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Date Indian Port CTH Item Description Quantity UQC U.P.USD Assess USD C O O Duty
23-Nov-2016 dabolim 85177090 contact pins for keystone cat 6a black pcb 5000 PCS 0.30 1490.37 taiwan
23-Nov-2016 dabolim 85177090 housing for keystone cat6a black color 5000 PCS 0.06 298.07 taiwan
23-Nov-2016 dabolim 85423100 ic/rtl8676s- electronic integrated circuits 1000 PCS 3.40 3403.70 china
23-Nov-2016 dabolim 70022090 low water peak(lwp) single mode preform (preform of silicafor manufacturing of telecommunication grade optical fibres 2707.062 KGS 146.45 396449.23 japan
23-Nov-2016 dabolim 85256012 vhf cobra mr hh350 vhf s/n. t617023060,t630025057,t630025056,t630024613,t630025098 5 PCS 158.79 793.95 italy
23-Nov-2016 dabolim 73159000 chain stopper 6/8mm 2 PCS 17.16 34.32 italy
23-Nov-2016 dabolim 90148090 garmin gpsmap 721 chartplotter 1 PCS 967.80 967.80 italy
23-Nov-2016 dabolim 83017000 cutoff+safety key 76 PCS 4.57 347.54 italy
23-Nov-2016 dabolim 40169360 inflatable expansion plug 36mm 40 PCS 2.91 116.45 italy
23-Nov-2016 dabolim 84248990 two chambers bellow 10 PCS 33.16 331.55 italy
23-Nov-2016 dabolim 76169990 alloy/abs paddle 160cm 20 PCS 9.00 180.09 italy
23-Nov-2016 dabolim 85176290 dgs-1008p/in 8-port 10/100/1000mbps unmanaged gigabit with 4poe ports switch 100 PCS 46.91 4691.45 china
23-Nov-2016 dabolim 85258020 dcs-6113/uin full hd day & night vandal-proof fixed dome network camera, with * 1 pcs for device driver 100 PCS 143.95 14394.52 taiwan
23-Nov-2016 dabolim 69091200 3520188019910 snhx120412 t125-s wbn101 wurbon insert used for used for cutting purpose 20 PCS 58.13 1162.68 germany
23-Nov-2016 dabolim 84661020 3871124007055 cdjnl 2525m 15-ix7 tool holder used for holding the insert 2 PCS 72.11 144.21 germany
23-Nov-2016 dabolim 69091200 3836100580300 sngn120412 t00520 sl500 ceramic insert used for cutting purpose 60 PCS 4.00 239.70 germany
23-Nov-2016 dabolim 69091200 3520180019910 schx090408 t113-s wbn101 wurbon insert used for cutting purpose 10 PCS 74.36 743.64 germany
23-Nov-2016 dabolim 69091200 3836124272000 spcn090408t01020 sl500 ceramic insert used for cutting purpose 50 PCS 7.44 371.82 germany
23-Nov-2016 dabolim 90011000 single mode optical fibre g652d uncolor c.e.p.a cert. no. 160269577177001910 dt.14.11.2016 issued by japan 7296.96 KME 6.06 44219.58 japan
23-Nov-2016 dabolim 90011000 single mode optical fibre g652d uncolor c.e.p.a cert. no.160269577177001910 dt.14.11.2016 issued by japan 13127.64 KME 6.06 79553.50 japan

dabolim Import Data

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It includes a set of confidential shipping records which have outlined below-

  • The name and description of imported product
  • Custom Tariff Heading
  • Quantity
  • Indian Port
  • Country
  • Net weight
  • Price etc.

Above details are helpful in tracking what kinds of products are imported, at what price, from which port, and at what quantity

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