Details of Import Permit Export Data in June

Date Indian Port CTH Item Description Quantity UQC U.P.USD FOB USD Destination Port Country Duty
29-Jun-2016 bombay air cargo 29333300 bromazepam ep [export permit no. p-exp-11182/2016 dt. 15.06.2016, import permitno. dhfs105pi01639 dt. 20.04.2016] 32 KGS 670.27 21448.50 taipei taiwan
28-Jun-2016 bombay air cargo 29339100 oxazepam usp [export permit no.p-exp-11140/2016 dt. 08.06.2016 import permit no.i1129-16 dt. 26.04.2016] 600 KGS 145.49 87292.18 toronto canada
23-Jun-2016 bombay air cargo 29333300 bromazepam ep [export permit no. p-exp-11136/2016 dt. 08.06.2016, import permitno. i20160808 dt. 06.04.2016] 100 KGS 477.12 47712.33 brussels belgium
23-Jun-2016 bombay air cargo 30049089 import certificate no.csh16i3508 dated 08.04.2016 import permit no.: csh16i3508 1 PAC 0.01 0.01 sydney australia
21-Jun-2016 bombay air cargo 29349100 clotiazepam jp [export permit no. p-exp-11029/2016 dt. 31.05.2016, import permitno. imp-432-16 dt. 14.04.2016] 10 KGS 2824.90 28248.97 santiago de chile - chille
21-Jun-2016 bombay air cargo 29339100 clonazepam usp [export permit. no. p-exp-11095/2016 dt. 07.06.2016, import permit. no. p.25 b.e. 2559 dt. 14.03.2016] 10 KGS 881.64 8816.40 bangkok thailand
21-Jun-2016 bombay air cargo 29333300 bromazepam bp [export permit no.p-exp-11076/2016 dt. 02.06.2016, import permit no. p.104/2016-cd dt. 20.04.2016] 3.7 KGS 508.22 1880.43 islamabad - islamaba pakistan
21-Jun-2016 bombay air cargo 29339100 alprazolam usp [export permit no. p-exp-11018/2016 dt. 31.05.2016, import permitno. p.105/2016-cd dt. 20.04.2016] 1.6 KGS 410.49 656.78 islamabad - islamaba pakistan
20-Jun-2016 bombay air cargo 29339100 clonazepam usp [export permit. no. p-exp-10641/2016 dt. 13.04.2016, import permit. no. cnj8i83 dt. 23.02.2016] 0.3 KGS 93.33 28.00 philadelphia metrop united states
19-Jun-2016 bombay air cargo 29339100 clonazepam usp/ep [export permit. no. p-exp-10530/2016 dt. 02.04.2016, import permit. no. 9185 dt. 31.01.2016] 20 KGS 438.04 8760.72 tehran iran
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