Details of Etamsylate Export Data from Ukraine

Date Hs Code Item Description Destination COUNTRY Weight in KG Price USD
29-Dec-2016 3004900000 1.liky for people to put up for retail term trade, consisting of unmixed products for therapeutic application of dosed in the form of: ear aurydeksankrapli 0.5 mg / ml to 5 ml bottle 1000up etamsylate district d / 2 ml and 12.5% №10-2000uptorhivelna brand research of dr. dntslzvyrobnyk- "pilot plant sscd ltd, ukraine gerpevir ointment 2,5% 15g №1-1008uptorh.marka-kyyivmedpreparatvyrobnyk-pat ​​kievmedpreparat, ukraine hederyn syrup, 90ml 1020uptorh.marka pharmaceutical fabrykavyrobnyk -comrade sce pharmaceutical factory, ukraine streptocide 0.5 g tablets №10-20000uptorh.marka -monfarmvyrobnyk-pat ​​monfarm, ukraine not in aerosol packaging does not contain precursors of narcotic and psychotropic substances. kyrgyzstan 554 7968.29
27-Dec-2016 3004900000 1.likarski agents (drugs) for humans, consisting of mixed or nezmishanyhproduktiv for therapeutic or profi- laktychnoho application packaged dlyarozdribnoyi trade narkotych- them contain drugs and psychotropic substances bezaerozolnoho packaging: metoclopramide hydrochloride injection 5mg / mlamp.2ml №10-720up. 781216vyrobnyk series: borschagovsky cpp mezaton injection of 10 mg / ml amp. 1ml№10-288up. 0171116vyrobnyk series: dz hntsls proserinum injection 0.5 mg / ml amp.1ml №10-288up. seriya0121016vyrobnyk: dz hntsls etamsylate injection 12.5% ​​amp. 2 ml №10-200up. cheriya0100716vyrobnyk: rs-hntsls clonidine darnitsya tab.0,15mh №50-200up. fa80716vyrobnyk series "darnitsa" validol tab.sublinhvalni on 0,06h №10--10000up.seriya 2861116vyrobnyk "farmak" clonidine-cancer injection 0.01% amp.1ml №10-1014up.seriya 04611016vyrobnyk " health people "analgin-darnitsa tab.500mh №10-20up. ve1571016vyrobnyk series "darnitsa" estonia 335 5733.93
02-Dec-2016 3004900000 1.likarski agents (drugs) for humans, consisting of mixed or nezmishanyhproduktiv for therapeutic or prophylactic use in dozovanomuvyhlyadi or put up for retail sale, containing no drug zasobivi psychotropic substances lidasa-biopharma lyophilized injectable powder po64 iu amp . №10 (5 * 2) -1620up.seriya 121016vyrobnyk: biopharma. ambroksol-vishfa syrup 15mg / 5ml to 100ml of dosing sklyanochkoyuv pack-1500up.seriya 221,116 menovazan cream in a 40g tube-2070up. 311116vyrobnyk series: dct farmfabryka. health ingalipt-to-mouth po30ml 5000up.seriya 121116vyrobnyk: health. nohshaveryn "oz" injection 20 mg / ml amp. by 2ml№5-1000up. 081,016 series chlorophyllipt in oil solution 20 mg / ml to 20 ml, 1040up.seriya51016 etamsylate injection 12.5% ​​amp. in 2 ml №10-500up.seriya 0120816vyrobnyk: dz hntsls. kyrgyzstan 989 10692.07

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