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GLOBUS ENTERPRISES Import Export Shipment Data & Products

Import List
Date CTH Product Indian Port Country Unit Quantity CIF Unit Price
21-Aug-2003 94052010 042-037/042-026 FISH LAMP MUMBAI (SEA) CHINA DOZ 120 11077.61 92.31
21-Aug-2003 94052010 01762-583 LAMP MUMBAI (SEA) CHINA DOZ 60 3266.47 54.44
21-Aug-2003 94052010 0420-268 LAMP MUMBAI (SEA) CHINA DOZ 40 2367.01 59.18
21-Aug-2003 91051100 0420-12 CLOCK MUMBAI (SEA) CHINA DOZ 80 3029.77 37.87
21-Aug-2003 91051100 042-0479/042-2468/D41-14 CL MUMBAI (SEA) CHINA DOZ 660 26557.86 40.24
Export List
Date CTH Product Indian Port City Country UQC Quantity Total Price Unit Price

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