Details of HS Code 8434 Import Data to Ukraine

Date Hs Code Item Description Origin Country Place Delivery Gross Weight KG USD Per KG
26-Jan-2016 8434900000 1.chastyny ​​milking machines, pulsator "hp101" for milking machines; art.95858098-24sht. pulsator "hp102" for milking machines; art.98927187-10sht. (used exclusively as part of the milking device) trademark: delaval. manufacturer: delaval international ab. country of origin: se. sweden ua brovary 15501 110.66
19-Jan-2016 8434100000 1. materials for dairy farms equipment delaval art. 91572180 milking machines "tu100" - 1 pc. art. 91572580 milking machines "tu200" - 50 pieces. country of origin - se trade mark - delaval sweden ua brovary 4116675 29.10
05-Jan-2016 8434200000 1. module for milk deaeration art. 6 vk650 type, alfa laval deaeration module alrox 6-dr650 - 1 pc. country of origin - it trade mark - alfalaval italiya it parma 1100 60.45
04-Jan-2016 8434900000 1.chastyny milking equipment, pulsators for r4s art.0393860-8 pieces. is an integral part of milking machines trademark: milkline producer: milkline vacuum controller supavak art.0481200-3 pcs., vacuum controller supavak 8200 art.0481150-2sht. in a partially disassembled state. a device for maintaining a stable level of vacuum in the milking system, which operates on the principle reducing valve, increasing, or decreasing the intake air at atmospheric increase or lowering of the vacuum in the system before adjustment (standard) values ​​(-0,46-0,5 cpa). supplied includes: sam controller vacuum plastic tube control signal 2 m plastic jack control signal-1 units, plastic clamps for fastening the slot fixation tubes control signals to the main vakuumprovodu-14 pcs.) manufacturer: waikato trademark : waikato. air inzhektor 24v art.0450590m-1sht.tse device that is installed on the pipe for air supply in while flushing stadiyiyi parlors. trademark: milkline producer: milkline country of origin: nz. new zealand it podenzano pyachensa 18452 181.19
04-Jan-2016 8434900000 part 1 milking equipment, art.0430723 index of omron 61f-gp-n2-3 pieces. part of fullness control unit molokopryymacha parlors. manufacturer: omron. country of origin: jp. japan it podenzano pyachensa 0 354.81
04-Jan-2016 8434900000 1.chastyny milking equipment, pulsators double p550 art.03931633-5 pcs., double pulsator p580 art.03931634-10 pieces. pulsator 24v master art.0393163-5 pieces. pulsator controller 24v * ms200 art.0393705-10sht ., collector ffs30 art.0393711-5sht. are essential part milking machines, controls pulsation diykovoyi gum milking process. manufacturer: scr. trademark: milkline. country of origin: il. israel it podenzano pyachensa 32005 139.16
04-Jan-2016 8434900000 1.chastyny milking equipment adapter pulsator std art.0400012-10 pieces. trademark: interpuls producer: interpuls. milpro art.0414810-30sht collector distributor. is an integral part collectors milking apartment milpro; baffle with wires parallel p4c art.04148551-8 pieces. unknown "capacious part milking machine which is in drains and serves to separate dairy flows each milking, milking cups made of stainless steel, 175 g art.`0460222-32 pcs .; pulsator l02 art.0391565-10sht repair kits. (consisting of one repair kits: screw tie-3pc membrane mala- 2 units, membrane big-2 units, slider plastic vt-1, -2 silicone sealant vt instruction obsluhovuvannya- 1 pc.) ll90 art.`0391676-20sht repair kits., (consisting of one repair kits: screw tie -2 vt-1 cover screws vt filter pulsator vt-1 membrane big-2 units, membrane ma a-2 vt-1 slider plastic vt silicon sealant -4 vt instruction obsluhovuvannya- 1 pcs.) manufacturer: interpuls. probe of molokopryymacha art.0430740-2 pieces. producer: dyflektor since draws parallels p4c art .04148551 -5 pcs., unknown "capacious part milking machine which is in drains and serves to separate dairy flows each milking; milking cups nzh milklayn art.0460224-8sht. country of origin: it italiya it podenzano pyachensa 14848 123.52
04-Jan-2016 8434900000 1.chastyny ​​milking: - sat 2a collector count-50sht; - shryb-161-23.000 collector count-24sht - shryb-161-23.000-01 collector count-20pcs - 18 b camera back pulsator valve, count-20pcs - sat lid 1b milking bucket " volga "with pulsators, count-10pc; - shryb 161-13.001-01 distributor-collector, count-50sht; - shryb-25-90.000.7 milking unit 8a adm-200-m2 / 18 (№2 place complete with 18 milking machines), count-1am; trademark-kurhansilmash. producers of "kurhansilmash." country of-ru. russian federation ru mound 131 16.99

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