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Ccd Camera Export Data Shipments Records

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Date Indian Port CTH Item Description Quantity UQC U.P.USD FOB USD Destination Port Country
24-Nov-2016 delhi air cargo 85258090 (ccd camera)car electronic access.(re-export after display purpose)b/e#7367767 1 SET 52.30 52.30 tokyo japan
21-Nov-2016 bombay air cargo 85258010 television camera : hsc100r color ccd portable television camera 4 NOS 11518.28 46073.12 london - heathrow united kingdom
19-Nov-2016 delhi air cargo 90189099 "adapter for ccd camera 1/2""(6134110-800)-parts of microscopes " 1 NOS 118.12 118.12 dubai united arab emirates
16-Nov-2016 bombay air cargo 90111000 stereo zoom microscope s 300t with computer interface attachement & ccd camera for photography 1 NOS 1100.00 1100.00 abu dhabi united arab emirates
07-Nov-2016 chennai air cargo 84379010 color sorter parts embedded ccd camera 4 NOS 5.00 20.00 seoul south korea
07-Nov-2016 delhi air cargo 90118000 floor stand microscope - 5-step inclinedmotorized optical head bem splitter c ccd camera etc 1 SET 2500.00 2500.00 new york united states
03-Nov-2016 chennai air cargo 85258090 re export of - rohs 1.3 mp b & w chemeleon usb 2.0 camera 1/3'' ccd cs -mount( ce)( kcc ) p/no:cmln-13s2m-cs sl no:12 1 NOS 100.00 100.00 toronto canada
02-Nov-2016 chennai air cargo 85299090 ccd camera unit for digital vision system - item no.xg-h035cc - serial no. c3310083 - vide be no. 324343113-11-2015 1 NOS 472.92 472.92 osaka japan
02-Nov-2016 chennai air cargo 85299090 ccd camera unit for digital vision system - item - serial no. 63210029 - vide be no. 559990513-06-2016 1 NOS 248.63 248.63 osaka japan
25-Oct-2016 hyderabad air cargo 88033000 ccd & camera assembly p/n.ad701340-01,,sl.nos.00081,00101&00102( for repair/rectification 3 NOS 4477.00 13431.00 tel aviv yafo israel
24-Oct-2016 bombay air cargo 90318000 precision measuring instrument & testingequipment - scale and tape calibrationunit unit fitted with ccd camera and sma 1 NOS 3604.52 3604.52 dubai united arab emirates
22-Oct-2016 chennai sea 90185090 accessories & spares- ccd color tv camera,beam splitter,c-mount adopter 2 SET 1497.72 2995.45 manila philippines
21-Oct-2016 chennai air cargo 84379010 color sorter parts embedded ib ccd camera 12 NOS 2.00 24.00 seoul south korea
17-Oct-2016 delhi air cargo 90221490 ccd camera ( 1 NOS 3055.00 3055.00 khartoum sudan
17-Oct-2016 delhi air cargo 90189099 beam splitter with ccd camera for slitlamp (8122500) parts of microscopes 3 NOS 612.13 1836.38 kathmandu - tribhuva nepal
30-Sep-2016 delhi air cargo 90318000 "re-exp.goods for rep.:tested camera system andor-1""ccd usb p/n:133504 b/e:108903(ivis instrument spectrum 220" 1 NOS 74700.00 74700.00 boston - logan, ma massachusetts
29-Sep-2016 ahmedabad 84799090 old & used engg.goods -xc-es50 ccd camera 15 NOS 7.00 105.00 philadelphia metrop united states
29-Sep-2016 ahmedabad 84799090 old & used engg.goods -xc-75 ccd camera 11 NOS 7.00 77.00 philadelphia metrop united states
20-Sep-2016 bombay air cargo 85258090 ccd camera kam.4018/e 0151888/hs1214e 420582 1 NOS 13397.42 13397.42 frankfurt/main int'l germany
14-Sep-2016 delhi air cargo 90065990 ccd- special camera, pal 1 NOS 111.03 111.03 frankfurt/main int'l germany

Ccd Camera Export Data

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