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Manufacturer / Shipper Consignee
Notify Party Marks and Numbers
Master Bill of Lading Number Container Number
Product Description
1990 RANGER ROVER COLOR GREY ENG. NO. 38D10187A, CC 3900 LIC. # 2013051236
Arrival Date 27-Mar-2014
Hs Code 870323
Bill of Loding SMLU3652755A
Loading Port 24128, PORT BUSTAMANTE
Unloading Port 5201, MIAMI, FL
Place of Receipt MONTEGO BAY
Weight 3998.0
Quantity 1.0
Measure(CM) 0.0
Measure 0.0
Measure Unit

Hs Code 870323 Indian export data

We provide detailed information on the Indian export data related to HS Code 870323, you can utilize our precise and accurate data to ascertain your position as compared to the prominent organizations in the industry. Likewise, you can devise your strategy to ensure better customer acquisition and high returns on your investment.

DATECTHProductIndian PortDESTINATION PORTCOUNTRYUQCQuantityTotal PriceUnit Price
26-Nov-2016 87032391 PASSENGER CAR VENTO LHD MEXICO# COMFORT1.6 MPI AT MODEL-6043G3 ENGINE-1600CC PETROL AUTO TRANSBombay SeaVeracruzMEXICOnos102927550.989093.64
26-Nov-2016 87032391 PASSENGER CAR VENTO LHD MEXICO# TREND 1.6 MPI AT MODEL-6042G3 ENGINE-1600 CC PETROL AUTO TRANSBombay SeaVeracruzMEXICOnos68616629.469068.08
26-Nov-2016 87032391 PASSENGER CAR POLO MEXICO TREND 1.6 MPIAT MODEL - 6032G3 ENGINE - 1600CC PETROLAUTO TRANSBombay SeaVeracruzMEXICOnos18437.778437.77
26-Nov-2016 87032391 PASSENGER CAR VENTO LHD MEXICO# HIGHLINE1.6 MPI AT MODEL- 6044G3 ENGINE-1600CCPETROL AUTO TRANSBombay SeaVeracruzMEXICOnos28261330.319333.23
26-Nov-2016 87032391 PASSENGER CAR POLO A05 IND. TREND MODEL-6032G3 ENGINE-1600CC PETROL AUTO TRANS Bombay SeaPhilipsburgNETHERLANDS ANTILLESnos1084377.028437.70

Hs Code 870323 Indian import data

DATECTHProductIndian PortCountryUQCQuantityTotal PriceUnit Price
24-Nov-2016 87032391 AUDI TT COUPE 45 TFSI QUATTRO S TRONIC CHASSIS NO TRUZKGFV3H1010014 AND ENG NO CHH173295 PETROL VERSION 1984CCBombay SeaHUNGARYunt131532.4131532.41
24-Nov-2016 87032391 MERCEDES-BENZ TYPE MERCEDES-AMG GLE43 4MATIC COUPE RHD VIN-WDC2923642A056462,ENG NO-27682130472790,ENG CC-2996,ARAI NO-ANhava Sheva SeaUNITED STATESunt124636.0424636.04
24-Nov-2016 87032391 MERCEDES-BENZ TYPE MERCEDES-AMG GLE43 4MATIC COUPE RHD VIN-WDC2923642A056828,ENG NO-27682130475034,ENG CC-2996,ARAI NO-ANhava Sheva SeaUNITED STATESunt125037.9125037.91
23-Nov-2016 87032391 PORSCHE 718 BOXSTER CHASSIS NO WP0ZKG987HS212381 AND ENG NODDPB006369 NEW MOTOR CAR PETROL VERSION 1988CCBombay SeaGERMANYunt139794.9739794.97
23-Nov-2016 87032391 PORSCHE MACAN CHASSIS NO WP1ZKG955HLB05733 AND ENG NO CYPA042531 NEW MOTOR CAR PETROL VERSION 1984CCBombay SeaGERMANYunt139759.5639759.56

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