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GAUTAM TRADING CO Import Export Shipment Data & Products

Import List

Date CTH Product Indian Port Country Unit Quantity CIF Unit Price
03-Apr-2003 12119000 SURANJAN E SHIREN MUMBAI (SEA) PAKISTAN KGS 640 20745 32.41
03-Apr-2003 12119000 SHILAJIT STONE MUMBAI (SEA) PAKISTAN KGS 1360 32898 24.19
03-Apr-2003 12119000 KAMAL GATHA MUMBAI (SEA) PAKISTAN KGS 1600 30963 19.35

Export List

Date CTH Product Indian Port City Country UQC Quantity Total Price Unit Price
06-Aug-2003 28182001 80 BAGS SHIKAKAI DELHI (TUGALKABAD) KARACHI PAKISTAN KGS 3440 29559.22 8.59
06-Aug-2003 28182001 5 BAGS GOAL KACHRI DELHI (TUGALKABAD) KARACHI PAKISTAN KGS 330 3544.53 10.74
06-Aug-2003 28182001 20 BAGS KHUSAJI DELHI (TUGALKABAD) KARACHI PAKISTAN KGS 800 5728.53 7.16
06-Aug-2003 28182001 15 BAGS TAL MAKHANA DELHI (TUGALKABAD) KARACHI PAKISTAN KGS 1200 21482 17.9
06-Aug-2003 28182001 10 BAGS SHIKAKAI DELHI (TUGALKABAD) KARACHI PAKISTAN KGS 3800 32652.63 8.59
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