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Date Indian Port CTH Item Description Quantity UQC U.P.USD FOB USD Destination Port Country
18-Nov-2016 nhava sheva sea 28362090 laboratory chemical , ammonium bicarbonate extrapure ar ( ammonium hydrogen carbonate ) 10 NOS 1.37 13.75 chittagong bangladesh
15-Nov-2016 nhava sheva sea 28362090 ammonium bi carbonate 16500 KGS 0.30 4950.00 nacala mozambique
11-Nov-2016 chennai sea 98020000 laboratory chemicals,instruments,apparatus, and models designed for demonstration purpose : ammonium carbonate 1.875 KGS 4.37 8.20 colombo sri lanka
11-Nov-2016 chennai sea 98020000 laboratory chemicals, instruments,apparatus and models designed for demonstration purpose: ammonium carbonate 62.5 KGS 1.79 111.85 colombo sri lanka
11-Nov-2016 bombay air cargo 98020000 lab chemical - ammonium carbonate 3 PAC 4.39 13.17 baku azarbaijan
04-Nov-2016 bombay air cargo 28369100 laboratory chemicals: ammonium carbonate, hi-ar#acs 5 KGS 11.66 58.29 philadelphia metrop united states
26-Oct-2016 nhava sheva sea 38099200 ammonium zirconium carbonate 19.2 MTS 2670.00 51264.00 shanghai china
22-Oct-2016 bombay air cargo 28369990 laboratory chemicals: ammonium carbonate, hi-ar/acs 2.5 KGS 11.66 29.14 philadelphia metrop united states
21-Oct-2016 nhava sheva sea 28369990 ammonium carbonate purified 200 BTL 1.77 353.46 mombasa kenya
20-Oct-2016 raxaul 28369990 ammonium carbonate / sq/ 500gm 4 PCS 2.80 11.19 kathmandu nepal
15-Oct-2016 mundra 28369990 chem,ammonium carbonate 25 kg hdpe barrel (other detail as per invoice) 500 KGS 0.99 495.00 abu dhabi united arab emirates
13-Oct-2016 petrapole road 28369990 laboratory chemicals:ammonium carbonate emplura(api) 24 NOS 2.78 66.66 benapole bangladesh
10-Oct-2016 bombay air cargo 38220090 laboratory reagents 1110-ammonium carbonate ar 2 NOS 2.54 5.08 quito ecuador
06-Oct-2016 petrapole road 28369990 ammonium carbonate 200 KGS 0.99 198.09 benapole bangladesh
27-Sep-2016 bombay air cargo 28369990 laboratory chemicals: ammonium carbonate, hi-ar/acs 2.5 KGS 11.66 29.14 philadelphia metrop united states
24-Sep-2016 hyderabad air cargo 28369990 ammonium carbonate, nh_3 ca 30% 1000 GMS 0.02 20.40 singapore singapore
24-Sep-2016 raxaul 38220090 ammonium carbonate 5 NOS 2.88 14.38 birgunj nepal
15-Sep-2016 baroda 28369990 ammonium carbonate gr 2000 KGS 2.19 4377.02 inchon korea,republic of
01-Sep-2016 raxaul 28369990 ammonium carbonate sq 500g 18 PCS 2.54 45.67 kathmandu nepal
31-Aug-2016 nhava sheva sea 38220090 ammonium carbonate 10 NOS 1.21 12.13 johannesburg south africa


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