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China: Real-time monitoring system improves import and export transparency

China: Real-time monitoring system improves import and export transparency

A suitable temperature and humidity are the most important factors for guaranteeing the quality and storage of fruit and vegetables. In the past few years, more and more fruit and vegetable importers are understanding this. That is why the requirements for temperature and humidity loggers are getting stricter. This can be seen in two areas: the price demands and the real-time requirements. The customers not only want to see the data after the process is done. They also want to be able to upload the data into the cloud in real-time from the start, so they can look at it," says Mr. Gu Shaoqing from Shanghai Cydiance Technology Co., Ltd.

Cydiance Technology is a supplier of temperature and humidity monitoring systems in Shanghai. From its founding in 2014 until now, it has devoted its efforts to the research and development of temperature and humidity monitoring equipment and systems, and their promotion worldwide. Currently, our products are mainly sold to Mexico, Ecuador and the Netherlands. We also sell in smaller quantities to Asia and Australia."

After successfully launching a series of single use real-time monitoring systems, we developed an all-round system, and we started operations one month ago. In this system, all the hardware is linked on an online platform, and it combines all monitoring data. The customers can check the real-time situation of their products on this platform. The system makes for more transparency for importers in the trading process, and it protects the interests of both parties.

From 19-21 October we will display the functions and application of our system at the PMA Fresh Summit in New Orleans. We will also have an even bigger display and promotion at the Berlin Fruit Logistica exhibition in February next year. It is estimated that we will start to commercialize our system by the end of this year.

In the past two years, the Chinese fruit export industry has developed tremendously. The importers' demands for our products keep changing day by day. I believe that, in the future, China will be one of our potential markets. Currently, our Chinese customer base is divided into two groups. One group consists of exporters with high quality requirements. The other are large-scale importers who import products from different countries, and want to manage their business better. In the future, our highest priority is to guarantee our product quality, both on the Chinese market and abroad, and with an innovative spirit, to provide successful research and development, all-round quality management systems, top quality products, and an overall service, to satisfy our technological development and the customers' demands.

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