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Explore the export data of xperion gmbh

Manufacturer / Shipper Consignee
Notify Party Marks and Numbers
Master Bill of Lading Number Container Number
OOLU3075467740 OOLU1720656
Product Description
Arrival Date 28-Feb-2014
Hs Code 740990
Bill of Loding PNEP62123050250
Loading Port 42879, STADERSAND
Unloading Port 1401, NORFOLK, VA
Place of Receipt KASSEL
Weight 4299.0
Quantity 42.0
Measure(CM) 0.0
Measure 0.0
Measure Unit

Hs Code 740990 Indian export data

We provide detailed information on the Indian export data related to HS Code 740990, you can utilize our precise and accurate data to ascertain your position as compared to the prominent organizations in the industry. Likewise, you can devise your strategy to ensure better customer acquisition and high returns on your investment.

DATECTHProductIndian PortDESTINATION PORTCOUNTRYUQCQuantityTotal PriceUnit Price
26-Nov-2016 74099000 ALLOY COPPER ARTICLE Chennai Air CargoKUALA LUMPUR - INT'LMALAYSIApcs63301.44550.24
26-Nov-2016 74099000 ALLOY COPPER POOJA SET Chennai Air CargoKUALA LUMPUR - INT'LMALAYSIApcs18425.5823.64
25-Nov-2016 74099000 EB WELDED SHUNT STRIPS Delhi Air CargoFRANKFURT/MAIN INT'LGERMANYkgs2203.427464.3412.46
25-Nov-2016 74099000 EB WELDED SHUNT STRIPS Delhi Air CargoCHICAGO, ILUNITED STATESkgs1358.638497.1728.34
25-Nov-2016 74099000 EB WELDED SHUNT STRIPS Delhi Air CargoCHICAGO, ILUNITED STATESkgs250.93676.6914.65

Hs Code 740990 Indian import data

DATECTHProductIndian PortCountryUQCQuantityTotal PriceUnit Price
26-Nov-2016 74099000 COPPER CLAD LAMINATE-502FW 1.6MM x 1020MM x1220MM / 1000 SHEETSBangaloreCHINAnos100017893.7517.89
25-Nov-2016 74099000 (5148805, REV:5) CP7392G2 COLD PLATE (FOR MFR OF ELECTRONICDIAGNOSTIC MEDICAL EQUIPMENT)Banglore Air CargoUNITED STATESnos4514048.36312.19
25-Nov-2016 74099000 BERYLLIUM COPPER STRIP KA 230048P0007 (PARTS FOR RELAY)Delhi Air CargoSWITZERLANDnos11003448.723.14
25-Nov-2016 74099000 BERYLLIUM COPPER STRIP KA 230048P0008 (PARTS FOR RELAY)Delhi Air CargoSWITZERLANDnos20006126.023.06
25-Nov-2016 74099000 BERYLLIUM COPPER STRIP KA 230048P0009 (PARTS FOR RELAY)Delhi Air CargoSWITZERLANDnos350010648.353.04

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At Seair, we provide credible data solutions to our clients in context with HS code 740990. We strive our best to enable you to get satisfying answers to all your import and export data related queries about xperion gmbh and other companies. Our sincerity, professionalism, and comprehensive database altogether make us a trustworthy service provider in the industry.

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