Details of Electrical machinery Import Data to Ukraine

Date Hs Code Item Description Origin Country Place Delivery Gross Weight KG USD Per KG
29-Jan-2016 8543709000 1. machinery and electrical apatarura having individual functions (not the hardware for recording, reproduction or transmission of sound or images, not electronics): uv sterilizer hairdressing tools / uv sterilizer hairdressing tools - 16 pcs .; ultrasonic cleaner tool / ultrasonic cleaner tool - 12 pcs .; led lamp plinth / led lamp plinth - 250 pcs .; trademark: llt. manufacturer: long link trading ltd. country of origin: cn. china ua kiev 0 12.30
28-Jan-2016 8511400098 1. electrical starter for engines with compression ignition method: starters for engines of internal combustion, operating voltage of 12v., not for industrial assembly :, for agricultural machinery: 84213446 starter-4 pieces. (12v, 4000vt, 330a) packaged for wholesale. manufacturer cnhi international sa trade mark cnh country of si slovenia de heidelberg 51466 28.53
27-Jan-2016 8544300098 1.zhhut wires, electrical wiring kit with connecting parts for multi-voltage 12v. agricultural machinery, electric cable axis w 12 m art.2055581-3sht. manufacturer - rauch landmaschinenfabrik gmbh trade mark - rauch country of origin - de germany de rheinmunster 18338 41.97
27-Jan-2016 8414592098 1. axial fans with integrated ac motors designed for forced cooling electrical machinery manufacturing "sew", to drive the packing lines and conveyor systems without additional equipment (-230v power / power: 71-90vt): -mod.dr90 v 230vac ; -mod.dr80 be ../ v 230vac; -mod.dt71-80 / vs 220v; -mod.dr112 / 132 be ../ v 230vac. the european union (eu) de m.graben 0 50.37
25-Jan-2016 8536699090 1.elektrychna apparatus for connecting electrical circuits for a voltage of 250-450v, connectors pin jack with locking for civilian electronics industry, contain some kind of transmitters and receivers: tlf100e-3p-ms -10000 sets (set includes: tlf100e-3p-ms-1pc, tlf-100r-1 pc.) trademark: tianli country of origin: cn brand: tianli electrical machinery (ningbo) co., ltd china cn shanghai 165 0.00
18-Jan-2016 8544429091 1.kabeli electric isolated, with connecting parts for voltage of 12 v, strand, designed to connect electrical appliances agricultural machinery: cable connecting with details art.781613-1sht. parts for telescopic forklift manitou (farm). trade mark - manitou. country of origin - eu. manufacturer - manitou. the european union (eu) riga lv 0 220.38
18-Jan-2016 8536699090 1. 225442c1-60sht electrical connector. connector for breeding voltage 12v electrical system firm tractor case new holland. parts for agricultural machinery. null ua childbirth 1659 0.00
18-Jan-2016 8536501990 1. sensor 87476540-2sht. it is a solenoid switch for voltage 12v, complete with fasteners opening lids combine grain silo company case new holland. when you open the covers of the grain hopper signal is fed to the dashboard where the lights (activated) light when the hopper lid closed light goes out. the switch lever 84172185-5sht. unit (panel) lever switches for voltage of 12 v connector for electrical connection to control hydraulic system of the tractor company case new holland. parts for agricultural machinery. null ua childbirth 4974 486.24
18-Jan-2016 8536419090 1. relay 1983394c2-35sht. relay (12 v b, the current strength of 40 a) the electrical system combines the company case new holland. parts for agricultural machinery. null ua childbirth 2909 94.33
18-Jan-2016 8536699090 1.elektrychna equipment switching or protecting electrical circuits for agricultural machinery, electrical connector node art.57m8602-50sht. producer - john deere international gmbh trade mark - john deere country of origin - us united states ua boryspil airport 0 712.24
18-Jan-2016 8509400000 1. domestic machinery mounted motors: kitchen machine-1000w combine power, volume bowl stainless steel 4,3l 9 nozzles, all-metal model khh326wh art.0w20010001-2sht, kitchen machine 500w power, v bowl stainless steel 5l 6 speeds, equipped with metal nozzles, metal housing, color red model kmx50rd art.0w2001 1025-10sht, kitchen machine-metal volume bowl with mad first steel 5l., power 500w, 4 nozzle, 2 drives a black model kmx50bl art .0w20011027-19sht, kitchen machine 500w power, v bowl with stainless steel puffing with pulleys 5l, 6 speed, equipped with metal nozzles, metal body, the color yellow model kmx50yw art. 0w20011035-5sht, kitchen machine-n combine otuzhnistyu 1100vt, v bowl stainless steel 4,6l, function mixer, blender, m grinders, juicers, white model kvc5050t art.0w20011038-5sht, electrical power rom'yasorubka 1400vt 1 speed + reverse, body material plastic stick steel grating 3, 3 nozzles mg360 model art.0w21910002-120sht; pohruzh tion flow blender hand blender 800w power, volume measuring cup 0.75 l and 0.5 l cutter, a set of variables nozzles, plastic housing, white model b hdp408wh art.0w22110001-20sht; submersible drain blender hand blender capacity 1 000vt volume e noah cup 1l, a set of interchangeable nozzles, building plastic + metal model with riblyastyy hdm802si art. 0w22111049-15sht; submersible drain-blender, the blender uchnyy 1000w power, volume 1 liter measuring cup, whisk, plastic body + m details silver model hdm800si art. 0w22111050-15sht; sokovyzhyma lka juicer 250w power, container pulp 1,3l, 1l juice, plastic chassis ground white + gray model jmp600wh art.0w22510002-10sht, food processor sweat zhnistyu 750vt volume cup 2,1l, 1,2l blender, set of disks for grating and n + arizannya whisk, plastic body, silver model fpp225 art.0wfpp22502- 15sht, kitchen machine metal volume bowl stainless steel 4,6l, potuzhnis number 1400vt, 11 nozzles, 4 drives kmc053 art.0wkmc05307-10sht model, and kitchen machines combine power-1500w, v bowl with stainless steel 6,7l, variable speed, glass thermo th resistant blender (1.6 liters), chopper, citrus press, weight podribnyuv ah, aluminum housing, silver model kmm063 art.0wkmm06306-18sht; trade mark: kenwood; manufacturer: kenwood limited; country of origin: cn china ua velyka dymerka 0 16.15
18-Jan-2016 8507102090 1.zapasni service parts for gensets, batteries, electrical lead used for starting piston engines rollaway using liquid electrolyte: battery (12v 20ah) for fgd6500e / e3 -20sht. manufacturer - lutian machinery co., ltd country of origin - cn trademark - forte china ningbo cn 0 3.38
18-Jan-2016 8536201000 1. spare parts for agricultural machinery, electrical apparatus for switching or protecting electrical circuits, for a voltage not exceeding 1 000v, automatic switches for the current strength of not more than 63 a: re553702 controller = 2 pcs. purpose - regulator output voltage of the electric generator. use - generator engine. producer: john deere international gmbh; trademarks: john deere. mexico ua m. kirovograd 0 764.10
18-Jan-2016 7019510000 1.tkanyna with sklonytok. steklolakotkan lskl 0,12h15-20kh-155; used as a flexible electric electrical machinery and apparatus rail transport; country of origin - ru; manufacturer - pao "эlektroyzolyt"; trademark - эlektroyzolyt; russian federation ru hotkovo 24 21.08
18-Jan-2016 8536699090 1. whip 12v socket contacts 7 761824-4sht. whip electrical connector for connecting 12v voltage alarm zvitlovoyi trailed sprayer berthoud traker to the electric tractor. parts for agricultural machinery. the european union (eu) fr belleville 0 60.70
12-Jan-2016 8536109090 1. fuse 47767034-2sht. safety fuses for current strength of 125 a, 32 b for voltage electrical system firm tractor case new holland. parts for agricultural machinery. null de heidelberg 0 230.23
12-Jan-2016 8544300098 1. spare parts for agricultural machinery fendt, massey ferguson and other equipment, new wiring sets for spark plugs and other types of wiring sets used in motor vehicles, electrical wiring art. h524300020010 -2sht. trademark: agco country of origin: it manufacturer: agco international gmbh italiya fr ennery 0 793.49
12-Jan-2016 9029100090 1.lichylnyk machine hours, electrical, designed to measure and display time to time between engine propelled road construction machinery (loader), operating hours counter art. gs-3 lg853.15.21 -10sht. trademark: lonking. manufacturer: lonking machinery co., ltd country of origin: cn. china ua odessa 0 34.98
11-Jan-2016 8501523090 1.dvyhuny electrical alternating current, new, three-phase, designed for various industrial equipment and machinery, power more than 7,5kvt, but not more than 37kvt: three-phase electric pef 160l 4 15,0kw 400 / 690-50 ip55 clf b5 atex ii 2g ex d iic t4 zona 1 15kvt capacity, 1460ob / min. -1sht. total - 1pc. trademark: electro adda. country of origin: it. manufacturer: electro adda spa italiya lt vilnius 0 8.91
11-Jan-2016 8501522090 1.dvyhuny electrical alternating current, new, three-phase, designed to drive various industrial equipment and machinery, power more than 750vt, but not more than 7,5kvt: three-phase electric pef 100l 8 1,1kw 230 / 400-50 ip55 clf b5 atex ii 2g ex d iib t4 zona 1 1,1kvt capacity, 700ob / min. -1sht. three-phase electric pef 112m 4 4,0kw 230 / 400-50 ip55 clf b5 atex ii 2g ex d iib t4 zona 1 power 4kw, 1430ob / min. -1sht. three-phase electric pef 100l 4 3.0kw 230 / 400-50 ip55 clf b5 atex ii 2g ex d iib t4 zona 1 3kvt capacity, 1420ob / min. -1sht. three-phase electric pef 132s 4 5.5kw 400 / 690-50 ip55 clf b5 atex ii 2g ex d iib t4 zona 1 5,5kvt capacity, 1440ob / min. -1sht. total - 4 pieces. trademark: electro adda. country of origin: it. manufacturer: electro adda spa italiya lt vilnius 0 8.89

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