Details of Expandable polystyrene Import Data to Ukraine

Date Hs Code Item Description Origin Country Place Delivery Gross Weight KG USD Per KG
27-Jan-2016 3903110000 1.polistyrol for frothing self-extinguishing type eps se (expandable polystyrene selt extinguishing) in granules (used for manufacturing by thermoforming and heat insulation materials in the form of polystyrene blocks, technical packaging for industrial products) containing polystyrene 95mas.% "alfapor" according to tu 2214-019-53505711-2010 coated label products, such as brand, brand polystyrene manufacturer's name and address, grade 301 (weight fraction of particles basic fractions - 99.00% weight fraction of pentane - 6.49%). trademark alfapor manufacturer ao "sibur khimprom", russian federation country of ru russian federation ru m. voronezh 20880 1.23
20-Jan-2016 3903110000 1. polystyrene eps (expandable polystyrene) in pellets for foaming containing pentane. make insphere 800 f / pl - oktabin fito, density foam balls party № 9464r15 - 14g / dm3; basic content fraction - 100%; moisture - 0.2%; article number - 00810103218. used to produce blocks with medium and high density. packed in 10 oktabinah to 1100 kg. one - 11000 kg. make insphere 500 f / pl - oktabin fito, density foam balls party № 9484r15 - 14g / dm3, batch № 9480r15 - 13g / dm3; the basic content of the party 9484r15 number - 100% batch number 9480r15 - 994%; party humidity № 9484r15 - 0,3%, batch № 9480r15 - 0,1%; article number - 00810104218. used for the production of small blocks of high density or trimming prafiliv. packed in 10 oktabinah to 1100 kg. one - 11000 kg. total - 22000 kg. poland pl oswiecim 22680 1.37
11-Jan-2016 3903110000 1. polystyrene eps (expandable polystyrene) trademark "king pearl", in primary forms intended for vspuchuvannya vspinyuvannya or in granules, used for the production of polystyrene boards, polystyrene containing 92-96% in 25 kg bags " f-sa "(fortune massive particle main fraction 98,40-99,90% weight fraction of pentane 6,30-6,59%), net weight 63000 kg "f-sb" (weight fraction particle main fraction 98,90-99,90% weight fraction of pentane 6,40-6,73%), net weight 42000 kg country of origin - china (cn). country of origin - china (cn). china cn ningbo 105840 1.22

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