Details of Mpz Import Data to Ukraine

Date Hs Code Item Description Origin Country Place Delivery Gross Weight KG USD Per KG
22-Jan-2016 3507909000 1. a comprehensive nutritional supplement: - "krystamyks" (tu 9199-002-95985837-08) - 30 kg (2 maps. chest 15 kg). is the dry enzyme preparation as a dry absorbent powder, white in color with a grayish tinge. composition: transglutaminase, maltodextrin. purpose: firming, monolithic meat products. in the production of semi restructured large pieces stirrer is added in the initial stages for pasting small pieces in a single monolith in an amount of 100 kg 100-200h stuffing; production in'yektsiyovanyh meat, ham entered into a pickle to dissolving salt in an amount of from 150 g to 300 g for 100l pickle; to improve syneresis (increase of dry slices) and for secure storage integrity of lomtyka slayderniy cutting. production date: 14.01.2016 r. batch number: trnshljtsds1509185060916. shelf life: 12 months. manufacturer: zao "mpz lыtkarynskyy." country of origin: ru. trademark: "christie". russian federation moscow ru 31 16.52
22-Jan-2016 3302109000 1. integrated supplements: - "smakarom vetchyna" (tu 9199-002-95985837-08) - 100 kg (10 cards. chest weighing 10 kg). is the powdery substance cream color with a strong smell of ham. ingredients: dextrose, table salt sodium (5%), flavor (meat, meat, pork, beef, bacon, beef broth). not containing products that may cause allergic reactions. is milk fat, natural spices. dosage: 2-5h / kg of finished product. purpose: provision of aroma of ham manufacture of products, delicacies and semi tavern. production date: 14.01.2016 r. batch number: 140116, vapl, vaэrf-65,431,008,140,116. shelf life: 12 months. - "lyubytelskaya" (tu 9199-002-95985837-08) - 150 kg (9 cardboard. chest 12 kg and 3 cards. chest 14 kg). is the powder mixture light yellow color without foreign flavor and aroma, with a distinctive aroma and taste. composition: dextrose (minimum 30%), table salt, kitchen (not less than 20%), flavor enhancers and flavor (monosodium glutamate e621 (12%), antioxidant e301, flavors (nuts nutmeg, pepper, black, white, cardamom). not containing products that cause allergic reactions, dairy fats and spices. purpose: production of cooked sausages. dosage: 8,5-9 g / kg. production date: 14.01.2016 r. batch number: 40002225140116-hrlrf, dktprm- 25252064, 31232010, mlprm, tlchэks-24202506. shelf life: 12 months. manufacturer: zao "mpz lыtkarynskyy." country of origin: ru. trademark: "chris ". russian federation moscow ru 269 2.67
05-Jan-2016 8483308090 1.pidshypnyky for sliding shafts, steel, shsl70k-15sht .; shsp42k-20pcs. common purpose. brand: mpz products. ojsc "minsk factory podshypnykovыy" belarus by minsk 31 7.72
05-Jan-2016 8482500000 1. bearings with cylindrical rollers, steel, accuracy class-0: 129316es17-10sht. common purpose. brand: mpz products. ojsc "minsk factory podshypnykovыy" belarus by minsk 31 6.84
05-Jan-2016 8482400000 1.pidshypnyky needle roller bearings, steel, accuracy class-0: 144903-80sht .; 3kk20h26h34e-200sht .; 3kk30h35h46e-200sht .; 3kk50h57h36e-100 pieces .; 3kk72h82h45e-400sht .; 664818d-17sht .; 664910e-20pcs. common purpose. brand: mpz products. ojsc "minsk factory podshypnykovыy" belarus by minsk 144 11.95
05-Jan-2016 8482300000 1.pidshypnyky spherical roller bearings, steel, 113513amn-2 pcs .; 113522n-7sht .; 113615un-10pcs .; 113618amn-1pc .; 13512amn / 13512vt.-1pc .; 13520n / 13520vt.-30sht .; 13525amnk / 13525vt.-2 pcs .; 153612n-2 pcs .; 153615n-3pc .; 263212a-30sht .; 3003134n-3pc .; 3003164amnk-1pc .; 3003730an-3pc .; 3514mn-10pcs .; 3517n-5pcs .; 30-3526nk5-1sht .; 3528amnk-10pcs .; 353516n / 353516vt.-45sht .; 353520n / 353520vt.-20pcs .; 3536amnk-25sht .; 30-3614nk5-20sht .; 3615nk5-2sht .; 30-3616kn-15sht .; 30-3616nk5-3sht .; 3620amnk5-5sht .; 30-3620amnk5-20sht .; 30-3628amnk5-2sht .; 3640amnk-10pcs .; 53520n-15sht .; 53522n-30sht .; 53524n-5pcs .; 53526n-10pcs .; 53528n-10pcs .; 53610n-33sht .; 53612n-260sht .; 53615n-10pcs .; 53616n-16sht .; 53618n-30sht .; 553508-3sht .; 553610n-6 pcs .; 753614n / 753614vt.-10pcs .; 9039420-20sht. common purpose. brand: mpz products. ojsc "minsk factory podshypnykovыy" belarus by minsk 6069 4.63

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