Details of Gas Import Data to Ukraine

Total Product 8087
Date Hs Code Item Description Origin Country Place Delivery Gross Weight KG USD Per KG
29-Jan-2016 3922900000 1.vyroby plastic sanitary purpose: button glossy chrome 590x390x240 art.m71-50sht; spillway faucet 5/4 "grate with stainless d63 art.a31-200sht; knee toilet 22yi art.a90-22-480sht, knee 45yi art.a90-45-1160sht toilet, washing spillway siphon 6/4" with stainless grill d115 art.a37-50sht; framing toilet small d110 art.a98-150sht; siphon for bidet, plastic d = 32 art.a45f o32-200sht; siphon for bath chrome machine set-art.a51crm 60sht; siphon for bath chrome machine set-art.a51cr 200sht; flexible connection 5/4 "/ 40/32 art.a76-100sht metal; siphon for bidet, plastic d = 40 art.a45f o40-200sht, gutters apz9- art.apz9-850m-850 35 pcs, gutters apz9 - 750 art.apz9-750m-35 pcs, siphon bath art.a501-880sht chrome, chrome siphon art.a501-180sht bath, toilet cuff eccentric art.a990-450sht, flexible connections 6/4 "/ 50 / 40 art.a77-525sht plastics; nyzhn.pidvid.plastyk intake mechanism with 1/2 "art.a17 1/2" -850sht; flexible connection 5/4 "/ art.a75-450sht 40/32, 50/50 art.a72-300sht flexible connections, flexible connections 6/4" / 50/40 art.a78-300sht; flexible connection 6/4 "/ 40 art.a79-100sht, knee 90yi art.a90-90-672sht toilet, the toilet nozzle 150 art.a91-150-600sht, toilet nozzle 250 art.a91-250- 1180sht, nozzle 400 art.a91-400-705sht toilet, the toilet nozzle eccentric art.a92-60sht, framing toilet art.a980-50sht great d110, bath siphon machine set-57cm art.a55km 60sht; siphon for washing white art.aps2-500sht external machines, siphon for shower trays art.a49k lux-168sht; siphon for urinal back art.a45b-50sht; siphon for urinal with cuff-art.a45a 150sht; siphon for washing machine exterior chrome art.aps1 -200sht, seth on for washing machines under the white plaster art.aps4-40sht; siphon for washbasin d32 with nut 5/4 "art.a430-200sht; siphon for washbasin d32 d63 grill with stainless art.a410-400sht; siphon for shower trays chrome d50 art.a47cr o50-180sht; siphon for shower trays chrome d60 art.a47cr o60-60sht; traps for washing machine under plaster chrome art.aps3-40sht; siphon for shower trays chrome-art.a49cr 260sht; siphon for washbasin d40 with flexible connection art.a41 flexi-600sht; siphon for washbasin d40 with nut 5/4 "art.a43-200sht; drain mechanism with a double-click 590x390x430 art.a08-676sht; siphon for washbasin d40 d63 liner with art.a41p-40sht; siphon for washbasin d40 art.a41- 400sht; siphon for umыvalnyka that ekonomt space with nut 5/4 "art.a434-30sht; spillway pipe consisting of two parts d = 32 mm + gasket corrugated art.a95-90sht; drain ladder 105x105, eyeliner-lateral art.apv1321-32sht; gutters apz8- art.apz8-750m-750 35 pcs; gutters apz8- 850 art.apz8-850m-25sht; drain ladder 105x105 / 50 / 75mm with direct sums., with a water seal smart art.apv2321-16sht; drain ladder 105x105 / 50mm with boc. carts., plastic art.apv1324-16sht; drain ladder 105x105 / 50mm with boc. carts. with water seal smart art.apv31-260sht; drain mechanism with stop- button 590x390x430 art.a2000-1950sht; drain ladder 105x105 / 50mm direct carts. art.apv2324-16sht plastic; universal tank for toilet alca uni dual art.a93-200sht; universal tank for toilet alca uni start / stop art.a94-200sht; button shiny chrome 590x390x240 art.m271-25sht; nipple discharge connection to sewage hung toilet art.m900-15sht; hidden installation system, 1050x140x480 embedded in the wall art.a100 / 1000-5sht; extension of the drain art.m148-15sht; spillway washing siphon 6/4 "with stainless grill d115 art.a37-50sht, gutters apz8- 950 art.apz8-950m-15sht, gutters apz9- 950 art.apz9-950m-15sht; inlet mechanism with boc. carts . plastic 1/2 "art.a15 1/2" -500sht; inlet mechanism with boc. carts. plastic 3/8 "art.a15 3/8" -225sht; vыpusknoy set knopkoy co feet, 1/2 "art. sa20 the european union (eu) cz mosnov 0 1.74
29-Jan-2016 8421398090 1.obladnannya filtering or purifying process gases: - bag filter kjs-06-4.1 / 18 (including frame and sleeves) - 1 complex .; designed for installation injection of biofuels. for use in metal industry (not military). the european union (eu) ua krivoy rog 495 80.64
29-Jan-2016 7304399390 1.truba inlet diameter of 65 mm, a gas burner tecflam mod.vd210 gmb dual, article pipetec - 1 pc. it is a seamless tubes of circular cross pereryzom, of iron or steel (not stainless steel and not of stainless steel), without threading, horyachedeformovanu without thermal insulation, with an outer diameter 200 mm, length 3000 mm., with underwater pipe with a diameter of 65mm. manufacturer: tecflam srl trade mark: tecflam. country of origin: it. the european union (eu) kyiv ua 200 2.73
29-Jan-2016 2710194300 1. heavy distillates, gas oils, diesel fuel dt-s-k5, the brand f, stb 1658-2012, iso 4840: 2007, containing heavy oil fractions (and other petroleum products) about 40.8% of which (including costs) distilled at 250 ° c and 95.5 vol.% of which (including costs) distilled at 350 ° c, and about 95.0% of which (including costs) is distilled at a temperature of 347.8 ° c, of ​​mass fraction of sulfur 0, 00064 percent, the flash point of 70 celsius degrees free of biodiesel. belarus ua-slovechno berezhest 494250 0.39
29-Jan-2016 7321900000 1. gas burner slim 321 code 30420507. it is made by stamping from cold rolled carbon steel dx53d, galvanized electroplating method. designed for installation in the oven household gas stoves. poland it terno d'isola 0 5.00
29-Jan-2016 9025198098 1. thermocouple code 7s12650100100. with a length of 1000 mm. part of preventive safety systems (with gas tap with automatics) installed on household gas stoves to gas shut in the absence of the flame on the burner oven gas stove. the body of the thermocouple and its main elements are made of copper alloy. thermocouple mounted directly on the gas valve has at one end (head) bimetallic breaker that reacts to temperature in the combustion zone, if the heating contacts are closed, and a fall in temperature (in the absence of flames) - nc, in the domestic electric wire is fed signal to the opposite side of the thermocouple (connected to the tap) and the solenoid valve gas valve, this overall closed electrical system delivers gas, while its disconnection, blocking the supply. bulgaria it terno d'isola 0 21.37
29-Jan-2016 8403109020 1.kotly gas for central heating, steel, new capacity less than 100kw: -navien ace turbo coaxial-16k-168sht; -navien ace turbo coaxial-24k-144sht. whole-312sht. country of manufacturer-kr-kyungdong navien co ltd trade mark-navien korea, republic of kyiv ua 10081 5.06
29-Jan-2016 7326909890 1.vyroby carbon steel produced using several processes to nelyti drills great plains: reinforcing ring trailers drive art.152-215d-1 units, planck fasteners, art.148-254d 2 pcs, plug, art.780105a- 3 pieces, bushings, art.204-153d 3 pcs bushing, art.890-143c 10 pieces, bushings, art.817-718c 10 pieces, bushings, art.822-056c 2 ​​pcs, plug, art .890-005c 31-piece, plug, art.890-666c 45-piece, plug, art.148-113d 2 pcs, plug in a building coil sowing, art.817-074c 2 pcs, plug cutter knife mounting bracket , art.890-389c 50 pcs, plug nyatyazhnyka chain art.404-146d 400 units, plug lever parallel storage frames, ar t.161-246d 4 pcs, plug rozporna, art.195-188h 2 pcs, plug rod mills nov., art.817-513c 350 pcs ring (gasket) art.133-065d 20 units, hubs, art.152-390d 10 pcs nave vehicle wheels, art.815-082c 4 pcs nave vehicle wheels, art.120-195d-18 units, plate seeding device, art.343073-28 units, adjusting plate , art.266-025d-2 units, adjusting plate, art.266-024d-1 units, rozporna sleeve semi-axis property. wheel-art.120-198d of 5, stand cutters art.204-280d 4 pcs, clamp, art.800-257c-1 units, the upper clamp nasinnyaprovida, art.800-009c-300 units, corrugated clamp, art.800-180c 10 pcs, clamp the lower nasinnyaprovida, art.800-008c-450 units, spring sleeve hytcha, art.148-023d 4 pcs spring sleeve hytcha, art.148-023d 5 pcs hub drills , art.204-145d-8 units, hub tr. wheel art.815-054c 5 pcs, transport hub wheel art.815-228c-1 units, cutter hub, art.200-039v-46 pcs bracket marker (right) art.113-823h 4 pieces bracket section opener, art.142-194d 4 pcs bracket shoe section, art.142-194d 26-piece bracket section opener, art.142-194d 50 pieces, seal the seed ketones art.890-840c- 7 pcs trademark-great plains. country vyrobnytstva- us. brand-great plains mfg., inc. united states us salina 0 0.00
29-Jan-2016 4016930090 1.vyroby nezatverdiloyi of vulcanized rubber nonporous, h p sealing gaskets cylinder, art.810-508c 1 pcs p / k hydraulic cylinder art.810-323c 5 pcs p / kit art.117-0159- 780-2 units, hydraulic cylinders clutch unfolding wings frame art.810-059c-6 pieces, gaskets, art.167-285d 2 pieces, gaskets, art.167-172d 2 pieces, gaskets, art.816-014c- 163 pieces, gaskets, art.556-375d-86 units, seal coil, art.817-004c 50 units, seals, art.816-161c 15 pcs rubber seal. covers the bunker, art.167-089a 2 pcs sealing dispensing apparatus art.816-201c 2 pcs trademark-great plains. country vyrobnytstva- us. brand-great plains mfg., inc. united states us salina 0 135.05
29-Jan-2016 4016930090 1.vyroby nezatverdiloyi of vulcanized rubber nonporous, sealing ring, art.816-574c 3 pieces, gaskets, art.816-199c-16 pieces, gaskets, art.816-138c-104 pieces, gaskets, art.816-149c -6 units, trademark-great plains. country vyrobnytstva- tw. brand-great plains mfg., inc. taiwan, province of china us salina 0 76.12
29-Jan-2016 8484100090 1. spare parts for cars: sheet metal gaskets combined with other materials, laying turbokompressora, art.: hp109 116 - 4 pcs. trademark hans pries manufacturer hans pries gmbh & co. kg country of origin de germany pl chonstkuv mazowiecki 0 61.02
29-Jan-2016 8484100090 1. spare parts for cars: sheet metal gaskets combined with other materials, laying pipes final, art.: 0219-01-0031p - 3 pieces. laying pipe final, art.: 0219-01-0025p - 4 pcs. laying pipe final, art.: 0219-06-0015p - 2 pcs. trademark 4max brand inter cars sa country of origin de germany pl chonstkuv mazowiecki 0 19.57
29-Jan-2016 8484100090 1. spare parts for cars: sheet metal gaskets combined with other materials, lining valve cover, art.: el123420 - 1 pc. fuel pump gasket, art.: el896793 - 3 pieces. pump seal cooling system art.: el162353 - 5. seal oil cooler, art.: el759296 - 11 pcs. valve cover gasket, art.: el775790 - 2 pcs. gasket attachment filter oil, art.: el620061 - 11 pcs. laying pump art.: el257830 - 2 pcs. laying pump art.: el390360 - 1 pc. valve cover gasket, art.: el354030 - 3 pieces. fuel pump gasket, art.: el002070 - 4 pcs. cover gasket (system master), art.: el008790 - 2 pcs. laying turbocharger, art.: el896489 - 5. gaskets, art.: el828807 - 20 pcs. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el829307 - 2 pcs. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el774502 - 1 pc. intake manifold gasket, art.: el913954 - 6 pieces. gaskets, art.: el768171 - 3 pieces. intake manifold gasket, art.: el834262 - 21 pcs. intake manifold gasket, art.: el639010 - 23 pcs. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el638951 - 20 pcs. gaskets, art.: el646370 - 13 pcs. gaskets, art.: el061310 - 1 pc. intake manifold gasket, art.: el621700 - 5. gaskets, art.: el445540 - 5. gaskets, art.: el186711 - 2 pcs. gaskets, art.: el645842 - 14 pcs. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el917559 - 2 pcs. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el768104 - 5. gaskets, art.: el632131 - 2 pcs. gaskets, art.: el914856 - 2 pcs. gaskets, art.: el235831 - 1 pc. gaskets, art.: el984136 - 10 pcs. cylinder head gasket, art.: el157351 - 5. gaskets, art.: el130682 - 3 pieces. gaskets, art.: el028040 - 1 pc. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el166240 - 3 pieces. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el165590 - 3 pieces. gaskets, art.: el130692 - 1 pc. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el066391 - 6 pieces. gaskets, art.: el181460 - 1 pc. gaskets, art.: el135531 - 7 pcs. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el375070 - 10 pcs. laying pipe final, art.: el017040 - 1 pc. cylinder head gasket, art.: el027860 - 1 pc. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el193110 - 3 pieces. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el326250 - 2 pcs. gaskets, art.: el333460 - 2 pcs. intake manifold gasket, art.: el476460 - 1 pc. gaskets, art.: el627651 - 1 pc. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el638181 - 2 pcs. gaskets, art.: el809710 - 1 pc. intake manifold gasket, art.: el809890 - 2 pcs. kt pads art.: el136880 - 8 pcs. laying turbocharger, art.: el321541 - 1 pc. intake manifold gasket, art.: el373240 - 4 pcs. intake manifold gasket, art.: el451090 - 6 pieces. gaskets, art.: el040554 - 6 pieces. cylinder head gasket, art.: el272620 - 1 pc. laying turbocharger, art.: el139090 - 3 pieces. intake manifold gasket, art.: el314812 - 10 pcs. laying turbocharger, art.: el753262 - 2 pcs. laying pipe final, art.: el230380 - 6 pieces. cylinder head gasket, art.: el344661 - 2 pcs. gaskets, art.: el550570 - 3 pieces. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el522200 - 25 pcs. construction of the oil cooler, art.: el062130 - 4 pcs. seal oil tray, art.: el175142 - 2 pcs. gaskets, art.: el461831 - 1 pc. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el355340 - 6 pieces. gasket thermostat art.: el021411 - 1 pc. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el720180 - 1 pc. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el773581 - 8 pcs. gaskets, art.: el059171 - 1 pc. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el773291 - 1 pc. gaskets, art.: el517411 - 4 pcs. intake manifold gasket, art.: el805180 - 5. exhaust gasket collector, art.: el387992 - 6 pieces. laying pump (fuel pump gasket), art.: el876661 - 16 pcs. gaskets, art.: el25504 germany pl chonstkuv mazowiecki 0 56.77
29-Jan-2016 8708709990 1.zapasni parts for cars (wheels and parts thereof): flange gasket n / a (cap), art.: el706043 - 1 pc. trademark manufacturer elring elring klinger ag country of origin de germany pl chonstkuv mazowiecki 0 81.11
29-Jan-2016 8484100090 1. spare parts for cars: sheet metal gaskets combined with other materials, lining collector outlet, art.: 5002487000 - 3 pieces. trademark goetze manufacturer federal mogul global aftermarket emea, bvba country of it italiya pl chonstkuv mazowiecki 0 143.46
29-Jan-2016 8708709990 1.zapasni parts for cars (wheels and parts thereof), the hub seal (seal ring abs, gasket, bolts), art.: 4.91019 - 1. trademark dt brand diesel technic ag country of origin de germany pl chonstkuv mazowiecki 2 16.44
29-Jan-2016 8416900000 1.chastyna automatic burner control system gas burners; for gas heater pesin. controller brahma tyre ce 31- 2 units. trade mark "mandik". manufacturer mandik, as country of cz. czech republic kyiv ua 2 86.85
29-Jan-2016 2710194710 1.palyvo diesel dt-s-k4, brand f. stb 1658-2012. heavy distillates, gas oils, heavy oil fractions containing (and other petroleum products) 29.0 vol. % of which (including losses) is distilled at a temperature of 250 degrees. c and 95 vol.% of which (including losses) is distilled at a temperature of 343.5 degrees. c. mass fraction of sulfur 0.00261 wt.%, flash point in closed crucible 71.5 degrees. c. without biodiesel content. bulk, weight 57.747 trademark absent. manufacturer: oao "naftan". country of by. belarus ua slovechno 57747 0.35
29-Jan-2016 9026208000 1.prylady and apparatus for measuring or checking the flow, level, pressure or other variable characteristics of liquids or gases: - pressure gauges with glycerine - 40. designed to measure static pressure of oil, water and other liquids and gases. pressure gauge filled with glycerin for treating dual vibration damping, pressure differences and udariv.maks pressure atmospheres - 15. origin and departure - turkey. turkey ua kakhovka 15 105.58
29-Jan-2016 2711129700 1. gas liquefied hydrocarbon fuel for household needs brand lpg 20448-90. mass fraction of components in%: amount of methane, ethane and etylena- 1.91, 2.83, 2.09, 1.69, 2.78; the amount of propane and propylene - 60.64, 62.01, 61.08, 59.63, 60.57; the amount of butane and butylene - 33.57, 31.59, 33.19, 34.53, 32.67. russian federation ua nightingale 185600 0.18

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