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Date Indian Port CTH Item Description Quantity UQC U.P.USD Assess USD C O O Duty
22-Nov-2016 krishnapatnam 94035090 edy bed (furniture - teak) 2 UNT 80.38 160.77 indonesia
22-Nov-2016 krishnapatnam 94036000 stool twist (furniture - meh) 4 UNT 28.71 114.83 indonesia
22-Nov-2016 krishnapatnam 94036000 arun door (furniture - teak) 1 UNT 1148.34 1148.34 indonesia
22-Nov-2016 krishnapatnam 68159990 sleeping buddha (handicraft - stone) 270 KGS 0.64 172.25 indonesia
22-Nov-2016 krishnapatnam 68159990 pot 60x55 (handicraft - stone) 648 KGS 0.11 68.90 indonesia
22-Nov-2016 krishnapatnam 68159990 pot stone (handicraft - stone) 450 KGS 0.26 114.83 indonesia
22-Nov-2016 krishnapatnam 46021100 bamboo ducks (handicraft - bamboo) 56.7 KGS 0.64 36.17 indonesia
22-Nov-2016 krishnapatnam 40151100 nitrile powder free online single chlorinated glove-cw044 (brand:midirich glove; size:m) 62500 PRS 0.04 2810.90 malaysia
22-Nov-2016 krishnapatnam 40151100 nitrile powder free online single chlorinated glove-cw050 (.rand:mediridch glove;size;m) 100000 PRS 0.05 4724.37 malaysia
22-Nov-2016 krishnapatnam 72052990 steel grit g18a 27 MTS 555.50 14998.50 china
22-Nov-2016 krishnapatnam 94016100 skv003+1+1 kevin sofa 6 UNT 314.98 1889.87 sri lanka
22-Nov-2016 krishnapatnam 94016100 sln003 leena sofa 1 UNT 165.70 165.70 sri lanka
22-Nov-2016 krishnapatnam 27011920 chilean steam (non coking) coal in bulk (ncv on arb 3952 kcal/kg) 5000 MTS 44.85 224258.90 chile
22-Nov-2016 krishnapatnam 27011920 chilean steam (non coking) coal in bulk (ncv on arb 3952 kcal/kg) 2500 MTS 44.85 112129.45 chile
22-Nov-2016 krishnapatnam 48010090 standard newsprint - 45 gsm (width 68.6 cms) 500.939 MTS 515.79 258378.41 canada
22-Nov-2016 krishnapatnam 39269099 photoframe plastic strip 111 KGS 0.91 100.90 china
22-Nov-2016 krishnapatnam 27011910 illawarra coking coal 19800 MTS 211.67 4191123.67 australia
22-Nov-2016 krishnapatnam 31059010 potassium nitrate (13-00-45), for fertiliser use only 104000 KGS 0.80 83082.37 jordan
22-Nov-2016 krishnapatnam 27131100 petroleum coke (non-calcined) 5000 MTS 65.65 328250.00 united states
22-Nov-2016 krishnapatnam 94013000 ocl004 executive chair low back 14 UNT 27.38 383.34 sri lanka

Krishnapatnam Import Data

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It includes a set of confidential shipping records which have outlined below-

  • The name and description of imported product
  • Custom Tariff Heading
  • Quantity
  • Indian Port
  • Country
  • Net weight
  • Price etc.

Above details are helpful in tracking what kinds of products are imported, at what price, from which port, and at what quantity

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