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Harmonized System Code – HS Code Heading 4811: Aseptic packaging paper[Rate Ref by SNo 120 in Sch II of Ntfn 01/2017 IGST]

Hs Codes Section
Section Codes Section Description
Section-10 Chapter (47 to 49) – Section X - Pulp of wood or of other Fibrous Cellulosic Material; Recovered (Waste and Scrap) Paper or Paperboard; Paper and Paperboard and articles thereof
Hs Codes Chapter
Chapter Codes Chapter Description
Chapter-48 Paper and Paperboard; Article of Paper Pulp, of Paper or of Paperboard Currency Paper (Water-mark Bank Note Paper)
Hs Codes Heading
HS Codes Heading Heading Description Import Data Export Data
4811 Aseptic packaging paper[Rate Ref by SNo 120 in Sch II of Ntfn 01/2017 IGST]
Hs Codes Products
Hs Codes Products Description Import Data Export Data
48111000 Tarred, bituminised or asphalted paper and paperboard
48114100 Self-adhesive
48114900 Other
481151 Bleached weighing more than 150 g/m2:
48115110 Aseptic packaging paper
48115190 Other
481159 Other:
48115910 Aseptic packaging paper
48115990 Other
48116000 Paper and paperboard, coated, impregnated or covered with wax, paraffin wax, stearine, oil or glycerol
481190 Other paper, paperboard, cellulose wadding and webs of cellulose fibres:
48119011 Handmade paper and paperboard, rules, lined or squared but not otherwise printed
48119012 Chromo and art paper, coated
48119013 Building board of paper or pulp, impregnated
48119014 Chromo board
48119015 Raw base paper for sensitising, coated
48119016 Surface marbled paper
48119017 Leather board and imitation leather board
48119018 Matrix board
48119091 Grape guard paper
48119092 Asceptic packaging paper [Entry omitted by Finance Act 2011]
48119093 Thermal paper for fax machines
48119094 Thermal paper in jumbo rolls (size 1 mt and above in width and 5,000 mt and above in length)
48119099 Other

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