Details of Hospital bed spare parts Import Data to Ukraine

Date Hs Code Item Description Origin Country Place Delivery Gross Weight KG USD Per KG
28-Jan-2016 630210 1. humanitarian aid. disposable gloves, sterile, non-transaction-tray number 301; plytka- tile tray №№ 302-305; bed linen, who was in vzhytku- tray №№ 306-309; 2 electric hospital bed, 2 patsiyentni tables, mattresses for 2 beds, 2 rolyatory 1 pidhuzkiv- pallet box number 310; 12 boxes of linen, 12 boxes of white medical clothing that was in use tray-number 311; 2 electric hospital bed, 2 patsiyentni tables, 2 mattresses for beds, 1 box of diapers, 1 pack of diapers, 1 chair for the soul, 1 stool on wheels, 1 stand for intravenous infusion, 1 box of devices for measuring blood pressure, 1 box with children horns feeding tray-number 312; 2 electric hospital bed, 2 patsiyentni tables, matartsy for 2 beds, 1 wheelchair spetsvizochok care patsiyentom- pallet number 313; 2 electric hospital bed, 2 patsiyentni tables, mattresses for 2 beds, 1 box of linen, which was to use one negatoscopes view radiographic images, 1 double sinks with kranamy- pallet number 314; 2 electric hospital bed, 2 patsiyentni tables, mattresses for 2 beds, 1 mobile cabinet for documents patsiyentnyh, 1 box of linen, which was to use one single box pallet odyahu- number 315; hynekolohichne krislo- pallets number 316, № 317; 1 mobile examination couch for 1 couch for examination, 1 desk, 1 box of 18 pairs of shoes for the operating room, 1 rack syringes defibrillator 1 1 wheelchair 2 boxes of spare parts for wheelchair tray vizka- number 318 ; 10 boxes of linen, 6 boxes of clothes for work and remained operational pallet number 319; metal cabinets for stock-material pallet number 320; 1 mobile couch, 1 desk with shelves, 2 boxes of orthopedic tools, 1 box of socks, 1 chair for the soul, 1 sets x-ray plates, 1 blanket for carrying a patient 2 patsientni tables, 11 walkers, 4 packing material for plaster floor " main roads, 1 pack of hand apparatus for artificial respiration masks and 3, 2 packing disposable surgical instrument, 1 tube for artificial respiration through the throat, 1 bottle of disinfection "sekusept" set of tools for intubation, 4 tarilky- metal tray number 321 2 cases for surgeons tion tools, pallet number 322, 3 tables to replace diapers, 4 kylymka- pallet number 323, 2 desk, 2 boxes of surgical instruments, 1 box of dental instruments, 1 box of surgical instruments, writing two chairs, 3 packaging material trans for "main roads, 1 box nipple walker for 2 pallet invalidiv- number 324; plytka- ceramic tray №№ 325,326. country vyrobnytstva- unknown. marking missing. null null 10775 0.00

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