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IGI Airport to store North East Agro products for exports

IGI Airport to store North East Agro products for exports

NEW DELHI: A special connectivity service has been launched by the IGI airport which will allow perishable agro-products from the Northeast to be stored at the air cargo terminal before they are exported. Consignments of items like kiwi, ginger and even flowers will arrive from Agartala to be ferried abroad.

The first such consignment arrived from Agartala in Tripura recently before it was sent to Dubai where the custom clearances took place. Sources say flight frequency will be decided based on the demand of items. The perishable goods will be given to the products to ensure they remain fresh.

"The products are perishable in nature and so will need extra care. The air cargo terminal at IGI airport has the capability of storing them effectively before sending these items abroad," said a source.

DIAL had initiated a study in 2016 to assess the potential of agro exports from the Northeastern region of the Country into the international market, and have now launched a service in association with Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA). Agartala will act as the hub for eight Northeastern States from where the products will be sent to Delhi.

Only last month, the Delhi airport had started cargo shipment of Northeast's agro-based products to domestic markets with the first consignment arriving from Guwahati on September 11 for domestic consumption.


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