Harmonized System Code – HS Code Heading 2922: OXYGEN-FUNCTION AMINO-COMPOUNDS

Country wise HS Code
Hs Codes Section
Section Codes Section Description
Section-06 Chapter (28 to 38) – Section VI - Products of the Chemicals or Allied Industries
Hs Codes Chapter
Chapter Codes Chapter Description
Chapter-29 Organic Chemicals
Hs Codes Heading
HS Codes Heading Heading Description Import Data Export Data
Hs Codes Products
Hs Codes Products Description Import Data Export Data
292211 Monoethanolamine and its salts:
29221110 Monoethanolamine
29221190 Other
29221200 Diethanolamine and its salts
29221400 Dextropropoxyphene (INN) and its salts
29221500 Triethanolamine
29221600 Diethanolammonium perfluorooctane sulphonate
292217 Methyldiethanolamine and ethyldiethanolamine:
29221710 Methyldiethanolamine
29221720 Ethyldiethanolamine
29221800 2-(N, N-Diisopropylamino) ethanol
292219 Other:
29221910 2-Hydroxy N, N-Diisopropyl ethylamine
29221990 Other
292221 Aminohydroxynaphthalene sulphonic acids and their salts:
29222110 Amino-g-acid
29222120 Amino-j-acid
29222130 1-amino-2-naphthol-4-sulphonic acid
29222140 Gamma acid
29222150 J acid (2-amino-5-naphthol-7-sulphonic acid)
29222160 H acid
29222170 Ortho phenyl sulphonyl H-acid
29222180 Chicago acid
29222190 Other
292229 Other:
29222911 2-amino 4-nitrophenol
29222912 Meta aminophenol
29222913 Para aminophenol
29222914 Meta diethyl amino-phenol
29222921 2-amino-1-phenol-4-sulphonic acid
29222922 6-nitro-O-aminophenol-4-sulphonic acid
29222923 Phenyl gamma acid (phenyl 2-amino-naphthol-6-sulphonic acid)
29222924 Phenyl J acid (phenyl-2-amino-8 naphthol- 7-sulphonic acid)
29222925 S acid, peri acid (1-amino-8-naphthol-4-4-sulphoxinic acid, 1-naphthylamine-8-sulphonic acid)
29222926 Meta-phenylene diamine-4-sulphonic acid
29222931 N-methyl-para-aminophenol sulphate (motol)
29222932 2, 5 dimethoxy aniline
29222933 Para acetyl aminophenol (paracetamol)
29222934 Para cresidine
29222935 Picramic acid (T-grade)
29222990 Other
29223100 Amfepramone (INN), methadone (INN) and normethadone (INN); salts thereof
29223900 Other
29224100 Lysine and its esters; salts thereof
292242 Glutamic acid and its salts:
29224210 Glutamic acid
29224220 Monosodium glutamate
29224290 Other
29224300 Anthranilic acid and its salts
29224400 Tilidine (INN) and its salts
292249 Other:
29224910 Amino acetic acid (glycine)
29224920 N-methyl taurine
29224990 Other
292250 Amino-alcohol-phenols, amino-acid-phenols and other amino-compounds with oxygen function:
29225011 Para-amino-salicylic acid
29225012 Methyl anthranilate
29225013 Procaine hydrochloride
29225014 Amino anisic acid anilide
29225015 L-tyrosine (p-hydroxyphenyl amine)
29225021 Frusemide
29225022 Aminodial
29225023 N-acetyl anthranilic acid
29225024 Domperidone
29225090 Other

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