Details of Gas turbine parts Import Data to Ukraine

Date Hs Code Item Description Origin Country Place Delivery Gross Weight KG USD Per KG
29-Jan-2016 8484900090 1. spare parts for cars, pads of different materials: repair turbine (kt gaskets), art.: el715820 - 1 pc. kt engine gaskets, art.: el812544 - 8 pcs. kt gaskets chain tensioner, art.: el863590 - 5. trademark manufacturer elring elring klinger ag country of origin de germany pl chonstkuv mazowiecki 0 70.22
29-Jan-2016 4016930090 1.zapasni parts for automobiles, gaskets, seals, gaskets, washers nezatverdiloyi of vulcanized rubber nonporous, laying pipe turbine (rubber seal), art.: sas3330009 - 3 pieces. trademark manufacturer sasic sasic sa santucci sicfa reunis country of origin fr france pl chonstkuv mazowiecki 0 111.29
29-Jan-2016 8484100090 1.zapasni parts for cars, laying sheet metal combined with other materials: pump seal cooling system art.: el234560- 17sht.prokladka valve cover, art.: el239560-1sht. valve cover gasket, art.: el116130-12sht. gasket cylinder block, art.: el356140-5sht. seal oil cooler, art.: el021272-1sht. laying turbine art.: el150910-4sht. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el225126-2sht. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el815187-62sht. gaskets, art.: el915491-2sht. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el332054-4sht. gaskets, art.: el776778-2sht. gaskets, art.: el646440-2sht. gaskets, art.: el351343-1sht. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el645710-32sht. gaskets, art.: el768162-1sht. gaskets, art.: el144150-2sht. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el277762-25sht. gaskets, art.: el646480-1sht. gaskets, art.: el913864-2sht. gaskets cylinder heads, art.: el915688-1sht. intake manifold gasket, art.: el915213-5sht. intake manifold gasket, exhaust, art.: el189768-2sht. gaskets, art.: el760678-1sht. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el920843-2sht. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el750230-10sht. gaskets, art.: el832777-2sht. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el625760-15sht. intake manifold gasket, art.: el832376-1sht. gaskets, art.: el762811-1sht. intake manifold gasket, art.: el919382-30sht. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el768147-1sht. gaskets, art.: el235421-3sht. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el133520-10sht. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el148190-1sht. laying inlet manifold outlet, art.: el131820-2sht. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el071900-8sht. gaskets, art.: el130672-2sht. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el135230-2sht. gaskets, art.: el153230-1sht. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el805080-1sht. gaskets, art.: el285040-2sht. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el412603-8sht. gaskets, art.: el752674-2sht. turbokompressora lining, art.: el122271-2sht. laying turbocharger, art.: el237070-1sht. intake manifold gasket, art.: el773590-8sht. intake manifold gasket, art.: el773800-6sht. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el808610-3sht. engine hood lining, art.: el809451-10sht. gaskets, art.: el809750-1sht. gaskets, art.: el167411-1sht. cover gasket (cylinder head), art.: el497310-10sht. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el332280-4sht. gaskets, art.: el082724-4sht. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el150860-4sht. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el522450-3sht. seal oil cooler, art.: el765735-2sht. gaskets, art.: el262871-2sht. gaskets, art.: el338861-1sht. gaskets, art.: el219721-4sht. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el258311-7sht. timing cover gasket, art.: el366206-2sht. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el584940-1sht. gaskets, art.: el265441-1sht. gaskets, art.: el834182-1sht. gaskets, art.: el814262-4sht. gaskets, art.: el128231-1sht. cylinder head gasket, art.: el569832-1sht. cylinder head gasket, art.: el569842-1sht. intake manifold gasket, art.: el162451-1sht. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el834793-7sht. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el447560-1sht. gaskets, art.: el825345-46sht. gaskets, art.: el864100-1sht. trademark manufacturer elring elring klinger ag country of origin de germany pl chonstkuv mazowiecki 0 52.86
29-Jan-2016 8484100090 1.zapasni parts for cars, laying sheet metal combined with other materials: gaskets, art.: le10733.00-13sht. gaskets, art.: le10735.00-7sht. exhaust gasket collector, art.: le21505.55-12sht. gaskets, art.: le10048.00-1sht. cylinder head gasket, art.: le10955.10-2sht. intake manifold gasket, art.: le21400.05-12sht. exhaust gasket collector, art.: le21650.05-15sht. gaskets, art.: le10051.00-2sht. gaskets, art.: le10802.00-4sht. exhaust gasket collector, art.: le21118.00-7sht. exhaust gasket collector, art.: le21855.05-1sht. exhaust gasket collector, art.: le24400.00-12sht. laying turbine art.: le21865.05-4sht. gaskets, art.: le10733.15-6sht. exhaust gasket collector, art.: le24400.02-5sht. exhaust gasket collector, art.: le21505.40-6sht. trademark lema manufacturer country of it srl italiya pl chonstkuv mazowiecki 0 49.33
25-Jan-2016 8309909000 1. related products processing turbine engine du80l1 head. number d2u802145: - a set of parts and components, rejected results detection of gas turbine engines du80l1 head. d2u802145 number that were in use and replaced with new ones at carrying out remediation repair and unusable according to the specification sheet 14; - standard single use kits, rejected results detection of gas turbine engines du80l1 head. d2u802145 number that were in use and replaced with new ones at carrying out remediation repair and unusable according to specification for 19 sheets. trademark missing. figurative no marks. manufacturer unknown. null null 4497798 0.00
25-Jan-2016 4016995790 1. parts of rubber to the a / m ing. pos. from 8701 to 8705: plug front stabilizer art.0350621, 4pcs .; art.0350138 suspension stabilizer bushing, 18sht .; art.0444160 suspension stabilizer sleeve, 4pcs .; laying art.5650966, 8 pieces .; art.5650969 lining, 5pcs .; art.5650369 engine gasket, 1pc .; art.0650953 engine gasket, 1pc .; oil filter gasket. art.5650905, 3pc .; maslyanoy cover gasket art.0650105, 15sht .; ppc art.0370034 pad tray, 2 pcs .; gasket thermostat art.1338021, 1pc .; gasket thermostat art.6338472, 19sht .; o-ring art.0650043, 3pc .; o-ring art.0652259, 12p .; o-ring art.0860161, 2 pcs .; art.0650040 sealing ring, 1pc .; art.0860157 turbine seal tube, 1pc .; trademark gm manufacturer adam opel gmbh country of origin de germany hu torokbalint 0 289.97
25-Jan-2016 8411990000 1. spare parts for gas compressor units type htk10-4 (gas turbine) power htk10-4 10000kvt new: -oboyma sealing (dumysna) 424.001.40 to go into the htk10-4. last vstanovlyuetsya on stage axial compressor and serves to retain the entire pressure drop. made of black metal. production of general civil use russian federation ua dnepropetrovsk 1594 21.75
21-Jan-2016 3403990090 1.avtomobilna himiya.spetsialna high-temperature copper-grease paste designed for threaded connections and other surfaces exposed to action of high temperatures, pressures and corrosive environments, such as compressors, turbines, exhaust system, spark plugs, brakes. it is used in everyday life, services, industry, cars, free of drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors and ods in aerosol packaging (300 ml) .art.: xt cgs300 / copper paste-lubrication / - 4 pieces; ref.: xt cgs300 / copper paste-lubrication / - 2 units, in part includes: izobutan- 25-50% (cas: 75-28-5), propan- 10-20% (cas: 74-98-6) , hydrocarbons, c7, n-alkanes, izoalkany, tsykloalkany- 2.5-10%, hydrocarbons, c6-c7, n-alkanes, izoalkany, cycloalkanes, <5% n-hexane - 2.5-10% butan- 2,5-10% (cas: 106-97-8). the solvent rust - prevents corrosion and oxidation stops and prevents rust, neutral to plastic, metal and paint surfaces, displaces moisture. it is used in various areas: in manufacturing, service stations and cars free of drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors in aerosol packaging for 300 ml, contains no ozone-depleting substances. ref.: xt ice300 / means for removing rust from the effects of cold shock / - 4 pieces; as part includes: izobutan- 25-50% (cas: 75-28-5), propane-2-ol- 25-50% (cas: 67-63-0), propane - 20-25% (cas: 74 -98-6), butane - 2,5-10% (cas: 106-97-8), distillates (gasoline) hidroochyscheni light naftenovi- 2.5-10% (cas: 64742-53-6), aliphatic vuhlevodni- ? 30%. silicone spray containing no mineral oils and fats intended for lubrication of rubbing surfaces and their zahystu.zastosovuyetsya in different areas: in manufacturing, service stations and cars free of drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors in aerosol packaging for 300 ml contains no ozone-depleting substances. ref.: xt ss300 / silicone spray 2 / - 50 pieces, in part includes: isobutane - 25-50% (cas: 75-28-5), propane -25-50% (cas: 74-98-6), butane - 2,5-10% (cas: 106-97-8), hydrocarbons, c7, n-alkanes, izoalkany, cycloalkanes -2,5-10%. silicone spray prevents jamming of parts under high (900 ° c) temperature, corrosion, prevents cold welding of parts under load, shocks and vibrations when sliding. prevents "prykypannya" pins vypuskonoho collector wheel bolts. optimal use as a lubricant and separation agent for highly heated and heavy structural elements. free of drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors and ods in aerosol packaging (300 ml). ref.: xt wlgs300 / white lithium grease / - 4 pieces; ref.: xt wlgs300 / white lithium grease / - 2 units, in part includes: izobutan- 20-25% (cas: 75-28-5), hydrocarbons, c7, n-alkanes, izoalkany, tsykloalkany- 10-20% , hydrocarbons, c6-c7, n-alkanes, izoalkany, cycloalkanes, <5% n-heksanu- 10-20% propan- 10-20% (cas: 74-98-6), butane - 2,5-10 % (cas: 106-97-8). trademark xt. country of origin de. producer firm den braven aerosols gmbh & germany cz m. prague 0 4.65
16-Jan-2016 8484100090 1. spare parts for trucks, linings and similar seals made of sheet metal combined with other material or composed of two or more layers of metal; sets or sets of gaskets and similar connecting elements of different composition, packed in bags, envelopes or similar packaging: art. 02-04-04-0309 gaskets .rvi pre. 420dci = 1 pc. trademark dizelsan manufacturer dizelsan oto yedek parca san. art. 02-07-01-0356 construction turbines man d2840 = 2 pcs. trademark mega brand przedsiebiorstwo handlowo uslugowo produkcyjne opoltrans janusz wiszczuk country of tr. turkey ua krakivets 0 129.02
13-Jan-2016 4016930090 1.zapasni parts for a / m ssangyong (gaskets and seals of vulcanized rubber nezatverdiloyi nonporous): o-ring 6863434010-17sht; 6863434010-16sht; 7603010103-10sht; 0574-141066-2sht; 68621089a4-4sht, construction 0585-045045-10sht automatic transmission, valve cover gasket 6640160121-6sht; 6650160121-9sht; 6651870080-3sht construction of the turbine; 6710910380-1sht, seal 1028044-4sht; 189970447-1sht; 1720530158-46sht; 3241505000-6sht; 3241508010-2sht; 3252205000-3sht; 4121203200-20sht; 4137401800-8sht; 4142503203-5sht; 4202505000-5sht; 4202505600-10sht; 4202521600-10sht; 4242505001-104sht; 4242521001-5sht; 4242605000-10sht; 4311939030-9sht; 4316209010-12sht; 6619973147-13sht; 6619973646-12sht; 6659973046-35sht; 6710530058-48sht; 6719970146-11sht; 0511-044149-16sht; 0574-044146-5sht; 0578-016023-5sht; 0585-141022-3sht; 0593-044084-3sht; 6012030076-10sht rubber gasket; 7911205000-1sht; 7911234000-1sht; 7971534000-1sht; 0511-016024-4sht; 0511-016025-4sht; 66598950a0-10sht; 7211021001abu-1am; 7212021001abu-1am; 7311021000abu-1am; 7312021000abu-1pc trademark brand ssangyong ssangyong motor company country of kr korea, republic of ua illichivs'k 47736 11.85

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