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INTERCITY ALLIANCE Import Export Shipment Data & Products

Import List

Date CTH Product Indian Port Country Unit Quantity CIF Unit Price
07-Apr-2003 95038010 BAT & BAL MUMBAI (SEA) THAILAND PCS 288 9655.18 33.52
07-Apr-2003 95038010 SMAL DICE & BAL IN POLY BAG MUMBAI (SEA) THAILAND PCS 910 3140.5 3.45
07-Apr-2003 95038010 SMAL RUGBY BAL MUMBAI (SEA) THAILAND PCS 36 496.96 13.8
07-Apr-2003 95038010 TINY DOL MUMBAI (SEA) THAILAND PCS 120 1064.91 8.87
07-Apr-2003 95038010 TWIN BAL PACK MUMBAI (SEA) THAILAND PCS 72 709.94 9.86

Export List

Date CTH Product Indian Port City Country UQC Quantity Total Price Unit Price
17-May-2003 95036000 GAMES (ASORTED) MUMBAI (SEA) COLOMBO SRI LANKA NOS 100 4944.01 49.44
17-May-2003 95036000 PLASTIC BLOCKS (ASORTED) MUMBAI (SEA) COLOMBO SRI LANKA NOS 150 11742.02 78.28
17-May-2003 95036000 PUL BACK VEHICLES (ASORTED) MUMBAI (SEA) COLOMBO SRI LANKA NOS 1523 61210.38 40.19
17-May-2003 95036000 EDUCATIONAL SETS (ASORTED) MUMBAI (SEA) COLOMBO SRI LANKA NOS 300 31518.05 105.06
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