Export Data of Air regulator, Air regulator Export Data from Indian Customs

Air regulator export data is a consolidated report based on bills of lading, shipping bills & invoices filed at Indian customs, ports while Air regulator export from India.

Date Indian Port CTH Item Description Quantity UQC U.P.USD FOB USD Destination Port Country
22-Nov-2016 bombay air cargo 84099990 spares for air compressor model 5h80-a194 : non adjustable pressure regulator pos 99 1 NOS 32.31 32.31 dubai united arab emirates
22-Nov-2016 banglore air cargo 84811000 2071542-001 high pressure cylinder regulator air diss pin index 5 NOS 163.42 817.10 manila philippines
21-Nov-2016 delhi air cargo 88033000 parts of air crafts : - regulator #1060448 #0402001 #0907006 part no. 1227 g 3 NOS 479.46 1438.38 sheremetyevo russia
20-Nov-2016 bombay air cargo 90329000 air filter regulators(afr) 5 PCS 79.21 396.03 bangkok thailand
20-Nov-2016 nhava sheva sea 84779000 parts of machns of working rbr / plastic- air regulator for lp-111(under meis scheme country group b) 10 NOS 19.58 195.83 tincan/lagos nigeria
18-Nov-2016 delhi air cargo 84219900 "pnematic parts - spin/c/11251 (yr2aca1h1ns005) 1/4"" npt air filter regulator 5-10 um 0.5 to 10 bar none mounting bracket" 1 NOS 250.00 250.00 dubai united arab emirates
17-Nov-2016 coimbatore-irugur icd 84149019 spare parts for air compressor:ckd spares:pressure regulator prne 5 NOS 52.75 263.75 shanghai china
16-Nov-2016 banglore air cargo 88033000 other parts of airplanes/helicoptersfitting, lube regulatorp/n: 7005027 rev 3 NOS 65.27 195.82 new york united states
16-Nov-2016 banglore air cargo 39269099 inflatable evacuation slide assembly foruse in commercial air crafts part no :3a4047-18 padding assy regulator 148 NOS 19.87 2940.12 new york united states
16-Nov-2016 chennai air cargo 73079990 "stainless steel fittings - aluminimum, 1/4"" npt(f) air fillter regulator " 1 NOS 5.00 5.00 duesseldorf germany
15-Nov-2016 bombay air cargo 84779000 parts for injection stretch blow moldingmachine- z00p0439600 air regulator rv4074 (8 17k) 1 SET 614.99 614.99 tokyo - narita japan
15-Nov-2016 bombay air cargo 84779000 parts for injection stretch blow moldingmachine- z10p0020100 seal kit for air regulator rv4074 4 SET 130.14 520.56 tokyo - narita japan
15-Nov-2016 garhi harsaru - gurgaon icd 84139190 "pumps for liquid=air regulator - miniature - 1/4"" g complete with 0-14 bar pressure gauge(a2g02)" 100 PCS 6.47 646.95 southampton united states
15-Nov-2016 bombay air cargo 84779000 parts for injection stretch blow moldingmachine- z00p0443800 air regulator rv4082 25k 06 18 30 1 SET 559.90 559.90 tokyo - narita japan
15-Nov-2016 dighi(pune) 84149090 industrial machinery spare part for aircompressors valve kit regulator 630big 4 NOS 242.11 968.44 jakarta indonesia
14-Nov-2016 ludhiana 73229090 "parts of hot air distributor made of steel-damper regulator-dial w/spring & sq.end bearing-1/4""zinc (15000 pcs)" 900 KGS 6.42 5775.00 durban south africa
14-Nov-2016 tughlakabad 84139190 "pumps for liquid=air regulator - heavy duty - 3/4"" npt(overall lenght 940mm).o " 12 PCS 31.00 372.00 kansas city united states
14-Nov-2016 mulund 84219900 air pressure regulator part no. 159625 4 PCS 27.51 110.03 dubai united arab emirates
14-Nov-2016 hyderabad 84213990 air filter regulator & air lock relays 5% 1 LOT 35498.68 35498.68 balikpapan indonesia
14-Nov-2016 banglore air cargo 39269099 inflating evacuation slide assembly foruse in commercial air crafts- part no.3a4047-18 padding assy regulator 390 NOS 19.90 7760.87 new york united states

Air regulator Export Data

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