Details of Nut Import Data to Ukraine

Total Product 2785
Date Hs Code Item Description Origin Country Place Delivery Gross Weight KG USD Per KG
29-Jan-2016 3922900000 1.vyroby plastic sanitary purpose: button glossy chrome 590x390x240 art.m71-50sht; spillway faucet 5/4 "grate with stainless d63 art.a31-200sht; knee toilet 22yi art.a90-22-480sht, knee 45yi art.a90-45-1160sht toilet, washing spillway siphon 6/4" with stainless grill d115 art.a37-50sht; framing toilet small d110 art.a98-150sht; siphon for bidet, plastic d = 32 art.a45f o32-200sht; siphon for bath chrome machine set-art.a51crm 60sht; siphon for bath chrome machine set-art.a51cr 200sht; flexible connection 5/4 "/ 40/32 art.a76-100sht metal; siphon for bidet, plastic d = 40 art.a45f o40-200sht, gutters apz9- art.apz9-850m-850 35 pcs, gutters apz9 - 750 art.apz9-750m-35 pcs, siphon bath art.a501-880sht chrome, chrome siphon art.a501-180sht bath, toilet cuff eccentric art.a990-450sht, flexible connections 6/4 "/ 50 / 40 art.a77-525sht plastics; nyzhn.pidvid.plastyk intake mechanism with 1/2 "art.a17 1/2" -850sht; flexible connection 5/4 "/ art.a75-450sht 40/32, 50/50 art.a72-300sht flexible connections, flexible connections 6/4" / 50/40 art.a78-300sht; flexible connection 6/4 "/ 40 art.a79-100sht, knee 90yi art.a90-90-672sht toilet, the toilet nozzle 150 art.a91-150-600sht, toilet nozzle 250 art.a91-250- 1180sht, nozzle 400 art.a91-400-705sht toilet, the toilet nozzle eccentric art.a92-60sht, framing toilet art.a980-50sht great d110, bath siphon machine set-57cm art.a55km 60sht; siphon for washing white art.aps2-500sht external machines, siphon for shower trays art.a49k lux-168sht; siphon for urinal back art.a45b-50sht; siphon for urinal with cuff-art.a45a 150sht; siphon for washing machine exterior chrome art.aps1 -200sht, seth on for washing machines under the white plaster art.aps4-40sht; siphon for washbasin d32 with nut 5/4 "art.a430-200sht; siphon for washbasin d32 d63 grill with stainless art.a410-400sht; siphon for shower trays chrome d50 art.a47cr o50-180sht; siphon for shower trays chrome d60 art.a47cr o60-60sht; traps for washing machine under plaster chrome art.aps3-40sht; siphon for shower trays chrome-art.a49cr 260sht; siphon for washbasin d40 with flexible connection art.a41 flexi-600sht; siphon for washbasin d40 with nut 5/4 "art.a43-200sht; drain mechanism with a double-click 590x390x430 art.a08-676sht; siphon for washbasin d40 d63 liner with art.a41p-40sht; siphon for washbasin d40 art.a41- 400sht; siphon for umыvalnyka that ekonomt space with nut 5/4 "art.a434-30sht; spillway pipe consisting of two parts d = 32 mm + gasket corrugated art.a95-90sht; drain ladder 105x105, eyeliner-lateral art.apv1321-32sht; gutters apz8- art.apz8-750m-750 35 pcs; gutters apz8- 850 art.apz8-850m-25sht; drain ladder 105x105 / 50 / 75mm with direct sums., with a water seal smart art.apv2321-16sht; drain ladder 105x105 / 50mm with boc. carts., plastic art.apv1324-16sht; drain ladder 105x105 / 50mm with boc. carts. with water seal smart art.apv31-260sht; drain mechanism with stop- button 590x390x430 art.a2000-1950sht; drain ladder 105x105 / 50mm direct carts. art.apv2324-16sht plastic; universal tank for toilet alca uni dual art.a93-200sht; universal tank for toilet alca uni start / stop art.a94-200sht; button shiny chrome 590x390x240 art.m271-25sht; nipple discharge connection to sewage hung toilet art.m900-15sht; hidden installation system, 1050x140x480 embedded in the wall art.a100 / 1000-5sht; extension of the drain art.m148-15sht; spillway washing siphon 6/4 "with stainless grill d115 art.a37-50sht, gutters apz8- 950 art.apz8-950m-15sht, gutters apz9- 950 art.apz9-950m-15sht; inlet mechanism with boc. carts . plastic 1/2 "art.a15 1/2" -500sht; inlet mechanism with boc. carts. plastic 3/8 "art.a15 3/8" -225sht; vыpusknoy set knopkoy co feet, 1/2 "art. sa20 the european union (eu) cz mosnov 0 1.74
29-Jan-2016 7324900090 1.chastyny ​​equipment sanitary th of ferrous metals: drains d / umyvav. click-clak 5/4 "all-metal, low caps. art.a394-120sht, spillway d / umyvav. click-clak 5/4" all-metal, with a lot. silencers. art.a392-140sht; the inlet mechanism with bok.pidvid. metal. 1/2 "art.a16 1/2" -825sht; the inlet mechanism with nyzhn.pidvidd. metal 1/2 "art.a18 1/2" -950sht; the inlet mechanism with nyzhn.pidvid. metal 3/8 "art.a18 3/8" -350sht; the inlet mechanism with bok.pidvid. metal. 3/8 "art.a16 3/8" -300sht; spillway d / umyvav. click-clak 5/4 "all-metal, low caps. art.a391-200sht; siphon for sink, all-metal, faceted art.a401-24sht; siphon with chrome brass d32 with nut 5/4" extended art.a4320 -60sht; siphon brass with chrome d = 32 with nut 5/4 "art.a431-100sht, water drainage grate pure- 750 art.pure-750l-1am; spillway d / umyval. 5/4" all-metal, with a big plug for washbasins without overflow art.a396-30sht; mounting frame bidet 510x100x1200 art.a105 / 1200-27sht; spillway d / umyvav. click-clak 5/4 "all-metal, with square feet. cap. art.a393-30sht, spillway d / umyvav. click-clak 5/4" all-metal, low caps. (for seam. and gl. um-kiv) art.a394-80sht; water drainage grate line- 750 (gloss). art.line-750l-1am; siphon for washbasin d32 design, art.a400-12sht-metal; water drainage grate floor- art.floor 750-750-1sht; art.z268-10sht hinges; trademark alcaplast alcaplast sro manufacturer country of eu the european union (eu) cz mosnov 0 1.72
29-Jan-2016 8481409000 1.klapany safety or graduation: - gateway drum zsv 400x400 - 21 lus (including collection of air leakage, blower shoe, bolts, nuts, washers, sealing tape) - 1 complex .; supplied unassembled for easy transport. complete with props for fixing. designed for installation injection of biofuels. for use in metal industry (not military). the european union (eu) ua krivoy rog 965428 24.85
29-Jan-2016 7318169190 1.rym-nut din 582: 6 mm 5000 pcs 8mm-8000 units, 10 mm, 5000 pcs 12mm 5000 pcs, 24 mm, 300 pcs, 30 mm, 50 pcs. in cardboard boxes on pallets country of origin: cn trademark: manufacturer no: js hardware limited china cn qingdao 0 2.16
29-Jan-2016 2309909690 1. a-8 ridkyy- supplement kombikormivscho has combined the properties of individual components, integrated activities which provide a wide range of active substances; prevents shock fodder and animal feed raw pathogens. product: liquid. ingredients: 1 kg contains the active substance: formaldyhid - 315.0 g .; propionic acid - 90.0 g .; surfactant 6.5 g .; natural terpenes -3.5 g is used for storing nutritional quality of fodder and animal feed raw materials and extend their life. used for their production needs. packed in 20 plastic containers of 1000 kg. the european union (eu) ua mironovka 21200 2.40
29-Jan-2016 8432900000 1.chastyny ​​carbon steel to pochvoobroblyuyuchoyi technology: tooth harrow, art.820-288c-106 units, assembled cepphus (hvint 1pc, 1pc nut, washer 2 pcs, cepphus 1pc packed together) art.121-781a-74 pcs trading brand-great plains. country vyrobnytstva- cn. brand-great plains mfg., inc. china us salina 0 0.00
29-Jan-2016 7318169990 1.zakriplyuvalni elements screw carbon steel with an internal diameter of over 12 mm nut m13, 2 pcs art.803-178c, nut m13, art.803-178c 3 pieces, nut m13, art.803-036c-12 pc , nut m13, art.803-019c 38-piece, nut m13, art.803-036c 50 pieces, nut m13, art.803-020c-583 pieces, nut m14, art.803-302s-1 units, nut m14, art.803-095c 15 pieces, nut m16, art.803-021c 80-piece, nut m16, art.803-126c-224 pieces, nut m25, art.803-031c-13 pcs m22 nut koronchasta , art.803-029c-219 pcs m32 nut koronchasta, art.803-079c 3 pcs m38 nut koronchasta, art.803-239c 4 pcs trademark-great plains. country vyrobnytstva- tw. brand-great plains mfg., inc. taiwan, province of china us salina 0 23.70
29-Jan-2016 7318169990 1.zakriplyuvalni elements screw carbon steel with an internal diameter of over 12 mm m14 nut, art.803-046c-1 units, m14 nut, 2 pcs art.803-350c, trademark-great plains. country vyrobnytstva- cn. brand-great plains mfg., inc. china us salina 0 15.60
29-Jan-2016 705190000 1.lystovi fresh salads kind "lactuca sativa": leaf lettuce -67kh. lettuce lollo biondo -524kh. lettuce lollo rossa -177kh. -56kh red lettuce. -56kh green lettuce. harvest 2016. intended for human nutrition. italiya it eboli 0 1.95
29-Jan-2016 705290000 1.svizhi fruit salad. varieties of salad of chicory, friese (cichorium endivia) - 2946 kg, salad radichchio (cichorium intybus) - 1370 kg. harvest 2016. intended for human nutrition. italiya it eboli 0 1.62
29-Jan-2016 709700000 1.salatni fresh vegetables: baby spinach - 204 kg. spinach - 88kg. harvest 2016. intended for human nutrition italiya it eboli 0 1.79
29-Jan-2016 709992000 1.ovochi kind of beta vulgaris fresh. mangold leaves red chard - 109kh. harvest 2016. intended for human nutrition. italiya it eboli 0 3.42
29-Jan-2016 1211908500 1.zelen fresh salad. bulk rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis) - 208kh. greens bulk mint (mentha) - 138 kg. harvest 2016. intended for human nutrition. italiya it eboli 444 6.08
29-Jan-2016 704100000 1. edible vegetables fresh genus brassica: broccoli - 46 kg. harvest 2016roku. intended for human nutrition. italiya it eboli 0 1.40
29-Jan-2016 704909000 1.yistivni vegetables fresh genus brassica, arugula sprouts (eruca sativa) in bulk - 914 kg, arugula sprouts in bunches - 1180 kg. mizun kale (brassica campestris japonica) - 110kh. harvest 2016. intended for human nutrition. italiya it eboli 0 1.73
29-Jan-2016 702000000 1. edible fresh vegetables: tomatoes "cherry" - 20 kg. harvest 2016roku. intended for human nutrition. italiya it eboli 0 2.00
29-Jan-2016 7318169190 1.zakriplyuvalni elements (nuts) for a / .: 18203 / fixing elements (screws) / - 3 pieces; trademark febi bilstein. country of in. manufacturer company ferdinand bilstein gmbh + co. kg india cz m. prague 0 27.46
29-Jan-2016 1901100000 1.produkty baby food, produce ted based components for rošnja milk or put up for retail trading lee. - art. 586578 semolina porridge car milupa -56 vol. ducts (7 * 230hr). the size of the components at 100g. dry powder, semolina of durum wheat co rtiv 32.3% whey dry mineralization where 24.7% degrease milk powder ene 15.7%, sugar, blend of vegetable oils (coconut peninsula, rapeseed, palm, sunflower), ma ltodekstryn, minerals, vitamins, cinnamon, vanilla. contains gluten. -art.589861 dairy-free porridge oats milupa - 1700 cards. boxes (5 * 200g). the size of the components at 100g. dry powder, oat flour, 99.9% other (antioxidants. vitamin b1) 0.1%. contains gluten. -art. 595841 an instant dry milk porridge corn-rice with banana nutrilon - 459 cards. cases (7 * 225hr). the size of the components at 100g. dry powder, flour (corn - 15.8%, rice - 15.2%) - 31% dry demineralized whey 28.7% skimmed milk powder 18.4% blend of vegetable oils (rapeseed, palm, coconut, sunflower) - 10.4%, dry fruit (banana) - 5.7%, prebiotics (halaktoolihosaharydy) - 5% range of minerals and vitamins, soy lecithin (emulsifier). -art nutrilon 1 609 227 - 360 cards. boxes. 8 * (1h200hr) the size of the components at 100g. dry powder, demineralized whey 26.7%, vegetable oils (palm, rapeseed, coconut, sunflower), lactose (from milk) 19.8% 12.9% skimmed milk, galaxy-oligosaccharides (from milk) 8.75 %, fruit-oligosaccharides, whey protein concentrate (from milk) 3.4% fish oil, complex minerals, trace elements and vitamins, choline, taurine, inositol, nucleotides, l-carnitine. -art nutrilon 2 609 223 - 413 cards. boxes. 6 * (2h500hr) the size of the components at 100g. dry powder, lactose (from milk) 27.9%, vegetable oils (palm, rapeseed, owl coco, sunflower), maltodextrin, milk znezh irena 15.5% hydrolyzed whey protein concentrate 9,83%, galaxy-oligosaccharides (from milk) 8,14%, fruit-oligosaccharides, fish oil, computer lex minerals, trace elements and vitamins, choline, taurine, inositol, l-carnitine. -art nutrilon 609 228 4 - 239 cards. boxes. 4 * (2h300hr) the size of the components at 100g. dry powder, lactose (from milk) 20.8%, vegetable oils (palm, rapeseed, sunflower), malta dextrin, skim milk 20.1%, hydrolyzed whey protein concentrate 5.14%, galaxy-oligosaccharides (from milk) 12 , 5%, fruit-oligosaccharides, ms. fish, the complex minerals, vitamins and trace elements s, choline, taurine. poland pl opole 0 4.34
29-Jan-2016 7318169190 1. nuts made of corrosion-resistant (stainless) steel. with an internal diameter of not more than 12mm. nut m12x1,25 kl.04 cb din 439 - 1200 pcs. trademarks: no data. brand: no malaysia pl chelm 0 2.57
29-Jan-2016 7318169990 1. products with thread (nut) internal diameter. more than 12mm. nut 6hr. m12x1,25 kl.8 cb din 934 - 3150 pcs. trademarks: no data. brand: no china pl chelm 0 2.32

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