Details of Console Import Data to Ukraine

Date Hs Code Item Description Origin Country Place Delivery Gross Weight KG USD Per KG
30-Jan-2016 8302490090 1.armatura fasteners, fittings and analog-tech products made of metals nedorohotsiynyh: fastening for d / cab. b set bvs2-l 100 chrom complete art.d01000a072-1sht; attachments for d / cab. b set bsdps-l 120 chrom complete art.d01000a082-2sht; attachments for d / cab. b set bsd2-l 100 chrom complete art.d01000a086-1sht; console washbasin classic 600,800 art.b14000100q-5pcs; profile for curtain dush.kabina 9975.12 bright art.xv997512u0968-2sht 968; trademark brand ravak ravak as country of eu the european union (eu) cz mosnov 23959 7.03
29-Jan-2016 8302419000 fittings mounting for use in buildings, steel: console collector for mounting to a wall art.271 -30sht. country of origin - italy, it italiya nyiregyhaza hu 6 12.58
27-Jan-2016 3926300090 1.zapasni parts from plastic, decorative any passenger a / m new art.243824ba2a - plastic cap fuse box, 1pc. art.285334ba6c - plastic lining, 2 pcs. art.682604md0b - lining console central 1am. art.808201ka0a - molding door-1am. origin - country of thailand - th trade mark - nissan brand - nissan international sa thailand nl amsterdam 1105 43.79
27-Jan-2016 7326909490 1.lotky elements and compounds of zinc-coate noah steel, stamped, for overhead wiring prok ladko: art. 35020 tray 50x50 l3000 -216m. art. 35260zl tray perforyrovannыy 50-50 l 3000, zinc lamelnыy -72m. art. 35520 krыshka with grounding tray osn.50 l3000 -216m. art. 35520zl krыshka tray with grounding osn.50 l 3000, zinc lamelnaya -144m. art. 35523 krыshka with grounding tray osn.150 l3000 -384m. art. 35524 krыshka with grounding tray osn.200 l3000 -1200m. art. 35525 krыshka with grounding tray osn.300 l3000 -1056m. art. 35526 krыshka with grounding tray osn.400 l3000 -300m. art. bba3010 lehkaya potolochnaya ds console osn.100 -28sht mm. art. bbc3015 lehkaya console dw osn.150 -24sht mm. art. bbc3020 lehkaya console dw osn.200 -54sht mm. art. bbh6020 usylennaya console -20sht 200 mm. art. bpl2920 u-shaped profil psl, l2000, tolsch.1,5 mm -428m. art. bpl4130 c-shaped profil 41h41, l3000, tolsch.1,5 mm -36m. art. bpm2930 u-shaped profil psm, l3000, tolsch.2,5 mm -150m. art. bsf4102hdz kreplenye with ploschadkoy 140h60mm the profile for bpm-41 horyacheotsynkovannoe -45sht. art. btg2001hdz osnovanie opornoy constructions, horyacheotsynkovannoe -2sht. art. bth2030hdz connector parts bokovыh opornoy constructions btl-20 horyacheotsynkovannыy -8sht. art. btl2032hdz bokovaya part opornoy constructions (poles эstakadы) 3200 mm horyacheotsynkovannaya -4sht. art. lc0134 angle horizontal 45 degrees 100x400 r-300 -2sht. art. lc1340 angle horizontal 90 degrees 100x400 r-300 -12sht. art. lc8320 angle horizontal 90 degrees 80x200 r-300 -2sht. art. lc8330hdz angle horizontal 90 degrees 80h300 r-300, horyacheotsynkovannыy -3sht. art. le8003hdz angle vertcal sharnyrnыy 80h300 universal, horyacheotsynkovannыy -3sht. art. lk0043 krыshka on ugol horizontal 90 degrees, osn.400, r = 300mm -4sht. art. ll1040 lestnychnыy tray 100h400, l3000 -120m. art. ll5030 lestnychnыy tray 50h300, l3000 -36m. art. ulh613 tray lestnychnыy 100h300, longeron 2 mm, l 6m -48m. art. ulh682 tray lestnychnыy 80h200, longeron 2 mm, l 6 m -6m. trademark: dkc country of origin: ru manufacturer: ooo "system 5" russian federation ru tver 0 1.35
27-Jan-2016 8517620000 1. switch catalyst 2960-x 24 gige poe 370w, 4 x 1g sfp, lan base (serial number foc1950s3kj) ws-c2960x-24ps-l-1pc .; expansion module keyboard (keyboard console keyboard) cisco ip phone key expansion module (serial №№ fch19512e2q; fch19512dqa; fch19512efy; fch19512euq; fch19512f10; fch19512ep5; fch19512ere; fch19512eb8; fch19512ekq; fch19512dwb; fch19512dyj; fch19512ehh; fch19512ds3; fch19512dwt; fch19512e38; fch19512e8u; fch19512e8r; fch19512e1f; fch19512eek; fch19512duj), cp-bekem = - 20pcs., switch cisco catalyst 3650 48 port roe 4x 1g uplink ip base (serial № fdo1948e30z), ws-c3650-48ps-s-1pc .; sfp module (transceiver) 1000base-t transceiver module for category 5 copper wire (serial numbers №№ avc1938260u, avc1938260w, avc1938260z, avc19382610, avc1938260y, avc19382611, avc1938260v, avc1938260s, avc1938260t, avc1938260x), glc-te = - 10pc., manufacturer - cisco systems inc. do not include adapters for wireless data transmission. no additional components. do not include devices for recording video or audio and cryptographic schemes. china kyiv ua 0 402.31
26-Jan-2016 8543709000 1.mashyny electric performing certain functions and are intended for information "unity aba two more sounds, mixing consoles presonus studiolive 16.0.2 208,202 studiolive- 1pc; studio 192 221 939 presonus studio 192- 3pc; studiolive 16.4.2ai 213,344 presonus studiolive 16.4. 2a -1sht; rm32ai 220,239 presonus rm32ai 32- 1pc, (used for professional music equipment.) country of cn trademark brand presonus presonus china ua m.kyiv 88 35.06
26-Jan-2016 8543709000 1.mashyny electric performing certain functions and are intended for information "unity aba two more sounds, mixing consoles 2034521-00 206,235 mackie onyx blackjack-10pc; 2044603-01 221,774 mackie profx16v2- 2 pcs; 2044094-01 220,372 mackie mix5 - 20pcs; 2044095-01 220,373 mackie mix8 - 4 pieces, (used for professional music equipment.) country of cn. mackie trademark. the manufacturer mackie. china ua m.kyiv 86 26.74
25-Jan-2016 8433900000 1.chastyny ​​intended solely to rake art.155920104 console tubular 4 pcs. tubular art.155920104 console-9 units. art.155920104 tubular console 1 pc. the european union (eu) si sempeter v savinjski 56 10.04
23-Jan-2016 8708299000 1.chastyny ​​body, new automobiles, wheel arch: art.4g0853888c-1pc, side of the body: art.4l0809837-1sht; mud guards (included 2 pcs.): art. 7f0075101-1sht, mud flaps (included 2 pcs.): art.3g0075101-1sht;: art. 6ru075101a-1am;: art.3g0075111-1sht;: art. 3g0075101-1sht;: art.3g0075101-1sht;: art. 6ru075101a-1am;: art.3g0075111-1sht;: art. 3g0075111-1sht;: art.4m0075101-2sht;: art.4m 0075111-2sht, roof: art.3g5817111-1sht; door: art.4g0831052-1sht;: art.5n0831055b- 1pc, double rear doors, art. 7h0827092ap-1pc, external rack da volkswagen 340 x l: art.71200-1sht, guard (protecting the engine compartment): art.3c0825271 b-1am;: art.3c0825271b-2 pcs, wheel arch cover: art.8r0821172f-1am; housing bottom, t.3c0825272b al-1am;: art.3c0825272b-1am; : art.3c0825272b-2 pcs;: art.3c0825272b-2 pcs; console basket: art.4h0805951f-1am; wing: art.4h0821105b-1am;: art.3c8821022- 1pc;: art.3c0821022-1sht, front right fender: art.8r0821106a-1am;: art.8r0821106a -1sht, trunk lid, art. 3c5827025h-1am;: 1pc art.3c5827025h, a cover and hood: art.8r0823029h-1am;: art. 3c0823031c-1pc, bracket wings: art.4g982 1101-1sht; amp povitryaprovodu body elements: art.6ru813331-1sht, locker and rky wheels: art.3aa805911-1sht;: art. 3c0805912a 9b9-1sht;: art.3aa805978-1sht;: a rt.3c0805977-1sht;: art.3c0805978-1sht; : art.3c0805978-1sht;: art.3aa805978-1sht;: a rt.7e0809962f-1am;: art.5n0805911a-1am; plate covering the bottom basket: art.1k0825 272a-2 pcs;: art.1k0825271a-2 pcs, lining the bottom: art.4g0825202a-1am;: art.3c8825201a -1sht;: art.4m0825205l-1am;: art. 7p0825202c-1am;: art.3c8825202b-2 pcs;: art. 3c0825202e-1pc, grille: art.4l0807683e 01c-1am;: 8854662 art.3c 041-1sht;: art. 3c0853651afpwf-1am;: art.3c8853651aaryp 1 pc;: art.3c0853651akpwf-1am;: art. 8r0853651act94-1sht; support body: art.1j08 13955-1sht, rear panel lantern: art.5k6813320c-1pc, front body panel: art.1k0805588f-1am;: art. 3c0805588h-1pc, dashboard, art.8r185 7003g 24a-1pc, front panel of body: art.4g0805594c-1pc, rellingen roof kit (included 2 pcs.): art. 4m0071151-1sht, spoiler wheels: art.4g08538 87c-1am;: art.4g0853887c-1pc, rack basket: art.5k0806930b-1am; previous traverse echna: art.7l8825195a-1am; shumozahyst: art. 8j8825237a-8 pieces, tool box in the trunk vmon tovanyy: art.4g0012109a-1am; manufacturer: volkswagen ag; trade mark: volkswagen; country of origin: de; germany hu budaers 0 31.73
22-Jan-2016 7322190000 1.radiatory steel central opa not principles for good governance electric vonoplan: art. f1j2206009210000 radiator vonoplan type 22kv nyzhn.pidkl.z co. 600h920 2 pcs; art. f1j2205012010000 radiator vonoplan type 22kv nyzhn.pidkl.z co. 500h1200 1 unit; art. f1j2205018010000 radiator vonop lan type 22kv nyzhn.pidkl.z co. 500h1800 1pc; art. f1j2205014010000 radiator vono plan type 22kv nyzhn.pidkl.z co. 500h 1400 1pc. total: 5 units equipped with consoles for them (mounting kit for wall-nyzhn.pidklyuch. and a wall-mounting kit, plug, valve-majewski for beach district. connect.). trademark: vogel & noot. country of origin - hu. manufacturer: rettig hungary kft. hungary kyiv ua 0 2.46
22-Jan-2016 7322190000 1. radiatory steel central heating neelektrychni vonova: art. f1e2203012010000 radiator type 22k bok.pidkl.z co. 300h1200 3 pieces; art. f1e2203020010000 radiator type 22k bok.pidkl.z co. 300h2000 2 units; art. f1e2205005210000 radiator type 22k bok.pidkl.z co. 500h520 26 pc; art. f1e2205006010000 radiator type 22k bok.pidkl.z co. 500h600 14 units; art. f1e2205018010000 radiator type 22k bok.pidkl.z co. 500h1800 2 units; art. f1g1103004010000 radiator type 11kv nyzhn.pidkl.z co. 300h400 1 unit; art. f1g2203005210000 radiator type 22kv nyzhn.pidkl.z co. 300h520 13 pc; art. f1g2203006010000 radiator type 22kv nyzhn.pidkl.z co. 300x600 7 pc; art. f1g2203007210000 radiator type 22kv nyzhn.pidkl.z co. 300h720 5 pc; art. f1g2203009210000 radiator type 22kv nyzhn.pidkl.z co. 300h920 2 units; art. f1g2203013210000 radiator type 22kv nyzhn.pidkl.z co. 300h1320 1 unit; art. f1g2203020010000 radiator type 22kv nyzhn.pidkl.z co. 300h2000 7 pc; art. f1g2205008010000 radiator type 22kv nyzhn.pidkl.z co. 500h800 17 pc; art. f1g1105005210000 radiator type 11kv nyzhn.pidkl.z co. 500h520 3 pieces; art. f1g2203018010000 radiator type 22kv nyzhn.pidkl.z co. 300h1800 3 pieces; art. f1g2203020010000 radiator type 22kv nyzhn.pidkl.z co. 300h2000 6 pc; art. f1g2206010010000 radiator type 22kv nyzhn.pidkl.z co. 600h1000 3 pieces; art. f1g3303020010000 radiator type 33kv nyzhn.pidkl.z co. 300h2000 10 pieces; art. f1m2018006010000 radiator type 20ks vertyk.bok.pidkl.z co. 1800h600 4 pieces; art. f1e2203005210000 radiator type 22k bok.pidkl.z co. 300h520 33 pc; art. f1e2203006010000 radiator type 22k bok.pidkl.z co. 300x600 11 pc; art. f1e2203007210000 radiator type 22k bok.pidkl.z co. 300h720 14 units; art. f1e3303012010000 radiator type 33k bok.pidkl.z co. 300h1200 4 pieces; art. f1g1105004010000 radiator type 11kv nyzhn.pidkl.z co. 500h400 1 unit; art. f1g2203013210000 radiator type 22kv nyzhn.pidkl.z co. 300h1320 1 unit; art. f1g2205005210000 radiator type 22kv nyzhn.pidkl.z co. 500h520 123 pieces; art. f1g2205008010000 radiator type 22kv nyzhn.pidkl.z co. 500h800 127 pieces; art. f1g2205011210000 radiator type 22kv nyzhn.pidkl.z co. 500h1120 120 pieces; art. f1g2205013210000 radiator type 22kv nyzhn.pidkl.z co. 500h1320 1 unit; art. f1g2205014010000 radiator type 22kv nyzhn.pidkl.z co. 500h1400 7sht. total: 571 pc equipped with consoles for them (mounting kit for wall-nyzhn.pidklyuch. and a wall-mounting kit, plug, valve-majewski for beach district. connect.). trademark: vogel & noot. country of origin - pl. manufacturer: rettig heating sp.zoo poland kyiv ua 0 1.41
22-Jan-2016 3926300090 1.zapasni made of plastic, and passenger / m prospect island group, new art.53851-47040 - shield-wheel arches 1am. art.pw421-0r000 - deflector hood avensis-1am. art.53293-05080 - radiator deflector-1am. art.53141-02080 - radiator deflector-1am. art.75311-0d030 - emblem (logo) -1sht. art.75388-60010 - emblem (logo) -1sht. art.75389-60010 - emblem (logo) -1sht. art.75389-60010 - emblem (logo) -1sht. art.90975-w2009 - emblem (logo) -1sht. art.90975-w2009 - emblem (logo) -1sht. art.75447-33140 - emblem (logo) -1sht. art.90950-01958 - plug-10pc. art.90950-06115 - plug-1am. art.52127-02921 - plug-bumper 1am. art.52128-48907 - plug-bumper 1am. art.53285-05901 - plug-bumper 1am. art.69250-0t030-a0 - door handle plug-1am. art.55557-53030 - cap glove compartment lid, 2 pcs. art.pc403-0k002 - protective cover wing (c-ct) hilux-1am. art.51408-20090 - motor protection, 1pc. art.51405-20060 - motor protection, 1pc. art.42603-42120 - cap-wheel drive 1am. art.85292-0f010 - cap wiper blades, 2 pcs. art.16471-aa010 - expansion tank cap, 1pc. art.85316-48050 - cover tank washer-8 pieces. art.55550-02361-c1 - box-cover clothing 1pc. art.27416-0w050 - cover roller-1am. art.85353-60050-c1 - lid-jets 1pc. art.85045-0t011-a0 - headlight washer nozzle cap-1am. art.81194-02120 - mounting lights, 1pc. art.52161-02030 - mounting bumper-26sht. art.89348-33100-b1 - mounting the sensor, parking sensors 1pc. art.89348-33100-c0 - mounting the sensor, parking sensors 1pc. art.89348-33100-c0 - mounting the sensor, parking sensors 1pc. art.89348-33100-c0 - mounting the sensor, parking sensors 1pc. art.89348-33100-c0 - mounting the sensor, parking sensors 1pc. art.89348-33060-c0 - mounting the sensor parking sensors, 2 pcs. art.81193-60130 - mount washer-1am. art.75606-42190 - body moldings, 1pc. art.51775-60090 - body moldings, 1pc. art.75755-60060 - body moldings, 1pc. art.75535-60020 - body moldings, 1pc. art.75535-60020 - body moldings, 1pc. art.53125-48080 - moldings radiator 1am. art.75533-24080 - moldings glass-1am. art.53181-02040 - headlight moldings, 1pc. art.pz415-e2851-02 - door moldings (2 pcs.) - 1pc. art.pz415-70490-zb - decorative cover door-1am. art.43458-06020 - axles pylnyk-1am. art.53875-02480 - pidkrylok-2 pcs. art.53876-0d120 - pidkrylok-1am. art.53879-30050 - piston-mounting lockers 1am. art.17752-37030 - air duct (plastic) -1sht. art.17751-28060 - air duct (plastic) -1sht. art.58861-60150 - 1pc-air duct. art.58831-0f030 - decor console ppc-2 pcs. art.17894-28110 - air filter, resonator 1am. country of origin - jp trademark - toyota brand - toyota motor europe nv / sa. null kyiv ua 15234 85.23
22-Jan-2016 8464100000 1.kamenerizalni complete machine tool, model er-25 -5 to-ing, power 18,5-22kvt max. -1800mm diameter saws, console type. designed for cutting stone. not military. manufacturer -xiamen eastern pegasus co., ltd, china. china cn xiamen 17050 1.33
18-Jan-2016 3926300090 1.zapasni made of plastic, and passenger / m prospect island group, new art.pz451-j0532-za - wind deflector window (c-ct) -1sht. art.55459-60010 - insert proprietary box-1am. art.53294-60121 - radiator deflector-1am. art.53294-60121 - radiator deflector-1am. art.53295-33100 - radiator deflector-1am. art.16711-38170 - difuzor fan-1am. art.88454-60061 - diffuser fan-1am. art.90975-02147 - emblem (logo) -1sht. art.90975-w2008 - emblem (logo) -1sht. art.75442-33300 - emblem (logo) -1sht. art.55539-02100-b0 - plug-1am. art.81482-50010 - plug-bumper 1am. art.52127-48911 - bumper cap, 2 pcs. art.52128-02030 - plug-bumper 1am. art.52122-60010 - plug-bumper 1am. art.52127-05060 - plug-bumper 1am. art.69217-28010-b7 - door handle plug-1am. art.75596-35030 - moldings plug-3pc. art.75596-35030 - cap moldings, 2 pcs. art.45187-42020-b0 - plug-1pc steering wheel. art.75865-50110 - protection threshold-1am. art.90467-w0006-b0 - piston-mounting (plastic) -1sht. art.64771-42110-b2 - spare wheel cover, 1pc. art.4260b-60380 - cap wheel-1am. art.4260b-60380 - cap wheel-3pc. art.4260b-42010 - cap wheel-1am. art.42602-02410 - wheel-cap 1pc. art.89279-48020-b0 - fog-building 1am. art.85316-48050 - washer tank lid, 2 pcs. art.85386-60060 - washer tank lid, 2 pcs. art.87915-22050-b0 - mirror cover, 1 pc. art.87945-60060-c0 - mirror cover, 1 pc. art.89751-13011 - key-cap 1pc. art.17613-31010 - cover-pump system rvg 1am. art.63492-48020 - hood, roof rails 1pc. art.63494-48050 - hood, roof rails 1pc. art.89348-33100-a3 - fixing the sensor parking sensors, 2 pcs. art.89348-71010-c4 - mounting the sensor parking sensors, 2 pcs. art.74631-0k010-e1 - hook hangers-1am. art.75746-0e010 - door-molding 1am. art.75072-0e010 - body moldings, 1pc. art.75076-0e010 - body moldings, 1pc. art.75533-47050 - body moldings, 1pc. art.75078-0e010 - body moldings, 2 pcs. art.75535-60020 - body moldings, 1pc. art.75531-60080 - body moldings, 1pc. art.75085-60061 - body moldings, 1pc. art.75085-60061 - body moldings, 1pc. art.53121-60140 - moldings radiator 1am. art.75574-42010 - moldings glass-1am. art.75573-60030 - moldings glass-1am. art.53181-02040 - headlight moldings, 1pc. art.pz415-x0492-01 - body moldings (r-ct) -1sht. art.58843-02480 - cover console ppc-1am. art.60118-0d111 - per.stiyky plate-1pc. art.51774-60160-b3 - cover the step-1am. art.73023-30010-b2 - salon plate 1pc. art.73024-30010-b2 - salon plate 1pc. art.pz039-06403-00 - body kit (plate door, right) camry-1am. art.55708-42190 - povitrozabirna-panel 1pc. art.53876-02500 - pidkrylok-1am. art.53806-60040 - pidkrylok-1am. art.53875-47031 - pidkrylok-6 pieces. art.53875-60043 - pidkrylok-1am. art.53805-05012 - pidkrylok-1am. art.90084-46020 - piston-mounting (plastic) -2sht. art.62940-16060 - 1pc-air duct. art.74222-60170 - handrail salon and 1am. art.53828-60060 - protector wing-1am. art.pz321-60806-b1 - tread-spoiler 1am. art.11296-38040 - information plate-1pc. country of origin - jp trademark - toyota brand - toyota motor europe nv / sa. null kyiv ua 44866 54.85
18-Jan-2016 9031200000 1. test stands: cr-jet 4e, which yavlyut a test console designed to test and verify diesel fuel injectors system common-rail - 2 pcs. serial numbers machine: 872, 880. year: 2016 specifications: power - on ac 380v, motor power 3 kw, volume of test fluid tank 30dm.kub., oholozhuvalnoho compressor power - 800w, the number of simultaneously tested -4sht nozzles. supplied understaffed, composed of building bench - 2 pcs, 3-phase motor -2sht pump cr cp3 -2sht., pre-cooling heat sink - 2 pcs., pc, 2 pcs., monitor-2 pcs. stand test cr-jet-pd for diesel pump nozzles and pump sections of uis, 1 pc. the serial number of the machine: 911 year: 2016 specifications: power - on ac 380v, 11kw engine power, volume of test fluid tank 30dm.kub. supplied understaffed, comprising: building a stand - 1pc, 3-phase motor 11kw -1sht., pre-cooling radiator, 1pc., cam-box for pump-injectors 1pc., frequency converter schnaeder-1pc., pc-1 pc., monitor-1am. manufacturer: ou "dieselland" torh.marka: no data. estonia ee tartu 1472 5.02
18-Jan-2016 7308400000 1.vyroby ferrous metaliv.ustatkuvannya and parts team formwork such that were in use: doka eurex ceiling rack for 20 550art.586090000- count 60 sht.doka-resistant ceiling for eurex 250art.586086000 20-k -th-26 sht.doka ceiling rack for eurex 400art.586089000 20-count 11-sht.doka ceiling rack for eurex 400art.586089000 20-count 14-sht.doka eurex ceiling rack for 30 250art .586092000-count-69- sht.doka eurex ceiling rack for 20 550art.586090000 -kil th-1-sht.doka resistant to overlap eurex 20 250 art.586086000-count-resistant 60 sht.doka eurex to overlap 450art.586119000 30-count-2-rack for overlapped sht.doka ing eurex 450art.586119000 30-count 32-sht.doka ceiling rack for eurex 350art.586088000 20-count 10-sht.doka ceiling rack for eurex 400art.586095000 30-count 30-pc .doka ceiling rack for eurex 450art.586119000 30-count-119 console sht.framax 90art.588167000-count 50-sht.doka ceiling rack for eurex 250art.586086000 20-count 77-pc .doka ceiling rack for eurex 400art.586089000 20-count 3-pc. manufacturer: doka gmbh country of eu. trade mark doka die schalungstechniker the european union (eu) at amstetten 0 1.24
18-Jan-2016 6910900000 1.keramichnyy sink, white: sirius (55 x 45 x 18.8 cm) 79344012-1sht code; miramar (55 x 46 cm) 7099-5sht code 80d; ceramic bowl, "l" -bokove connection, white: connect (36.5 x 54.5 x 40 cm) 79338034-1sht code; connect, 79338037-1sht code; ceramic tank to the toilet, white: connect arc, 79337856-1sht code; ceramic pedestal basin, white: connect (19.5 x 19 x 72 cm) 79337973-1sht code; ceramic toilet console: connect (36.5 x 54 x 33.8 cm, white) code 79338035-1sht; brand ideal standard vidima ad; trademark ideal standard vidima ad; country of bg; bulgaria ro bucharest 0 2.42
12-Jan-2016 9506911000 1. inventory and supplies for physical training, gymnastics or athletics - fitness with variable mechanisms burden: e850 elliptical trainer - 30 pcs. e850p elliptical trainer - 30 pcs. e7000p + elliptical trainer - 25 pcs. e60 elliptical trainer - 10 units. spare parts, spare parts to handle trainers - 10 units. spare parts to crank training equipment - 10 units. pedal spare parts for trainers - 10 units. spare parts for seat trainers - 5. a1 reversible powerful engine spare parts for trainers - 5. j-screen console with specialized spare parts for trainers - 3 pieces. country of origin: cn trademark: sportop manufacturer: iviva international corp. china cn ningbo 5607 2.92
12-Jan-2016 8302419000 1. fittings fasteners, fittings and similar articles of base metal, wa11 wall console for narbonne v and v vt type 10, 11, 20, 21 (including the width 286) (az1bu00011002000, purmo); set rail brackets monclac mck-108 for hygienic radiators h = 500 mm. the european union (eu) pl rybnik 0 7.02
12-Jan-2016 8538909100 1.elektronni module (interface unit, power connection) console time- slime control systems pnevmoostrovamy lohychnoho technological equipment. camc-ds-m1 2sht.camc-f-pn 1sht.camc-f-pn 1am. germany frankfurt de 0 308.30

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