Details of HS Code 8438 Import Data to Mexico

Date Hs Code Item Description Origin Country Quantity MEASURE CIF Unit USD
31-Jan-2017 84388099 food processor united states of america 3 Piece 365.28
31-Jan-2017 84384001 continuous line for producing disarmed wort full beer with accessories for smooth operation includes brewhouse germany 1 Piece 197812.46
30-Jan-2017 84384001 continuous line for production of beer, disassembled with accessories for installation, and full and normal functioning. belgium 1 Piece 191872.06
30-Jan-2017 84382099 machine for making chocolate tempering with its vibrant table parts and accessories for functioning italy 1 Piece 5369.88
28-Jan-2017 84389099 parts processing plant (cutting discs) poland 20 Piece 33.60
28-Jan-2017 84389099 parts processing plant (cutting discs) poland 20 Piece 39.20
28-Jan-2017 84386001 vegetable cutter poland 20 Piece 884.74
27-Jan-2017 84386099 blender with electric accessories china 1 Piece 1041.51
27-Jan-2017 84381006 mixer china 70 Piece 332.16
27-Jan-2017 84389001 parts mixers (worm gear type) china 2 Piece 1.06
27-Jan-2017 84389001 parts mixers (worm shaft type) china 2 Piece 1.06
27-Jan-2017 84381004 mixer china 6 Piece 738.85
27-Jan-2017 84389001 parts mixers (eje) china 3 Piece 1.06
27-Jan-2017 84389001 parts mercury amzadors (temporizador) china 5 Piece 0.53
27-Jan-2017 84381006 mixer china 1 Piece 1403.19
27-Jan-2017 84389001 parts mixers (eje) china 2 Piece 1.27
27-Jan-2017 84381004 mixer china 15 Piece 385.39
27-Jan-2017 84381004 mixer china 30 Piece 303.42
27-Jan-2017 84382099 line for producing confiteria (soft candy). netherlands (kingdom of the 1 Piece 1964406.41
27-Jan-2017 84386099 blender with accessories spain 1 Piece 274.07

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