ₹18,055.59M -0.0111 ₹91,312.96M 4.0573 ₹1,08,766.88M 0.1911
Import India Import from Australia ₹3,51,843.21M ₹4,84,302.51M 0.3765 ₹5,09,114.35M 0.0512 ₹4,09,425.27M -0.1958
38 CANADA Export India Export to Canada ₹57,466.85M ₹70,342.72M 0.2241 ₹46,948.69M -0.3326 ₹55,144.78M 0.1746
Import India Import from Canada ₹95,581.87M ₹1,54,705.33M 0.6186 ₹1,97,963.83M 0.2796 ₹1,83,849.06M -0.0713
39 SWITZERLAND Export India Export to Switzerland ₹86,843.11M ₹39,997.50M -0.5394 ₹51,247.92M 0.2813 ₹47,466.43M -0.0738
Import India Import from Switzerland ₹10,80,016.01M ₹13,09,866.22M 0.2128 ₹13,59,541.72M 0.0379 ₹8,28,524.38M -0.3906
40 PHILIPPINES Export India Export to Philippines ₹50,095.68M ₹45,609.99M -0.0895 ₹53,179.91M 0.1660 ₹72,040.06M 0.3546
Import India Import from Philippines ₹15,383.83M ₹19,700.73M 0.2806 ₹31,907.00M 0.6196 ₹29,293.36M -0.0819

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