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China Customs Tariff and HSN Code 2930: ORGANO-SULPHUR COMPOUNDS

Hs Codes Section
Section Codes Section Description
Section-06 Chapter (28 to 38) – Section VI - Products of the Chemicals or Allied Industries
Hs Codes Chapter
Chapter Codes Chapter Description
Chapter-29 Organic Chemicals
Hs Codes Heading
HS Codes Heading Heading Description
Hs Codes Products
Hs Codes Products Description
29302000 Thiocarbamates (ester) and dithiocarbamates
2930200011 Thiobencarb, cartap (Saturn, etc)
2930200012 Metamsodium, propineb, ferbam (including ziram, polycarbamate, metaammonium
2930200013 Di_allate, Triallate, ethiolate, vernolate
2930200014 Prosulfocarb, esprocarb, orbencarb, tiocarbazil
2930200015 Butylate, pebulate, EPTC, vernolate (including cycloate)
2930200016 Prothiocarb, sulfallate
2930200090 Other thiocarbamates cester and dithiocarbamates
29303000 Thiuram mono, di or tetrasulphide
2930300010 Thiram
2930300090 Other thiuram mono , including dihydrocarbonsulfur vulcanization carbonylation and thiuram tetrasulphides)
29304000 Methionine
29305000 Captafol (ISO) and methan idophos (ISO)
2930500010 Methan idophos (ISO)
2930500020 Coptafol (ISO)
29309010 Cystine
29309020 Chlordimeforn [Xanthogenate (or salt)]
29309090 Other
2930909011 Thiobencarb, sethoxydim (TC)
2930909013 2chloroethyl chloromethyl sulfide
2930909014 Bis (2chloroethyl) sulfide
2930909015 Bis (2chloroethyl sulfide) methane
2930909016 1,2Bis (2chloroethyl sulfide) ethane
2930909017 1,3Bis (2chloroethyl sulfide) propane
2930909018 1,4Bis (2chloroethyl sulfide) butane
2930909019 1,5Bis (2chloroethyl sulfide) pentane
2930909021 Bis (2chloroethyl sulfide methyl) ester
2930909022 Bis (2chloroethyl sulfide ethyl) ester
2930909023 Amiton O,ODiethyl S2(diethy lamino) ethyl phosphorothilolate and corresponding alkylated or protonated salts
2930909024 N,Ndialkyl aminoethane2thiols and corresponding protonated salts
2930909025 Thiodiglycol Bis (2hydroxyethyl) sulfide;thiodiethanol
2930909026 Alkyl alkane thiophosphateS2aminoethyl, including cyclo alkaneS2dialkane (Me, Et, nPr or iPr) aminoethyl and corresponding alkylated or protonated salts
2930909027 Chemicals, containing a phosphorus atom to which is boned one methyl, ethyl or propyl group
2930909028 Demeton
2930909031 4methylthioamfetamine
2930909032 Modafinil
2930909040 LMethionin
2930909051 Thiophanatemethyl, thiophanate, phenproxide. (including ethylicin,dimexano , butocarboxim., butoxycar boxim. alanycarb)
2930909052 Methomyl, aldicarb, ethiofencarb, (including oxamyl, methiocarb, EMPC (JMAF), aldoxycarb, thiodicarb)
2930909053 Diafenthiuron, thiofanox, fenothiocarb (including chlorfensulphide, MCPAthioethyl)
2930909054 Disosultap, monosultap, chloromethiuron (including (octylthio) ethanol, triprene, tetradifon, chlorbenside, chlorfenson)
2930909055 Zineb, maneb, mancozeb, (including asomate , urbacide (JMAP), amobam, metiram)
2930909056 Clethodim, KIH 9201methyl, etc. (including benfotiamine, nitralin, chlorthiamide, S, S, Stributyl phos phorotrithioate)
2930909057 Folpet, captan, tetrasul (including FIuorbenside, sulfuryl fluoride, etc)
2930909058 EBP (JMAF), iprobenfos, phenthoate
2930909059 Antu, Mthylene Bis (thiocyanate (including)
2930909061 Malathion sophamide amidithion etc (including propaphos temephos oxydemeton_methyl oxydeprofos)
2930909062 Profenofos,demephion,terbufos etc (including sulprofos,fonofos,ethion,prothiofos,thiometon)
2930909063 Dimethoate,ethoate_methyl,omethoate etc (including phorate,disulfoton,chlorthiophos,cyanthoate)
2930909064 Acethion, mecarbam, etc. (including formothion, mecarphon, fosmethilan, fenamiphos, vamidothion)
2930909065 Cadusafos, chlormephos , bensultap (including demeton _S_ methylsulphone, oxydisulfoton, isothioate, carbophenothion, phenkapton)
2930909066 Fenthion, demeton _S_ methyl, acetophos, (including fensulfothion, demeton , rothoate, methylacetophos)
2930909067 Ethoprophos
2930909090 Other organosulphur compounds

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