Details of Fresh vegetables Export Data from Ukraine

Date Hs Code Item Description Destination COUNTRY Weight in KG Price USD
26-Dec-2016 2001909700 1.konservovana products with vinegar in stock: eggplant adzhytsi-720s / 530h least, eggplant with vegetables (roasted) 720 c / b in 515h, a glass eggplant to-600 s / 510h least, vegetable ragout c-840 / b in red 520htomaty marinated weak acidic c-360 / least 500g, pickle cherry "ambassadors" -120 c / b in 310h, snacks "saute" (eggplant, carrots, bell pepper, fresh tomatoes, spices) -720 c / b in 510h, 12 pcs vupak., assorted №6 slightly acidic (tomatoes, cucumbers, spices, sweet pepper, water) -320 c / b in 770h, pickle red slightly acidic c-240 / least 800g, tomatoes in tomato crude soku- 160 c / b in 800g , 8 pcs in upak.hrin in the range: "white acute '-240 l / r in 130g" soft bavarian "-240 l / r in 130g, and 24 pieces in packing." white acute "-600 c / 190h least, "acute beet" -200 c / b in 190h, 20 pcs in packing. kazakhstan 4350 4262.48
15-Dec-2016 8438600000 1.mashyna washing drum brush mark kyan-a9-1pc, second-hand intended for washing vegetables with a solid structure (cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant) length fruit to 200mm. year-1992.zavodskyy 002. non-drum washing machine mark t1-combe 3-1sht, second-hand intended for washing vegetables and fruits in the food promyslovosti.rik 1990.zavodskyy release-number-128 machine washing drum mark a9-km-2-1sht, second-hand intended for washing vegetables and fruits in the food promyslovosti.rik 1989.zavodskyy-release-number 129164. machine ovocherizalna macro-ml 10000-1sht being in vykorystannirik issue -1990.zavodskyy number-318. (intended for shredding cabbage and lettuce fresh sharply cdf neplodiv (beets and carrots) for fruits and vegetables bases) machines cutting marks korneklubneplody kr2v-a9-1pc, second hand vykorystanni.rik 1989.zavodskyy release-number-1254. (intended for cutting on lomtyky, stovbyky different types korneklubneplody (beets, potatoes, russian federation 4390 2845.01
13-Dec-2016 710809500 1 - raw vegetables, fresh frozen without added salt, sugar or any other additives: pumpkin, cut into cubes 10h10mm., frozen. shelf life consumption 24 months storage at minus 18 degrees. s. tu 15.3-06686234-002: 2008. contains hmo.zafasovano in poliyetylenovi bags 25kh.torhivelna mark - marking the availability of the trade mark on the packaging is missing. belgium 21661.25 9423.16
09-Dec-2016 70200 1.salat with fresh vegetables 1 portion to 250g. the main components: a tomato. vrobnyk llc "to end to kyiv" ireland 0.27 7.55
02-Dec-2016 704100000 1. fresh vegetables: cauliflower, second grade, harvest 2016, net weight - 11005kh. packaged in cardboard boxes on derev.paletah.torhovelna mark vidsutnya.vyrobnyk melnyk t.p.krayina production ua. poland 12642 5028.86
01-Dec-2016 702000000 1.tomaty (tomatoes) are pink, round, b grade 2b, fresh, harvest 2016 - packaged for retail torhivli.pakuvannya 184 cells corrugated cardboard boxes for vegetables plastic (28 pieces in a box) and placed into 2 trees "piddonahkrayina wooden production - ukraine. manufacturer: pasp" umanskyy hothouse plant "uman, vul.derev" janka, 26, cherkasy region. poland 1229 2371.69

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