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Manufacturer / Shipper Consignee
Notify Party Marks and Numbers
Master Bill of Lading Number Container Number
YMLUT912001389 CAIU2770492
Product Description
Arrival Date 19-Jun-2015
Hs Code 871410
Bill of Loding NAQACHOU5307386V
Loading Port 47094, VALENCIA
Unloading Port 1001, NEW YORK, NY
Place of Receipt VALENCIA
Weight 1164.0
Quantity 10.0
Measure(CM) 0.0
Measure 0.0
Measure Unit

Hs Code 871410 Indian export data

We provide detailed information on the Indian export data related to HS Code 871410, you can utilize our precise and accurate data to ascertain your position as compared to the prominent organizations in the industry. Likewise, you can devise your strategy to ensure better customer acquisition and high returns on your investment.

DATECTHProductIndian PortDESTINATION PORTCOUNTRYUQCQuantityTotal PriceUnit Price
26-Nov-2016 87141090 """Other Component Parts Of Petrol EnginesFor Motor Vehicles"" GEAR ADVIK PART NO.:A52000060000 YOUR PART NO.:A52000060000"Bombay Air CargoJAKARTA INDONESIAnos480445.620.93
26-Nov-2016 87141090 AGSS (AERIAL GAMMA SPECTROMETRIC SYSTEM)SL NO. 1006-1006 Bombay Air CargoVIENNAUNITED STATESnos11490.311490.31
26-Nov-2016 87141090 NAL (TI) DETECTOR (SL. NO. 1006) Bombay Air CargoVIENNAUNITED STATESnos1745.16745.16
26-Nov-2016 87141090 MAXWELL POWER SUPPLY (SL NO. 007) Bombay Air CargoVIENNAUNITED STATESnos12.982.98
26-Nov-2016 87141090 MICROSOFT KEYBOARD (SL NO. 7668205449453) Bombay Air CargoVIENNAUNITED STATESnos12.982.98

Hs Code 871410 Indian import data

DATECTHProductIndian PortCountryUQCQuantityTotal PriceUnit Price
26-Nov-2016 87141090 MOTORCYCLE CHAINS - 420 - 108 - ( 400 PCS )Chennai SeaCHINAkgs298522.241.75
26-Nov-2016 87141090 MOTORCYCLE CHAINS - 420 - 110 - ( 400 PCS )Chennai SeaCHINAkgs305531.981.74
26-Nov-2016 87141090 MOTORCYCLE CHAINS - 420 - 112 - ( 700 PCS )Chennai SeaCHINAkgs545948.001.74
26-Nov-2016 87141090 MOTORCYCLE CHAINS - 420 - 116 - ( 400 PCS )Chennai SeaCHINAkgs322561.191.74
26-Nov-2016 87141090 MOTORCYCLE CHAINS - 420 - 118 - ( 300 PCS )Chennai SeaCHINAkgs247427.891.73

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