Details of Power adapter Import Data to Ukraine

Date Hs Code Item Description Origin Country Place Delivery Gross Weight KG USD Per KG
29-Jan-2016 8302420090 1. accessories, fasteners of base metal, used for furniture: screed vb 35/16, under beech guide quadro v6.p2o l = 300mm full nomination guide quadro v6.silent system l = 550mm full nomination, law guide quadro v6.p2o l = 250mm full nomination guide quadro v6.silent system l = 550mm full nomination, left shelve-holders titan 3 shelf thickness 18 mm roller topline l lower rear door stb11 cargo iq plus w = 300mm front panel advance l = 2000mm h = 70mm internal box, innotech adapter facade arcitech internal drawer h = 94 guide quadro v6.silent system l = 500mm full nomination, lee and coupling toolex vb 54/16 for shelves shelve-holders titan shelf thickness 24mm, chrome upper roller topline l pin with a short rear door left back wall connector h = 186 arcitech, white, right guide quadro 20 sfp.p20 l = 350mm partial nomination rights rip quadro v6.p2o l = 450mm full nomination guide quadro v6.silent system l = 500mm full nomination, right cargo iq plus w = 150mm guide quadro v6.p2o l = 500mm full nomination guide quadro 20 sfp.p20 l = 350mm partial nomination, left cap sensys logo "hettich" topline l top roller with long pins for rear door, left rezbovaya tulku m4 l = 18 steel quadro v6.silent system l = 420 full vydvizh. innotech, 10,5 mechanism builds p2o magnet guide quadro v6.silent system l = 350mm full nomination, left guide quadro v6.silent system l = 350mm full nomination, shelve-holders rights titan1 thickness of 24mm adjustable shelf. left right top roller topline l for the front door, left 31 eb guide quadro 30 l = 450mm nomination partial coupling vb 35/16, white top roller topline l for the front door, right 31 screed eb vb 35/16, brown quadro 20 sfp guide .p20 l = 450mm partial nomination right back wall connector h = 186 arcitech, silver, left lower roller topline l for front eb31 stb11 sliding system inline xl 1600-1799 guide quadro v6.p2o l = 400mm full nomination sliding system inline xl 1200-1299 box innoplus l = 470mm w = 600mm for a table. devices, rip innotech quadro v6.silent system l = 450mm full nomination, left guide quadro v6.silent system l = 450mm full nomination, right sensys cap with the logo "hettich" guide quadro v6.silent system l = 300mm full nomination, left cap sensys hinge coupling a cup of vb 35/16, zinc top roller topline l with a long pin to the back door, right gas spring for lift advanced, power lifting 320 h longitudinal divider 400 orgastore relingi for orgastore 400 l = 1200 designside silver glass 92 mm / 450 mm arcitech gas springs for lift advanced, power recovery mechanism 800 n podemnaya lift advanced hf h = 700-770mm legs for a table vyrivnyuv ah door l = 1920mm (9189775) hettich total: 17,215 units. brand: hettich brand: "hettich" country of origin: eu the european union (eu) kyiv ua 2437802 5.60
27-Jan-2016 8504403000 1. charger (power supply) to the ip telephone cisco 7925g desk top charger, power supply, ac power cord cp-dskch-7925g-bun-20pcs .; power supply to ip phone ip phone power transformer the 89/9900 phone series (serial № dab195145da) cp-pwr-cube-4 = - 1 pc., manufacturer - cisco systems inc. do not include adapters for wireless data transmission. china kyiv ua 0 100.75
27-Jan-2016 8471300000 1.portatyvnyy computer: laptop hp ids uma i5-5300u 840 bnbpc, model hp elitebook 840 g2 notebook pc, art.g8s00av, display size 14.0 "weight without packaging 1,58kh -1sht .; (options: operating # g8s46av system, dia-russian cyrillic localization, software on dvd # g8s51av; webcam # g8s70av; matrix 14.1 "# j2j38av; memory module (1 * 8192mb) # g8s27av; # g8s67av card reader, hard drive # g8s22av, documentation # g8s98av, wireless module wi-fi # g8s39av; documentation # g8s69av; fingerprint reader # g8s85av; battery for notebook # g8s20av; power adapter for laptop # g8s18av; power cable # g8t07av; dia-russian cyrillic localization; guarantee # g8s90av; abb english localization management module j4c29av #; # bluetooth module g7h33av, laptop keyboard # g8s94av; asv- russian cyrillic localization, sticker # g8s93av, dia-russian cyrillic localization; xu979av sticker #; # b3m72av guarantee, sticker # g0n60av); notebook: notebook hp probook 450 i5-6200u 15.6 8gb / 1t pc, hp probook models 450 g3, art.p4n82ea, display size 15.6 "weight without packaging 2,07kh, dia-russian cyrillic localization -20sht. , notebook, laptop hp ids uma i5-5300u 840 bnbpc, model hp elitebook 840 g2 notebook pc, art.g8s00av, display size 14.0 "weight without packaging 1,58kh -1sht .; (options: pre-installed software # g8s60av; dia-russian cyrillic localization, web camera # g8s70av; matrix 14.1 "# j2j39av; memory module (1 * 8192mb) # g8s27av; # g8s67av card reader, hard drive # g8s35av; documentation # g8s98av , wireless module wi-fi # g8s39av; documentation # g8s69av; fingerprint reader # g8s86av; battery for notebook # g8s20av; psu # g8s14av; power cable # g8t06av; dia-russian localization cyrillic, guarantee # g8s90av; abb english localization module control # j4c29av; keyboard notebook # g8s94av; dia-russian cyrillic localization, sticker # g8s93av; dia-russian l kalizatsiya cyrillic, sticker # xu979av; sticker # vm939av; warranty # b3m72av; sticker # g0n60av; factory setting # ay102av; service package (e) # zg229av; factory setting # l4w04av; service package (e) # u7d00e; warranty # hz515e); trade mark - "hp" country of origin - cn. producer - "hewlett-packard company". china kyiv ua 0 187.63
27-Jan-2016 8483109590 1.valy gear for transmitting power rotary motion - gear parts for the brand "sew" steel, mechanically finished, solid shaft output gear designed to transmit torque to the actuator, -art.rx / rxf57 20x40 / mechanical adapter input shaft gearbox, for transmitting torque from the power source to the 1st link: -art.am100 / am182 rz 16 / shaft - gear reducer solid, for transmitting torque between gear stages (example notation - 5 mn2.50 z16 l33 k67, where 5 - the drawing room; mn2.50 - tooth module / z16 - law number s / l33 - the length of the ring gear): -art.5 mn2.50 z16 l33 k67; -art.5 mn1.75 z14 l36 f67. the european union (eu) de m.graben 0 35.86
27-Jan-2016 7020008000 1.zapasni parts for rotary vyparovu vacha powervap 50ex: sealing ring for rotary flasks, glass-3pc. adapter for flasks, glass-1am. central adapter to flasks, glass -1sht. throttle valve made of glass and fluorine-layer 1am. for its production needs when used in industrial pharmaceutical sti. the european union (eu) kyiv ua 2 12052.63
18-Jan-2016 8517610000 1. equipment for the transmission or reception of voice, images and other information, base station equipment that are used in networks of civil adopts the first cellular communications of general use, does not belong to the list of dual to using, base station communication system stil nykovoho - bts3900b 1800mhz (with integrated antenna) with trx license art. umcghuw2317363 -20 pc. one station consists of: 02317363-gmkm180pbt01-bts3900b 1800mhz (with embedded antenna) -1 pcs. 02220015-w 0acpse00-poe injector (indoor), - 10degc-45 degc, 90v-264v, 54v / 650ma, ac 2pin / rj45 8pi n, ce / ccc, terminal dedicated-1 pc., 04044 216-c0c7eu200-power cords cable, europe ac power 250v2.5a, 2.0m, pcsm, h03vvh2f-0.5 ^ 2 (2c), c7sf, black-1 unit ., 04027102-cab-str aight through-us-3-single cable, straight through cable, 3.00m, mp8-i, cc4p0.5gy, mp8- i, unshielded-1 pcs. 02220116-w0acpse03- adapter, 0degc, 40degc, 90v, 264v, 12v / 3a, c8 / 4pin-1 pcs. 06010171-nusbdsk01-storage u sb disk, 4gb, usb 2.0, no document-1 unit. trademark: huawei country of origin: cn brand: huawei international pte. ltd null kyiv ua 62 562.06
18-Jan-2016 8504403000 1. the power supply (adapter), power 800vatt in a protective metal casing, is used to supply the required voltage to the components of the server ibm system storage ds8700 power supply, adp wk807-1sht. brand - ibm corporation thailand kyiv ua 0 168.85
18-Jan-2016 8504403000 1.bloky supply used with laptops or tablet firms asus: power supply 0a001-00261000 adapter 180w 19.5v 3p (5.5pih) -1sht., power supply 0a001-00045100 adapter 65w19v 2p (wm) 5.5phi-1pc., country production - cn trademark - asus manufacturer - delta china null 0 29.73
18-Jan-2016 8504403000 1.bloky supply used with laptops or tablet firms asus: power supply 0a001-00344800 adapter 33w19v 2p (4phi) -5sht., country of origin - cn trademark - asus manufacturer - liteon china null 1 20.29
18-Jan-2016 8504403000 1.bloky supply used with laptops or tablet firms asus: power supply 0a001-00353500 adapter 10w 5v / 2a usb 2p-2 pcs., country of origin - cn trademark - asus manufacturer - asus china null 0 51.72
18-Jan-2016 8504403000 1.bloky supply used with laptops or tablet firms asus: power supply 0a001-00330100 adapter 33w19v 2p w / o core-1pc., country of origin - cn trademark - asus manufacturer - enertronix china null 0 21.28
18-Jan-2016 8302300090 1.armatura mounting accessories to new vehicles, of base metal., art.68950-0f031 - shock-door luggage 1am. art.53601-05030-c0 - lever-opening hood 1am. art.53857-47020 - clip-10pc. art.64828-60020 - clip-1am. art.64827-60020 - clip-1am. art.90467-10216 - clip-10pc. art.90467-05128 - clip-10pc. art.75395-0k010 - clip, 2 pcs. art.90467-a0001-b0 - clip-3pc. art.90467-07211 - clip 10pc. art.53259-20030 - clip 2 pcs. art.90467-a0006 - piston-mounting-1am. art.53804-42010 - mounting bumper-1am. art.52162-30906 - mounting bumper-1am. art.77298-68010 - fastening pipes, 1pc. art.52103-60250 - bumper-bracket 1pc. art.52116-60200 - bumper bracket, 2 pcs. art.52563-42030 - bumper-bracket 1pc. art.52575-06050 - bumper-bracket 1pc. art.52521-60120 - bumper-bracket 1pc. art.52139-42020 - bumper-bracket 1pc. art.52134-60160 - bumper-bracket 1pc. art.52535-33040 - bumper-bracket 1pc. art.16307-50012 - motor-bracket 1pc. art.53814-42030 - arm-wing 1am. art.53725-02010 - bracket body-1am. art.61503-60130 - bracket body-1am. art.75101-0t010 - bracket plate-1pc. art.53212-60202 - bracket-radiator panel 1pc. art.53284-60010 - per.paneli-bracket 1pc. art.51796-60040 - the step-bracket 1pc. art.53257-60070 - bracket-radiator 1am. art.53115-60030 - bracket-radiator 2 pcs. art.53115-60030 - bracket-radiator 2 pcs. art.81158-05350 - headlight bracket-1am. art.52125-42020 - headlight bracket-1am. art.51772-60140 - cover the step-1am. art.16695-26010 - bracket-radiator 1am. art.68152-53040 - guiding glass-door 1am. art.68610-60081 - door-stopper 1am. art.61622-02210 - bracket body-1am. art.90075-17009 - adapter for hose, 2 pcs. art.68740-33021 - door hinge-1am. art.68720-33031 - door hinge-1am. art.68710-33031 - door hinge-1am. art.68760-60060 - hinges-1am. art.53420-60070 - hood hinge-1am. art.53410-02330 - hood hinge, 2 pcs. art.51782-60260 - footrest body-1am. art.52431-60150 - amplifier 1pc. art.52171-02080 - bumper-bracket 1pc. art.52023-06060 - power-bumper 1am. art.52021-05051 - power-bumper 1am. art.52021-60190 - power-bumper 1am. art.90189-06065 - piston-70sht. art.67719-52010 - piston, 2 pcs. art.90269-04051 - piston-mounting-40sht. art.63470-48050 - longitudinal roof railing, 1am. art.69210-48081-b1 - door-handle 1pc. art.53630-33170 - 1pc wire-hood. art.52155-42030 - emphasis bumper-1am. art.52576-02120 - bumper-lock 1am. art.47449-30030 - lock-3pc. art.53835-33080 - lock-wing 1am. art.77298-02040 - lock, fuel pipes 1am. art.77298-02050 - lock, fuel pipes 3pc. art.72601-60040 - lock salazok-seat 1pc. art.11459-22010 - lock-1am. country of origin - jp trademark - toyota brand - toyota motor europe nv / sa. null kyiv ua 57122 30.69
18-Jan-2016 8538909900 1.adapter for push-button switch art.zb 6y010-40sht, head button switch (metal / plastic) art.zb4bd2-5sht, art.zb6df 3-8sht doors (metal) for rozpod.schyta, art. 08518-6sht, dod.kontaktnyy unit to avt.vym ykacha, art.gv3a02-10sht, pocket dock consumer care (plastic) on the distribution panel, art.0 8963-10sht, clamp for avt.vymykacha, 429227-1k -t (for 3pc) terminal to the switch cap (plastic) art.lv432591-7sht comte aktnyy power to the switch (metal / pvc), art. zbe102-25sht, art.zbe101-30sht, art.zbe102 -10sht, trunk switch-disconnector (meta l / plastic), art .gs2f3-11sht, wel ntaktu to a push-button switch, art.zb6y01 1-32sht, handle (metal / plastic) for vymyka cha, art.gs2ah210-11sht, marking the switch holder (pvc), art.zbz33-70sht. country of origin - fr. trade mark - schneider electric. manufacturer - "schneider electric industrie s sas". france ua kiev 235 6.27
12-Jan-2016 8504403000 1. the power supply (adapter) for laptop, power 45 watts, adpt, ac, 45w, hunt, 3p, 4.5, lc, ww 70vtc-1pc., manufacturer - huntkey electric co ltd. null null 0 34.21
12-Jan-2016 8504403000 1. the power supply (adapter) for the personal computer 's memory capacity 90vatt adpt, ac, 90w, lton, 3p, ww, cr, m09 j62h3-2sht., manufacturer - liteon. null null 0 39.22
12-Jan-2016 8504403000 1. the power supply (adapter) for the personal computer 's memory capacity 45vatt adpt, ac, 45w, lt0n, 3p, 4.5, l6, ww 3rg0t-1pc., manufacturer - liteon technology corp. null null 0 38.78
12-Jan-2016 9019200000 1.apparaty for artificial respiration, apparatus for artificial respiration bellavista, art.301.100.000, complete, total of 4 pcs., in the following trim levels: -komplektatsiya number 1: 1 ventilator, comprising: -art.301.100. 000 ventilator bellavista bellavista 1000 // 1000-1sht. -art.301.472.000-bag ventilator bellavista // carrying bag bellavista-1am. -art.301.113.000 diagnostic package oximeters // diagnostics package pulse oximetry-1am. -art.301.114.000 kapnohrafa diagnostic package (includes 1x 300.160.025) // diagnostics package capnography (incl. 1x 300.160.025) -1sht. -art.301.804.000-respiratory system 900mr749 (children with a heated 1,5m, multiple) // breathing circuit kit 900mr749 (infant, single heated, 1.5m, reusable) -1sht. -art.301.258.320-hose of oxygen (aga - nist, 3m) // gas supply hose (oxygen, aga - nist, 3m) -1sht. -art.301.323.000 power cable eu standard // power supply cable eu angled -1sht. -komplektatsiya number 2: 3 ventilator, each consisting of: -art.301.100.000-bellavista ventilator 1000 // bellavista 1000-3sht. -art.301.475.010-adapters to ducts (for babies, single, 10 per pack) // airway adapter (infant, single-patient, pack / 10) -3sht. -art.301.522.000-dual adapter // dual limb adapter-3pc. -art.301.258.300-oxygen hose (din - nist, 3m) // gas supply hose (oxygen, din - nist, 3m) -3sht. -art.301.323.000 power cable eu standard // power supply cable eu angled -3sht. country of ch trademark bellavista manufacturer imtmedical ag (gewerbestrasse, 8,9470 buchs sg, switzerland) switzerland kyiv ua 0 1116.61
12-Jan-2016 8525809900 1. professional television equipment, contains some kind of electronic equipment and emitters do not nelezhyt to special equipment, not for military use, camcorder pxw-x180 // c, compact solid state memory camcorder, is a compact solid-state camcorder with xdcam three 1/3-inch matrix exmor cmos full hd with varioob'yektyvom 25-fold increase, the ability to record in the format xavc and support of wireless connections, comes with complete accessories, lens hood, large naglazniki viewfinder , usb-kaba eh, audio cable, remote control, akumilyatorna battery, cd-rom with the guidance manual, power adapter, power supply, charger, battery, ac power cord, mounting kit, shoulder strap, plug wlan, warranty card, a set of connectors for accessory adapter for sd-cards, xqd-adapter cards ser.nomer: 1799930, fashions. pxw-x180 // c, total - 1 pc., country of origin - cn trademark - sony manufacturers - sony professional solutions mea fz llc china kyiv ua 0 687.88
12-Jan-2016 8536699090 1.elektrychna apparatus for switching or protecting electrical circuits, or for joining electrical circuits or electrical circuits, for a voltage of 220 v, adapter, model el500 - 3800sht. country of origin - cn trademark - e-power producer - osepteks trading lp china ua boryspil 0 4.90
11-Jan-2016 8502118090 1.elektroheneratorni installation trademark "energy power" piston internal combustion engine with compression ignition (diesel) power over 7,5kv * a but not exceeding 75kv * a: phase, in a protective housing (soundproofing) 380 / 50 hz, with a fuel tank for 10 hours of work with the control panel amf20 tm "comap", with a rechargeable battery fo .: ep19ss3 (pot.15kv * a) -12sht. equipped zipom. comes complete with: rechargeable battery (for mod.ep19ss3 -1sht) -4sht plugs, ignition key -2kompl. (4 pieces), keys, door control panel -1kompl. (4 pieces), keys to the automation unit -1kompl. (2 pieces ) battery cable connection, 1pc, connection cable for battery -1sht, valve springs (internal and external) -2sht, krypizh for batteries, screwdriver, 1pc, tension key -1sht, automatic -1sht keys (13/16, 10/8) -2sht, adapter to the exhaust pipe, 1 piece, cover the exhaust pipe -1sht, -2sht fork, fork-automation unit 1pc key to replace the oil filter, 1pc, regulation gaps probe valve-1pc, inserts, 4 pieces, a set of pads zip-1kompl. key (nozzle) to remove the circlip-1pc key m13-m15-1sht, vorotok-1pc, head for vorotkom m24-1sht set of keys in a plastic keysi- 1pc, teh.pasporty, operating manual, circuit diagrams, bag 1pc. manufacturer - fujian yanan power co., ltd country of origin - cn trademark - energy power china fuzhou cn 0 3.83

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