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China Bans Exports of Weapons Materials to North Korea

Date 27-Jan-2017
Subject China Bans Exports of Weapons Materials to North Korea

China has banned the export of dual-use items -- goods that can be used to develop conventional weapons -- to North Korea.

Beijing's ministry of commerce, ministry of industry and information technology, atomic energy authority and customs agency announced the "Enforcement Decree of Export Exclusion," Voice of America reported Thursday.

A detailed list of embargoed goods released on Dec. 16 by the United Nations Security Council sanctions committee, which includes eight items ranging from electronics and communication devices to "special materials," was included on the Chinese list, VOA reported.

Among the items were materials, equipment and technology that could go toward building conventional weapons.

The decree is unprecedented because it includes dual-use items for conventional weapons.

In June 2016, China announced a ban on the export to North Korea of dual-use items that could be used to build nuclear weapons, in compliance with U.N. Security Council Resolution 2270, adopted last March.

If sanctions were properly enforced, it would be difficult for North Korea to import the materials it needs for weapons buildup.

The U.N. Security Council is also monitoring exports of coal from North Korea in real time, in order to check whether U.N. member states, like China, are in compliance with the latest sanctions resolution that targets Pyongyang's nuclear weapons program by tightening restrictions on coal.

North Korea coal exports are expected to decline significantly following the adoption of sanctions Resolution 2321 in November.


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