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akari Import Data Shipments Records

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Date Indian Port CTH Item Description Quantity UQC U.P.USD Assess USD C O O Duty
18-Nov-2016 raxaul 23025000 akari 15000 KGS 0.17 2602.41 nepal View Duty
17-Nov-2016 raxaul 23025000 akari 17500 KGS 0.23 4086.95 nepal View Duty
15-Nov-2016 raxaul 23025000 akari 15680 KGS 0.23 3645.98 nepal View Duty
04-Nov-2016 raxaul 23025000 akari 25000 KGS 0.18 4408.88 nepal View Duty
28-Oct-2016 raxaul 23025000 akari 15000 KGS 0.18 2639.59 nepal View Duty
27-Oct-2016 raxaul 23025000 akari 20000 KGS 0.18 3522.72 nepal View Duty
22-Oct-2016 raxaul 23025000 akari 14000 KGS 0.18 2484.50 nepal View Duty
20-Oct-2016 raxaul 23025000 akari 18700 KGS 0.23 4363.64 nepal View Duty
19-Oct-2016 raxaul 23025000 akari 6100 KGS 0.23 1421.38 nepal View Duty
18-Oct-2016 raxaul 23025000 akari 12000 KGS 0.18 2128.18 nepal View Duty
05-Oct-2016 raxaul 23025000 akari 25000 KGS 0.23 5796.80 nepal View Duty
04-Oct-2016 raxaul 23069012 akari 5880 KGS 0.23 1359.00 nepal View Duty
01-Oct-2016 raxaul 23025000 akari , matar bhap , masoor bhap 40830 KGS 0.23 9478.85 nepal View Duty
29-Sep-2016 raxaul 23025000 akari 6000 KGS 0.18 1063.21 nepal View Duty
23-Sep-2016 raxaul 23025000 akari 17000 KGS 0.23 3943.84 nepal View Duty
20-Sep-2016 raxaul 23025000 akari 37000 KGS 0.23 8581.00 nepal View Duty
20-Sep-2016 raxaul 23025000 akari 6000 KGS 0.18 1064.44 nepal View Duty
20-Sep-2016 banglore air cargo 84818090 "solenoid valve 1/2""(akari) (zcq-16b) / (spare parts for ironing machinery)" 5 NOS 9.18 45.88 china View Duty
14-Sep-2016 raxaul 23025000 akari 26000 KGS 0.18 4560.32 nepal View Duty
11-Sep-2016 raxaul 23025000 akari 18000 KGS 0.23 4170.24 nepal View Duty

akari Import Data

Seair offers latest akari import data and directory of akari importers, exporters, buyers, suppliers, and manufacturers in India. It compiles its database according to authentic shipment data from Indian customs. We ensure the listing of all the products of akari passing the nation’s boundaries according to international products standards

Seair helps in the anticipation of avoidance of custom duties and gains which altogether account for a noteworthy income for the legislature. It also conveys essential import archives allowing the import. It covers akari shipments in several ports in India, whose data is accessible with a backlog of around 3 days. The data is easily available online, by email and on MS-Excel.

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