Details of HS Code 8432 Import Data to Ukraine

Date Hs Code Item Description Origin Country Place Delivery Gross Weight KG USD Per KG
30-Jan-2016 8432900000 1.chastyny ​​steel with additional processing (grinding, milling) to s / g tehniky.zahysnyy fertilizer spreader plate-3pc, catalog number 934332, casing fertilizer application left-1pc, catalog number 934637, fertilizer spreader blades set, 3pc, number in the catalog 1985110, spiral tube spreader fertilizer-6 pieces, number catalog 938023, coulters row 4 pieces, number catalog 103550837, hub disc drills 10pc, number in the catalog 78101200, zahortach drills 48sht, number catalog 204238, set of blades fertilizer spreader, 6 pieces, catalog number 924322, distribution disc spreader mindy brive-4 pieces, number catalog 927778, zahortach drills 5pcs, number catalog 959334, zahortach drills 1pc, number catalog 959 335, lever drill-12p, number catalog 972813, shovel drill-1pc, number catalog 973017, tag drill-assembly 2 pcs, number 974869 in the catalog, sowing coulters, 2 pcs, catalog number 975654, sowing coulters, 3pc, catalog number 977351, wheel prykochuyuche 330x65-10sht drills, catalog number for le373. brand-amazonen-werke h. dreyer gmbh & co. kg, torh.marka-amazonen. the european union (eu) de wildeshausen 375642 29.01
29-Jan-2016 8432900000 1.chastyny ​​carbon steel to pochvoobroblyuyuchoyi technology: tooth harrow, art.820-288c-106 units, assembled cepphus (hvint 1pc, 1pc nut, washer 2 pcs, cepphus 1pc packed together) art.121-781a-74 pcs trading brand-great plains. country vyrobnytstva- cn. brand-great plains mfg., inc. china us salina 0 0.00
29-Jan-2016 8432900000 1.chastyny ​​carbon steel to pochvoobroblyuyuchoyi equipment: disc harrows, art.820-460s-14 units, trademark-great plains. country vyrobnytstva- ca. brand-great plains mfg., inc. canada us salina 0 3.96
29-Jan-2016 8432900000 1.chastyny ​​carbon steel to pochvoobroblyuyuchoyi technology: shoe fixing hycha, art.817-438c-45 units, mounting shoe hycha, art.817-398c 50 pieces, block fingers sowing machine (corn, 12 pal.), art. 343029-37 units, bunker sowing grain, art.817-267c 3 pcs wheel lever prykotuyuchoho bottom art.122-188h-2 units, driven wheel art.814-134c 4 pcs sowing machine (corn) art.890-856c 15 units, box sections kreplenyya spring opener small art.406-010d-6 unit, insert plates sowing machine, art.342110-57 unit, insert plates sowing machine, art.342108-6 units, fungus distributor of seeds, art.168- 216h-1 units, disk sowing apparatus for sorghum 130 holes art.817-800c-16 units, cd marker art.820-094c 2 pcs cd marker art.820-094c 2 pcs cd marker art .820-094c 10 pcs cd marker art.820-094c-12 units, cd marker art.113-563s 10 pcs cd marker assemblies art.113-025s-1 units, disc cutters 15 " , art.820-327c-6 units, clam shell sowing machine, art.800-179c 20 pcs zernoprovid section of the shoe sensor art.403-214s 4 pcs reel dyskovoy harrows long, art.556-124d- 2 units, wheel prykatuyuche, art.814-400c-6 pieces corps sowing coil, art.817-094c-1 units, coil casing sowing, art.817-075c-9 units, coil sowing machine, rt.890-190c-22 pcs coil seeder for milkonainnyevyh cultures art.817-010c-80 pcs coil sowing dry fertilizer art.817-053c-46 units, hopper lid, art.817-896c 2 pcs cover bunker, art.817-263c-37 pcs, cover distributor zernoprovodiv drills art.168-314d 4 pcs keaton (nasinnyaukladalnyk) art.120825-16 pieces, adjusting tube art.120-214h-1 units, prykochuyuchoho control wheel art.122-001s-27 pcs separator divider art.817-234c 5 pcs rack tooth art.404-082h-1 units, rack prykoch. wheel art.199-042d-12 units, shoe rack (left) art.204-236v 4 pcs rack paws cultivator, art.820-297c 110 units, seven "yaprovid, art.817-697c-131 pcs holder cepphus opener, art.404-170h-32 pcs, tube nasinneva, art.817-715c 20 pcs cepphus shoe holder, art.404-152d-360 units, mills in the collection, art.204-127s- 5 pieces, mills drills art.820-018c 4 pcs cepphus drive left, art.404-153d-360 units, mounting prykotuyuchoho wheel art.199-022h-2 units, transport hub wheel drills in the collection, art. 815-096c-6 pieces, in the hub assembly, art.402-066s 2 pcs nasinnyaprovid, art.817-314c 449-unit, upper rack prykotuyuchoho wheel art.199-025d 5 pcs rack in erhnya prykotuyuchoho wheel art.199-025d-23 units, trademark-great plains. country vyrobnytstva- us. brand-great plains mfg., inc. united states us salina 0 24.47
29-Jan-2016 8432900000 1. discs to harrows, parts for agricultural machinery for soil cultivation made of steel. : 528mc517gm disco gm 7,0 1905-28ms.51 disc 54sht. 526ms706gm disco gm 6,0 1905-26 ms.70 disc 109sht. 526s706 disco 6,0 1905-26 p.70 disc 58sht. 6226mr6256ik disco ik 6,0 1962-26mr625 disc 106sht. 522mr4556hhbn hh 6,0 1905-22mr455 disc 100 pieces. india ua kharkov 0 1.82
29-Jan-2016 8432301900 1.obladnannya used in household salt sky in the processing of the soil, sowing combination disk type (r.vyhotovlennya 2016, new seeding inaccurate, performance, 7ha / h lifetime: not set) model terrasem (c8 fertilizer) of the control mechanism seeding (in the form napivrozibranomu), serial number vbp00065005000860, art.8518.00.640.8-1sht; country of origin: de. trade mark 'pottinger'.firma manufacturer:' pottinger ' germany ua pine 13000 10.49
28-Jan-2016 8432210000 1.borona disk lemken rubin 9/600 kua - 1pc., serial number 356816. the working width of 6m. second hand 2010 release. some areas damaged by corrosion harrows, the working parts with signs of use. null pl thomas 6800 3.29
28-Jan-2016 8432900000 1.komplektuyuchi to s / g technology of preparation to / tillage ferrous metals: art.31266 ploughshare baking powder 55x15x37 71 5009-60sht. art.49472 chisel plow long-r kk063090m pc -10sht. art.49471 chisel plow long-r kk053090m pc -14sht. art.67831 right wing cultivator 337 4 462mwh-13sht. art.67832 left wing cultivator 337 44 63mwh -13sht. tip art.67808 cultivator blades 337 4443mwh-30sht. the front plow right art.89062 412 8170m-3 0sht. the front plow left art.89063 412 8171m-50. art.69374 disc harrows zubch. 9031.13.29m -10sht. art. 62855 tooth harrow 445067m -50sht. art. disc coulter 340x2,5 81465 23010201 m -200sht. art. 89062 stand 412 plow right 8170m -3sht. art. 89063 stand the plow left 412 -3sht 8171m. vyrobnyk- orgatop (eu). trade marka- orgatop. null de soest 1833 4.66
28-Jan-2016 8432900000 1. parts that are intended for installation only on sowing: dbva37177 finger-504sht sowing machine. dbvn238038 bracket-4 pieces. dbvan281359 prykatuyuche wheel, 2 pcs. dbva69212-coil sowing 1am. packaged and packaged for retail and wholesale trade mark torhivli.vyrobnyk dbv dbv country of origin us united states de altenweddingen 37081 67.17
25-Jan-2016 8432900000 1.chastyny ​​to garden equipment: clutch cable for cultivator solo 503-508, steel, pvc-sheath., art. sl0308020002 - 1 pc. at 1 pc trade mark - al-ko manufacturer - solo kleinmotoren gmbh france de herbrechtingen 0 243.29
22-Jan-2016 8432409000 1.mehanichni device for spreading organic fertilizers used in adivnytstvi p. spreaders mounted (i attached to the tractor using specialized fasteners s). prydyatsya operated with th pto tractor. model ds-sn - 2 pcs. serial numbers 01/32 / 2016, 02/32/2016. intended only for spreading organic fertilizer's (manure) without pesticides or agrokhim mikati. do not contain trans incorporates sensors / receivers. poland pl zdzary 600 0.00
22-Jan-2016 8432301100 1.sivalka "kverneland" electro-mechanical, precision seeder, with a central drive model optima tf profi 8 hd e-drive, 8-row with mizhryadyam 70cm 2015 model year, the new - 2 pcs., 8 soshnikova, working width to 5,6m, unassembled for the purpose of transportation. acquisition individual, according to the order. serial numbers: acpnpxx13023, acpnpxx13024. trade mark-kverneland. country of-de. brand-kverneland group international gmbh germany de soest 6120 0.00
22-Jan-2016 8432301100 1. precision sowing, pneumatic, with central drive: 1677868 pneumatic drill maxima2 tm 600 maize 8r-2 pcs., zav.№ e0278, e0286 new, designed for seeding in? soils. brand kuhn kuhn trade mark country of origin fr france fr chateaubriant 6062 10.43
18-Jan-2016 8432900000 1.chastyny ​​to a machine for processing? soils: - wheels for tillers, art. 112h62-cp - 1pc - mills to tillers, kits, art. 06727-v25-000 - 1pc trade mark - honda brand - honda europe nv united states ua bilohorodka 5002 13.25
18-Jan-2016 8432900000 1.chastyny ​​agricultural machinery for soil preparation and processing (plows, cultivators and seeders): - working body cultivator pluribus strip till, art.7772r02-hs-air-rh-8 pieces; air position press, high-speed, right-hand. the new, 2015 production. designed for cutting band used for planting and strip fertilization of the soil. pryminyayetsya a replaceable working bodies on different types kultyltyvatoriv by replacing some of the work to others. section (body work) consists of the set of three discs and two wavy dorozbyvayuchyh breast wheels. - working body cultivator pluribus strip till, art. 7772r02-hs-air-lh- 8 pieces; air position press, high, left hand side. the new, 2015 production. - pipe-sided, 2.5 inch for air supply of fertilizers in the row cultivator for dawn pluribus striptill. mounted on the opposite side of the working body art.300349_r3-rh-8 pieces; - pipe, left-sided, 2.5 inch for air supply of fertilizers in the row cultivator for dawn pluribus striptill. mounted on the opposite side of the working body art.300349_r3-lh-8 pieces; - pneumatic system components to reduce pressure on pluribus and anhydra, art.400123-2sht; includes: hoses, hose clamps and adapters. - roller zrx module art.400202r-1am; standard, assembly, right, is mounted on the right side of drills, including flange bearing unit. - tube for application of liquid fertilizer art.300350r2-16sht; for working body cultivator pluribus striptill, 1/2 inch set on your body. trade mark country of dawn us producer dawn equipment company united states us sycamore 0 8.94
12-Jan-2016 8432900000 1.chastyny ​​to agricultural machines for preparing or handling soil of planters, drills sn7205-1sht disc holder, the holder frame sn7204-9sht sowing, the sowing 6100032-12sht holder section 854750-14sht left drills, drills right holder section 854751- 14sht holder frame 851945-20sht drills, additional weights of law wr39087-1sht, hub assembly cultivator sn3686-30sht. country of origin - us trade mark - agco manufacturer - agco united states fr ennery 0 7.99
12-Jan-2016 8432900000 1.chastyny ​​to agricultural machines for preparation or processing of the soil cultivator drawbar trailer sn6933-3sht. country of origin - ca trade mark - agco manufacturer - agco canada fr ennery 0 0.00
12-Jan-2016 8432295000 1.hruntofreza for agricultural work, which was to use that to mount a mini-tractor in an amount of 9 pieces. no data model has traces of natural deterioration due to yekspluatatsiyeyu. trademarks: no data. firms manufacturers: no data. country of origin: jp. japan ua c. illichivsk 1350 2.52
12-Jan-2016 8432301100 1.mehanichna precision sowing of the central leads, rotary vacuum "optima 6m 8r + fert.eq." -2sht., 8-row with a working width of 6m frames. row spacing 70cm. serial number: acpnpxx12323. acpnpxx12337 new. year of 2014. equipped equipment for fertilization. intended for use in agriculture for sowing maize and sunflower. partly supplied unassembled to preserve details and convenience in transportation. country of origin de. trademark kverneland. germany de soest 3438 14.89
12-Jan-2016 8432291000 1.mashyny garden for preparation or processing? soils: -aerator petrol lb540.1 (type engine kohler courage xt-6,75 ohv sc, rated power of 2.2 kw / 3 hp) art.6290-011-3101 -16sht. the manufacturer viking. trademark viking. country of at austria fr strasbourg 584336 7.54

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