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Date Indian Port CTH Item Description Quantity UQC U.P.USD Assess USD C O O Duty
23-Nov-2016 nhava sheva sea 69109000 ceramic wash basin (model no. 1034/1006) (110pcs) 660 KGS 1.03 678.27 china
23-Nov-2016 chennai air cargo 73269099 lube, ftg trabon tube nut 1/4t 01006-04 (phx) (1306p00135) (16 pcs) 0.192 KGS 126.31 24.25 australia
23-Nov-2016 delhi air cargo 84138190 02004-1006 axial piston pump (parts for injectionmoulding machine) 1 NOS 9926.69 9926.69 austria
23-Nov-2016 bombay air cargo 84825012 of bore diameter exceeding 50 mm not exceeding 100 mm nu 1006(cylindrical roller brg) 35 PCS 16.00 560.16 germany
23-Nov-2016 banglore air cargo 85423100 integrated circuit op amp 5v smd 1006 soic8 9559230 40 NOS 1.91 76.45 united kingdom
23-Nov-2016 banglore air cargo 85365090 1006-3143-000 part harness acgo machined (part for patient monitoring system) 2 PCS 9.72 19.45 united states
23-Nov-2016 banglore air cargo 40169320 1006-3616-000 part o-ring od19.16 id15.6 mpos epdm duro 70-016 (part for patient monitoring system) 1 PCS 4.71 4.71 united states
22-Nov-2016 tughlakabad 84814000 main valve sp 10201-01006 (shock absorber components) (captive consumption) 25200 PCS 0.09 2152.82 japan
22-Nov-2016 nhava sheva sea 94049099 (1040 nos) the goods made of 100% polyester- inflatable travel pillow,brand-american tourister, , z19*01006 (travel good 96.2 KGS 10.31 991.43 china
22-Nov-2016 delhi air cargo 84818090 01006 031 stop filter tap (accessori tecnici)(angle valve) 18 NOS 5.24 94.34 italy
22-Nov-2016 bombay air cargo 90269000 (101660-00) pafs-1006 air flow sensor (not for automatic controlling systems) 18 UNT 15.28 275.03 united states
22-Nov-2016 banglore air cargo 90318000 ee-1006 2m(4sq857054)ee1057g(photoelectric sensor) 2 NOS 1.24 2.47 japan
22-Nov-2016 banglore air cargo 90318000 ee-1006 2m(4sq854306)ee1057g(photoelectric sensor) 5 NOS 1.24 6.18 japan
22-Nov-2016 banglore air cargo 90318000 ee-1006 2m(4sq851048)ee1057g(photoelectric sensor) 343 NOS 1.24 423.80 japan
21-Nov-2016 tughlakabad 73269099 "im 16009-steel 1006-width 14.88""-rs09040if9ko-r c steel 18030/1006/378mm ( for mfg of gasket)" 1582 MTR 5.36 8474.14 united states
21-Nov-2016 tughlakabad 73269099 "im 16009-steel strips rubber coated 1006-width 13.82""- rs09040if8k0-rc steel 18030/1006/351mm ( for mfg of gasket)" 952 MTR 5.24 4990.22 united states
21-Nov-2016 tughlakabad 73269099 "im 16009-steel 1006-width 7.95""- rs19040ia1c0-18030/1006 0.4x202mm ( for mfg of gasket )" 5396 MTR 2.58 13939.68 united states
21-Nov-2016 tughlakabad 73269099 "im 16009-steel 1006-width 7.95""- rs19040ia1c0-18030/1006 0.4x202mm ( for mfg of gasket )" 6600 MTR 2.58 17050.02 united states
21-Nov-2016 delhi air cargo 73261910 1751/1006 - 11/16 orfs x 7/8 unf adaptor - parts for excavator loader - for captive use 120 NOS 0.88 105.37 united kingdom
21-Nov-2016 bombay air cargo 33019049 aromatherapy oil blend - bb-taj-1006 jiva foot bath blend 1l 5 UNT 54.69 273.47 australia

1006 Import Data

Seair offers latest 1006 import data and directory of 1006 importers, exporters, buyers, suppliers, and manufacturers in India. It compiles its database according to authentic shipment data from Indian customs. We ensure the listing of all the products of 1006 passing the nation’s boundaries according to international products standards

Seair helps in the anticipation of avoidance of custom duties and gains which altogether account for a noteworthy income for the legislature. It also conveys essential import archives allowing the import. It covers 1006 shipments in several ports in India, whose data is accessible with a backlog of around 3 days. The data is easily available online, by email and on MS-Excel.

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