Export Data of Ammonium chloride, Ammonium chloride Export Data from Indian Customs

Ammonium chloride export data is a consolidated report based on bills of lading, shipping bills & invoices filed at Indian customs, ports while Ammonium chloride export from India.

Date Indian Port CTH Item Description Quantity UQC U.P.USD FOB USD Destination Port Country
22-Nov-2016 nhava sheva sea 28273990 ammonium chloride 3000 KGS 0.52 1561.47 bandar abbas iran
22-Nov-2016 tuticorin sea 28271000 ammonium chloride (fertilizer) - ( packed in 50 kg hdpe bags ) 260 MTS 83.00 21579.50 port kelang malaysia
22-Nov-2016 nhava sheva sea 29239000 benzalkonium chloride 50pct [otherquaternar y ammonium salts and hydroxdelecithins and othr phosphoaminolipids] 5000 KGS 1.36 6795.00 busan(korea) korea republic of
20-Nov-2016 tughlakabad 30049099 medicines:coufex syrup (chlorpheniramine malate usp 2mg/5ml, ammonium chloride bp 100mg/5ml) 15000 PCS 0.36 5380.69 george town bahamas
20-Nov-2016 nhava sheva sea 28529000 mercury ammonium chloride 1000 KGS 61.82 61824.22 jebel ali united arab emirates
18-Nov-2016 nhava sheva sea 29239000 tri ethyl benzyl ammonium chlorideassay nlt 99% cas 56-37-1 10000 KGS 2.74 27433.45 budapest hungary
18-Nov-2016 nhava sheva sea 30049093 cadistin expectorant 100ml (chlorpheniramine maleate usp 2mg, guaifenesin usp 80mg, ammonium chloride bp 100mg, sodium c 29500 PAC 0.41 12168.42 kampala uganda
17-Nov-2016 tughlakabad 30044060 koffing cough syrup each 5 ml contains :- diphenhydramine hydrochloride ip 12.5mg ammonium chloride ip 125 mg sodium ci 25000 PAC 0.12 3093.66 karachi pakistan
17-Nov-2016 nhava sheva sea 28271000 laboratory chemical , ammonium chlorideextrapure ar 10 NOS 2.03 20.33 chittagong bangladesh
16-Nov-2016 sabarmati icd 29239000 organic chemical triethyl benzyl ammonium chloride (benzyl triethyl ammonium chloride) as inv. 3000 KGS 4.32 12967.03 charleston united states
16-Nov-2016 sabarmati icd 29239000 organic chemical phenyl trimethyl ammonium chloride as inv. 2632 KGS 7.29 19195.66 charleston united states
14-Nov-2016 nhava sheva sea 28271000 pharmaceutical raw materials ammonium chloride ip 450 KGS 0.45 204.30 apapa nigeria
14-Nov-2016 sabarmati icd 29239000 organic chemical phenyl trimethyl ammonium chloride as per inv. 9576 KGS 6.35 60794.65 melbourne australia
14-Nov-2016 nhava sheva sea 28271000 ammonium chloride bp batch no: nh772616& nh772716 mfg date:oct-2016 exp date: sept-2021 2000 KGS 1.00 1997.07 port kelang malaysia
11-Nov-2016 nhava sheva sea 28271000 ammonium chloride for analysis emparta (r) laboratory chemicals & reagents 12 NOS 4.52 54.23 colombo sri lanka
11-Nov-2016 nhava sheva sea 30049099 g.o.d baby cough syrup 100ml each 5ml contains diphenhydramine hydrochloride bp14.08mg,ammonium chloride bp138 mg,sodiu 20 CTN 22.15 443.10 luanda angola
11-Nov-2016 nhava sheva sea 34021200 dimethyl lauryl benzyl ammonium chloride80% active matter/ bkcat 2520 KGS 2.57 6466.32 ho chi minh city vietnam, democratic rep. of
11-Nov-2016 nhava sheva sea 30049099 axikof expectorent syrup each 5ml contains: chlorpheramine maleate bp 2.2mg ammonium chloride bp 110.0mg sodium citrate 30000 NOS 0.35 10500.00 bujumbura burundi
10-Nov-2016 sabarmati icd 29239000 organic chemical methyl tributyl ammonium chloride 75% solution as inv. 17100 KGS 4.60 78707.13 kansas city united states
10-Nov-2016 nhava sheva sea 28271000 ammonium chloride bp 1000 KGS 1.58 1580.00 djibouti djibouti

Ammonium chloride Export Data

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